ICECAP DIAMOND UPDATE FEB 7th: Supply-Demand & Natural vs. Synthetic Diamond Prices

In this IceCap Update, Jacques explains the current supply and demand forces in the diamond market, including the differences between synthetic and natural diamond prices.  Last year, the fourth-largest diamond mine in the world, the Argyle Mine, closed operations after 37 years.  Interestingly, the price of synthetic diamonds is falling while natural diamond prices are heading higher.

Unfortunately, many precious metals investors do not understand the diamond market.  Diamonds, like precious metals, are very expensive to produce and cut.  I will be putting out more data on the Diamond Industry as there are few Hard Assets worth investing in as the world heads over the Energy Cliff.

IceCap bypasses the retail market and allows the trading of “Investment Grade” Diamonds on the wholesale market.

What makes a diamond Investment Grade?  Investment Grade Diamonds can attract Bids sight unseen by wholesalers.  That’s what creates an efficient market, liquidity, and those are the diamonds investors should buy.

You can check out IceCap here:  IceCap.Diamonds.

If you want to learn more about Diamond Investing, contact Tom Cloud at (912) 771-9353 or at the email address shown at the end of the video.

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2 Comments on "ICECAP DIAMOND UPDATE FEB 7th: Supply-Demand & Natural vs. Synthetic Diamond Prices"

  1. DisappearingCulture | February 7, 2022 at 9:58 am |

    I’ll dispute we are entering a “roaring 20’s” following the steady decline of covid.
    The pandemic and extremelly flawed responses to it (still going on in many areas including the U.S. because those in power are drunk on authoritarianism and totalitarianism), increased wealth inequality. And yes the 0.5% or so can afford more diamonds.
    The majority of the populace can’t. A super-majority of the world’s population is in a weaker financial position to buy necessities, let alone diamonds.
    And we face the probability of recession and the certainty of energy shortages.
    Energy controls the world of finance and all nations’ economies.

    • DisappearingCulture | February 7, 2022 at 10:25 am |

      He says mandates are ending, “bars and restaurants are opening…”

      Right before covid I had my office in the highest per capita income city in a county N.E. of [bordering] Atlanta. There is a lot of empty retail space that used to be filled with restaurants, bars, and other shops, and new restaurants and bars are rarely opening. The restaurants that survived covid…many are nearly empty at this time.
      Aside from peoples’ financial situations, we’ve baked a lot of fear into the cake of society. I know of people who are so locked in fear over getting covid they rarely leave their homes.
      They are not visiting public places unless necessary, like a grocery store. And you can tell who they are from their ever-present masks…that they arrive with in their cars.

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