CORRECTION: NEW TOM CLOUD UPDATE: What’s Happening In the Precious Metals Markets

We had to REPOST Tom’s Newest update because we mistakenly republished his last video.  In this newest update, Tom Cloud discusses what is happening in the precious metals markets.  Tom begins by explaining that his sales at Cloud Hard Assets have been for the past month are about 80% silver and 20% gold.  Tom also discusses what bullion products are the highest in demand.

Tom also discusses information about Gold and Silver IRAs.  I believe this is an excellent alternative for individuals to consider who want to transition some of the risk away from over-leveraged stocks to more conservative precious metals.

I would also like to take this time to repost some comments made by followers who recently used Cloud Hard Assets services:

I stumbled across your report looking for a dealer who could actually get coins when my APMXX acct was placed on hold and I could not find my login for KITXX. In general, have been scammed a few times in my life, so with trepidation I ordered what to me was a large order from Dan at Tom Cloud. What a joy Dan was to do business with as was Jade. No baloney with the check, fast shipment and all as advertised by Dan at a greatly reduced premium to the big boys. I will never go back to them now that I have found Hard Assets. Although an experienced day trader, I was learning the precious metals mining and hard assets sector in earnest this time. As such I have enjoyed your free service but had no idea why it was free. As a beneficiary I will be a subscriber, paid for from the savings I incurred by purchasing via Dan at Hard Assets on your recommendation by blog post. You could pay me for these two endorsements but I have already been paid via savings. God bless your new business model, and thanks for the education thus far.


Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and decided to try out Tom Cloud’s company. I found that his prices on Silver Eagles were $6.00 less than any others locally, and on line. Although I like my local guys for several reasons, when one buys 8 tubes, it does add up. And, that includes shipping via FedX, with a signature required, so I was not worried. Jade was very easy to work with, and very professional.


Cloud is one of few dealers that will answer the phone personally and sell 1 tube of (for example) Philharmonics or on the next call several 1,000 ounce bars (more associated with the wholesale market).
As a retailer who borders on wholesale, Steve will get a wholesale inventory (supply) status report from him.
I think retail and wholesale took a big inventory hit…and the “ethnic cleansing” of G & S will strengthen the bull.

I took the liberty of reposting these comments and sure hope the individuals don’t mind.  However, I wanted to show that CLOUD HARD ASSETS provides excellent service, with the additional benefit of lower prices most of the time.

For example, here are the prices for 2020 Silver Eagles (buying 1-19 coins) from the leading online dealers as of close on Thursday:

  • DEALER #1 = $38.77
  • DEALER #2 = $37.35
  • DEALER #3 = $40.67
  • DEALER #4 = $38.07
  • CLOUD ASSETS = $34.76


Also, if you need to store metal at a secure facility, Tom offers some of the lowest storage rates in the industry.  TOM DOES NOT MAKE MONEY OFF HIS CLIENTS PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE.  The overwhelming majority of precious metals dealers add an additional percentage to store their clients gold and silver.

I challenge you to check for yourself.

Tom Cloud has been in the precious metals business for 46 years, since 1973.  He has a lot of experience in the precious metals industry and understands the gold and silver market better than most dealers in the industry.

If you are new to the precious metals market and had questions, Tom Cloud would be happy to answer any questions.

DISCLAIMER:  While Tom offers information about precious metals, you should not take this as investment advice.  You should contact a professional advisor and or do your due diligence before making investment decisions.  

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10 Comments on "CORRECTION: NEW TOM CLOUD UPDATE: What’s Happening In the Precious Metals Markets"

  1. Tom Cloud’s video is unavailable??? It’s private??? It’s August 14, 2020.
    What are you trying to do here, Steve? What have I missed?

    • Jim,

      No. I did a ROOKIE mistake and loaded the same video. I will be uploading the newest video shortly.

      Tom covers what’s happening in his precious metals industry and etc.


    • OMG… panic much?

  2. TruthisYourRight | August 15, 2020 at 5:46 am |

    Reset is propaganda coming out of the corporations. The Fiat banknote is not money and in order for it to perform as money, in the eyes of the seller, it requires the confidence of people.

    Therefore it is a confidence trick. Like all good cons, a confidence trick requires a unilateral approach, by media, corporations and governments. Just look how the Corona legislation across the world functions. The nation States do not have a say because they don’t make the rules; the banks have bought and paid for your legal system and they want their money’s worth.

    Fiat banknote systems don’t last but fail completely, because paper has no value. Therefore nobody wants it and cannot be reset.

    Just hold on to the metal, because the criminal establishment will hold on to Corona for as long as it takes for final destruction. They don’t want to go to jail; they need your servility when criminal catastrophe happens.

    • I hope this doesn’t turn into a “sell-the-news” thing come Monday morning. I think he actually bought into Barrick back in June and dumped some banks earlier or vice-versa. Insiders likely knew and were already “buying the rumor” long since.

      If the initial reaction is downward pressure on gold by the big boys, it ought to be very short in duration so as to catch some new buyers offside. Then again, it might already be priced in, we’ll see…

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