nGENI GREEN BOX NEW TECHNOLOGY CLASS: Solution To The Thermodynamic Oil Collapse

With trillions of dollars wasted on the supposed “Green Energy,” the nGeni New Technology Class may actually be the only real solution to get the world out of our dire energy predicament we now face.  The nGeni Green Box’s success comes from tapping into 88% of global wasted energy-heat, which most green energy solutions of wind or solar do not address.

Simply put, Green Energy Solutions are getting DUMB & DUMBER TO to replace DUMB & DUMBER… the movie sequel.

Dr. Louis Arnoux and I recorded the presentation on Tuesday, shown below, and I posted it on my youtube channel yesterday.  After reading many of the comments, it’s no wonder the world is heading to HELL in a HAND BASKET as most people are totally clueless.

Louis’s nGeni Green Box is simply trying to tap into the massive amount of WASTE HEAT-ENERGY that we now take for granted.  Dr. Arnoux states that the global energy system is only 12% efficient.  That is like buying 100 pounds of food for the week, cooking and eating 12 pounds, and throwing 88 pounds outside the window.  How long can you continue to throw that amount of food out the window?

First… it’s not only stupid and polluting, but it’s also highly inefficient.  Secondly, the ENERGY CLIFF is coming, whether we like it or not.  If people don’t believe in climate change… FINE.  I could care less.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that the energy we all need to allow us to live the way we do… is rapidly coming to an end within the next 5-10+ years.

So, we either continue to play the SUBURBAN LEECH & SPEND ECONOMY up until the point the entire supply chain collapses, and then we get to try and OUT-SURVIVE each other… OR, we look at the nGeni Solution seriously.  I am not saying the nGeni is the solution, but if we are throwing away trillions on the feel-good Green Energy that doesn’t’ really work, what is the harm in investing a little into the nGeni to see how it performs??

Isn’t this the supposed American Entrepreneurial Spirit???

Regardless… Dr. Anoux explains the nGeni Green Box in detail, using a bit of Engineering Lingo that may be a bit difficult to understand… but I believe people should TRY TO LISTEN.  It’s not that hard.  We just don’t want to work for our LEARNING anymore.  We want it spoon-fed to us.  So, if something is hard to understand, we just TURN IT OFF.  That is really a horrible way to learn.

Anyhow… Louis and I plan on doing follow-up interviews and presentations to make it a bit simpler to CONNECT THE DOTS.  I believe these follow up interviews-presentations will help more people understand the nGeni and why the Internal Combustion Engine and the Turbine are now OBSOLETE.  The world needs a new Technology Class which is actually more simple and less expensive.

Thus, nGeni is solving COMPLEXITY with less complexity at a lower price.  That to me is worth a look.

You can contact Dr. Louis Arnoux here:

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27 Comments on "nGENI GREEN BOX NEW TECHNOLOGY CLASS: Solution To The Thermodynamic Oil Collapse"

  1. Silversoul247 | November 26, 2020 at 11:45 am |

    Haven’t watched the video because of another “green” solution and the picture doesn’t look convincing. It looks like a normal electricity generator. In the suppressed technology area there are a lot of “box” inventions that are just BS.
    Is he trying to get investors to pour money into a normal generator-development-scam?
    Will he collect the money and tell everybody “The development is not possible because ______ (fill in the blank)”?

  2. Silversoul247 | November 26, 2020 at 11:56 am |

    Why are you promoting a “green” solution that you yourself don’t invest in? You criticize other websites for promoting “garbage” stocks. Do you think this helps your credibility? Did you get any compensation from Mr. Arnoux for promoting his “solution” to all of our energy problems?

    • Silversoul247,

      Your comment TYPIFIES the kind of IGNORANCE that I mentioned in response to the comments on Youtube.

      First: I receive no benefit from Louis in getting the word out.

      Second: You say the picture doesn’t look “CONVINCING.” Thus, you proved my point again about the LEVEL OF IGNORANCE. You didn’t even watch the video.

      Third: If you want to be taken SERIOUSLY… then watch the entire video before making SILLY & IGNORANT COMMENTS.

      Did that clear it up for you?

      No wonder the world is heading to HELL in a HANDBASKET.


  3. Are the nGenies available to buy?

    • Slavik,

      The nGeni is still in the development stage. The issue is in getting commercially ready components, even though they have been made before and proven. More on that in follow up videos.


  4. Very interesting stuff and a conversation worth having, not that I understand all the engineering from this video. Personally I’ve always felt that there are lots of very effective and environmentally exciting things humanity could do, but we just don’t seem to have a population that gives a crap. This seems like a fundamentally missing requirement. Even our brightest environmentalists seem completely unable to articulate the (energy) predicament that we’re in and instead seem hell bent on self-driving electric cars to save the day along with solar/wind. Our environmental “leaders” are absolute hypocrites flying around in their jets, and environmental groups that were passionate in the 70’s have been castrated by our corporate overlords. Our current corporate model of strip mining the earth and it’s citizens wealth is utterly incompatible with environmental sustainability but that’s the model that seems to increasingly enjoy full-spectrum dominance. Interestingly, it’s worth noting that prosperous cultures have always displayed a very high waste of excess food and energy. The heightened efficiency proposed in this video would be an implementation of something never achieved before in human history to the best of my knowledge.

    Having vented all that, I wish this all the best and would be supportive in any way that I could.

  5. To all the nay sayers: you need to READ HISTORY, CAREFULLY, and HEED and please STFU. I will let all of the nay sayers decipher STFU, should be easy; and no, it does not mean Still This Feels Unreal, but you may construe it thus 🙂

    There are plenty of good technologies that did not occur, and we should now take advantage of them. For example: LFTR Liquid Flouride Salt Reactor has been invented in the 50s in Berckely and models were successfully tested in Oakridge Nebraska I think.

    But, the POLITICIANS decided other nuclear projects were much better because they WANTED fuel for nuclear war heads. For the information on LFTR technology and developments find out about Kirk Sorensen ( and Robert Hargraves, both scientists and engineers, knowledgeable in nuclear physics and power generation etc. Robert Hargraves wrote a book: Thorium, Energy Cheaper Than Coal…


    P.S. Steve I love your work. Thanks for enduring and persisting; it is inspiring.

  6. I watched the video, and I have a few questions:

    1) How much noise do these boxes generate, particularly if every building in a town is running its own box?
    2) I imagine that the temperature inside the box is very high, so what are the implications for wear and tear on the components?
    3) Do you believe that the efficiency of these boxes would make solar energy a viable primary power source for the planet?

    • Adam,

      I don’t have the answers to those questions… but Louis Arnoux will likely answer many in upcoming interviews.


  7. Solar and wind in its current iteration will not replace dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.
    A transition must be made and therefore all options should be vetted with open minds.Agree
    with comments about thorium .Our current nuclear reactors were chosen because plutonium was
    byproduct and they were scaled up from a naval design thus the water cooled aspect.Room
    for improvement would seem to exist here as well.

  8. DisappearingCulture | November 27, 2020 at 10:55 am |

    At the moment I am not negative and am calm; minus the stress/tension/anxiety that seems to attack, visit, or plague many people in this dysfunctional society.
    Some is completely understandable, like having to deal with a sick, depressed, and acting-completely-helpless relative living with us for 2+ weeks. Or others dealing with their own very difficult situation that is outside their control, at least in the short run.

    So from a calm perspective at this moment…

    “So, we either continue to play the SUBURBAN LEECH & SPEND ECONOMY up until the point the entire supply chain collapses, and then we get to try and OUT-SURVIVE each other…”

    …I think that is a good description of the way society will unravel. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Sorry for your current problem DC. My other part and I have helped several in the family for various reasons….. ug…. we could have been mean and turned them down, but did what we could to a degree. Luckly, most of my fam is well off or have plenty of food and shelter at the moment. Did just give $300 to one of those dysfunctional family members, for the very last time.(very bad decisions on their part)…. Our sort of charity I guess. I think you are 100% right in that most will not see a thing coming until it knocks them down……. what a society of people we have today. Happy Thanksgiving all. (Most we were around this week all seem to think all will be glorious in a few months.

      • DisappearingCulture | November 27, 2020 at 3:39 pm |

        “Most we were around this week all seem to think all will be glorious in a few months.”
        One doesn’t have to dig deep to realize what is already here & what’s coming won’t be glorious.
        This virus [which I’m personally not afraid of] is highly transmissible. A fraction of 1% percent of the population due to genetics, and a larger number due to lifestyle/health status and age are going to the hospital, particularly after holiday socializing.
        This will result in more draconian restrictions of the asymptomatic working ages, and untold additional damage to society.
        However, if all the numbers were heading down, the die is already cast, the ball in motion, the domino effect, or whatever analogy one wants to use for further economic, psychological, and sociological damage.

  9. Steve,
    See Ugo Bardi’s report.“The Hill’s Group” has been arguing for the rapid demise of the world’s oil industry on the basis of a calculation of the entropy of the oil extraction process. While it is true that the oil industry is in trouble, the calculations by the Hill’s group are, at best, irrelevant and probably simply plain wrong. Entropy is an important concept, but it must be correctly understood to be useful. It is no good to use it as an excuse to pander unbridled catastrophism.
    Catastrophism is popular. I can see that with the “Cassandra’s Legacy” blog. Every time I publish something that says that we are all going to die soon, it gets many more hits than when I publish posts arguing that we can do something to avoid the incoming disaster. The latest confirmation of this trend came from three posts by Louis Arnoux that I published last summer (link to the first one). All three are in the list of the ten most successful posts ever published here.

    Arnoux argues that the problems we have today are caused by the diminishing energy yield (or net energy, or EROI) of fossil fuels. This is a correct observation, but Arnoux bases his case on a report released by a rather obscure organization called “The Hill’s Group.” They use calculations based on the evaluation of the entropy of the extraction process in order to predict a dire future for the world’s oil production. And they sell their report for $28 (shipping included).

    Neither Arnoux nor the “Hill’s Group” are the first to argue that diminishing EROEI is at the basis of most of our troubles. But the Hill’s report gained a certain popularity and it has been favorably commented on many blogs and websites. It is understandable: the report has an aura of scientific correctness that comes from its use of basic thermodynamic principles and of the concept of entropy, correctly understood as the force behind the depletion problem. There is just a small problem: the report is badly flawed.

    When I published Arnoux’s posts on this blog, I thought they were qualitatively correct, and I still think they are. But I didn’t have the time to look at the details of the report of Hill’s group. Now, some people did that and their analysis clearly shows the many fundamental flaws of the treatment. You can read the results in English by Seppo Korpela, and in Spanish by Carlos De Castro and Antonio Turiel.

    Entropy is a complex subject and delving into the Hill’s report and into the criticism to it requires a certain effort. I won’t go into details, here. Let me just say that it simply makes no sense to start from the textbook definition of entropy to calculate the net energy of oil production. The approximations made in the report are so large to make the whole treatment useless (to say nothing of the errors it contains). Using the definition of entropy to analyze oil production is like using quantum mechanics to design a plane. It is true that all the electrons in a plane have to obey Schroedinger’s equation, but that’s not the way engineers design planes.

    Of course, the problem of diminishing EROEI exists and can be studied. The way to do that is known and it is based on the “life cycle analysis” (LCA) of the process. This method takes into account entropy indirectly, in terms of heat losses, without attempting the impossible task of calculating it from first principles. By means of this method we can see that, at present, the EROEI of oil production is not so bad as described by Hill/Arnoux. It still provides a reasonable energy return on investment (EROEI) as you can read, for instance, in a recent paper by Brandt et al

    But if producing oil still provides an energy return, why is the oil industry in such dire troubles? (see this post on the SRSrocco report, for instance). Well, let me cite a post by Nate Hagens:

    In the last 10 years the global credit market has grown at 12% per year allowing GDP growth of only 3.5% and increasing global crude oil production less than 1% annually. We’re so used to running on various treadmills that the landscape doesn’t look all too scary. But since 2008, despite energy’s fundamental role in economic growth, it is access to credit that is supporting our economies, in a surreal, permanent, Faustian bargain sort of way. As long as interest rates (govt borrowing costs) are low and market participants accept it, this can go on for quite a long time, all the while burning through the next higher cost tranche of extractable carbon fuel in turn getting reduced benefits from the “Trade” creating other societal pressures.

    Society runs on energy, but thinks it runs on money. In such a scenario, there will be some paradoxical results from the end of cheap (to extract) oil. Instead of higher prices, the global economy will first lose the ability to continue to service both the principal and the interest on the large amounts of newly created money/debt, and we will then probably first face deflation. Under this scenario, the casualty will not be higher and higher prices to consumers that most in peak oil community expect, but rather the high and medium cost producers gradually going out of business due to market prices significantly below extraction costs. Peak oil will come about from the high cost tranches of production gradually disappearing.

    I don’t expect the government takeover of the credit mechanism to stop, but if it does, both oil production and oil prices will be quite a bit lower. In the long run it’s all about the energy. For the foreseeable future, it’s mostly about the credit.
    In the end, it is simply dumb to think that the system will automatically collapse when and because the net energy of the oil production process becomes negative (or the EROEI smaller than one). No, it will crash much earlier because of factors correlated to the control system that we call “the economy”. It is a behavior typical of complex adaptative systems that are never understandable in terms of mere energy return considerations. Complex systems always kick back.

    The final consideration of this post would simply be to avoid losing time with the Hill’s report (to say nothing about paying $28 for it). But there remains a problem: a report that claims to be based on thermodynamics and uses resounding words such as “entropy” plays into the human tendency of believing what one wants to believe. Catastrophism is popular for various reasons, some perfectly good. Actually, we should all be cautious catastrophists in the sense of being worried about the catastrophes we risk to see as the result of climate change and mineral depletion. But we should also be careful about crying wolf too early. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Hill&Arnoux did and now they are being debunked, as they should be. That puts in a bad light all the people who are seriously trying to alert the public of the risks ahead.

    Catastrophism is the other face of cornucopianism; both are human reactions to a difficult situation. Cornucopianism denies the existence of the problem, catastrophism denies that it can be solved or even just mitigated. Both attitudes lead to inaction. But there exists a middle way in which we don’t exaggerate the problem but we don’t deny it, either, and we do something about it!

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    Ugo Bardi
    Ugo Bardi teaches physical chemistry at the University of Florence, in Italy. He is interested in resource depletion, system dynamics modeling, climate science and renewable energy. He is member of the scientific committee of ASPO (Association for the study of peak oil) and regular contributor of “The Oil Drum” and “”. His blog in English…

    Profile photo
    Terry & Carolyn Harrison

    Have been a fan of Richard Heinburg for many years and heard him speak many times. He speaks the honest truth as he sees it. One of the few …


    • Richard,

      I can tell you stories about Ugo Bardi et al response supposedly debunking the Hills Group (including Louis Arnoux & other members) White Paper. I know all about it. Maybe a good idea to have Louis explain his side of the story in one of the next interviews.


    • Richard,

      The fathers of mostly-youngsters seen in the video below demonstrating in Iraq this morning, asking for employment and basic services, were likely all killed in the 1980 Iran-Iraq War, 1991 Gulf War, 2003 Iraq War, 2014 ISIS War, or other wars in between (In the 1990s, one could hardly see a male born in 1957 alive in Iraq – all were killed back in the 1980 War).

      Catastrophism-comes-true has not come to where you live, but it is definitely the de facto reality for other nations, especially in the oil-rich Middle East and Africa – since WW I.

      Catastrophism-comes-true doesn’t show up where the grid is working fine, super tankers unloading their oil, LNG and coal around the clock, and money being printed in mountains – non-stop.

      Catastrophism-comes-true does show up harshly in nations where generation after generation living real Catastrophism, fathers to sons.

      If Iraq, a resourceful country as California, that exports 4.5+ million barrel of oil daily, enough to keep all 1.3+ billion India moving and prospering – lives this level of real Catastrophism, how about other nations that export 0 barrels of oil?

      Do you really believe all the young people seen in the video are so useless, even with the 4.5+ million barrels of their oil exported daily – their life should remain this miserable – decade in decade out?

      Why Nate Hagens doesn’t offload the debt he is losing a sleep from, now for a decade or two, giving it to the young people seen in the video instead, and let them go home – if the debt is not payable anyway?!

      Or, the real reason behind using Catastrophism a card in the bigger game is to cover up the fact that the world might be playing an Energy Musical Chairs Game?

      In the last years Russia, one hardly watches a documentary where the non-stop background music is not kept deafening – the producers don’t want the viewer to understand a thing, but rather ending up entirely confused and deeply traumatised.

      Could it be that screaming as loud as possible ‘Entropy, The Hill’s Group, LCA, EROEI, Peak Oil, Debt, Price, Catastrophism, Entropy, The Hill’s Group, LCA, EROEI, Peak Oil, Debt, Entropy, Price, Catastrophism, The Hill’s Group, LCA, EROEI, Peak Oil, Debt, Price…. ‘ wherever one goes – is no more than another background gymnastics to cover up the fact that we are actually living in the middle of real Catastrophe, as we speak?


  10. You really are well read in your field. I am just trying to get a handle on this area and meant no harm. Thanks for your good efforts

    • Richard,

      I didn’t take your comment as negative. I have no issue raising questions or posting information that might question something. However, I have spoken to Louis and Bedford Hill on this subject matter in regards to Ugo Bardi and other debunkers. The best way to describe Ugo Bardi et al debunking the Hills Group Work is similar to someone debunking peak oil. Ugo Bardi et al don’t seem to grasp the Thermodynamic details just as someone ignorant of peak oil.

      Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand the Thermodynamic science enough. So, they label the Hills Group or Arnoux as irrelevant or just plain wrong. I find this quite interesting because I wonder if Ugo Bardi and his group realize the entire global energy system is only 12% efficient. I have heard NO ONE TO DATE bring up this equation before. It has only been Arnoux and the Hills Group.

      Anyhow… I will get Louis to discuss this in detail to set the record straight.


  11. Steve have you ever heard of Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates I read their latest report on oil supply we will start to be in a world of hurt by 1st qt next year the best report I read it is in line with what you are saying.fracked wells are depleating faster and shut in well coming back on line distort supply. as drilling all the tier 1 wells are mostly done and now tier 2 well produce much less oil . a lot more informaton that all adds up to supply in running out and most people are clueless.the day of cheap oil is done you are spot on my man thanks for great work you 2 should talk to each other and share your knowledge . starting to buy nat gas and oil companies.

    • Tom,

      Yes, I follow Goehring & Rozencwajg on Twitter. I agree with their assessment. However, I don’t know if oil and natgas companies are good investments to own. I see their prices falling like most shale oil and gas companies. The notion that the oil price will rise high enough to produce profits may not happen due to the next wave of demand destruction to take place Q1-Q2 2020


  12. Thanks for your comment steve your site is one of the best always great info.

    • Tom,

      I read Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates Q3 2020 Report in detail. While I agree with their overall assessment of the U.S. Shale Oil Industry and the continued drawdown on U.S. and global inventories into 2021, there has been a great deal of STRUCTURAL DAMAGE done to the U.S. and Global Economies. These economies are being propped up by DIRECT STIMULUS to workers.

      As you likely seen in several articles-reports, approximately 10s of Millions of Americans are getting ready to lose their homes as they can’t afford the mortgage payments. Right now, the stimulus has been spent and until there is another stimulus plan, not likely until at least the end of Q1 or in Q2 2021, there will be a great deal more FUNDAMENTAL CARNAGE taking place in the economy.

      Yes, there has been a recovery in oil demand in the U.S. and globally, but a significant percentage of this demand has been on the back of STIMULUS. Thus, now… DIRECT STIMULUS is propping up a good percentage of oil demand.

      I believe Goehring & Rozencwajg Associates may be a bit optimistic on the Global Oil Demand Recovery in 2021 just as much as they blame energy analysts for being optimistic for U.S. Shale Oil Production Recovery.

      I may be wrong on this assessment, but we will tell more by Q1 2021.


  13. Steve, I am still slowly wading my way through the video and the comments, it is a big subject and way above my pay grade. My brain understands the logic without understanding the professors commentary if that makes sense.

    Can I put it this way as diplomatically as I can; “If I was selling the nGeni I wouldn’t get the Professor to do it for me”. Sorry Professor 😊

    I have a long way to go with this!

    • RedOpal,

      I see. So who would you suggest? Elon Musk? 🙂


      • Elon Musk? Lol… he is not a salesman Steve IMHO BUT he would do a much better job than the professor. We must remember, the engineer does not always make the best promotor of his product. I know barristers and doctors who thought they were genius on finance and who have sent themselves broke at the wrong time in their lives. We over rate ourselves sometimes because of our success in one area of expertise.

        Selling is a very special skill, especially when it is supported with honesty and integrity. It is very underrated by those who think they know.

  14. 1. The Brayton Cycle and the Ericsson Cycle are two separate cycles. Can Dr. Arnoux furnish T/S (Temperature/Entropy) and P/V (Pressure/Volume) diagrams for the combined cycle of the Green Box?

    2. How is the high temperature 1000 degree C., contained? We need refractory for boilers operating at this temperature.

    3. The primary heater operating at 2 – 4 Bar is open to the exhaust?

    4. What material is the driver screws made of to take 1400 C. ?

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