TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Special Update On Silver Market, Premiums, Extreme Shortages & Much More

Tom provides a Special Report on what is taking place in the precious metals market, especially in silver.  Tom says this is the craziest market he has seen in 45 years since he started his precious metals business in 1976.  Tom goes on to say that not only are premiums on silver bullion products rising, but it’s not creeping into gold.  Gold Eagles are now selling for 7+% over spot.

Furthermore, Tom says the Royal Canadian Mint isn’t taking any more orders.  With the insane 110 Moz of silver that “supposedly” went into the iShares SLV ETF inventory over the PAST 3 DAYS, something BIG is happening in the silver market.  I will be proving a new video update shortly titled, BREAKING NEWS: Major Disruptions In The Silver Market for Silver & Gold Members at the SRSrocco Report.

Also, I just spoke with Dan at Cloud Hard Assets.  Silver Eagle premiums increased again this morning.  However, Cloud Hard Assets still has some of the LOWEST PRICES compared to competitors… CHECK FOR YOURSELF!  Check to see if you can find lower Silver Eagle or Silver Maple premiums.  Check premiums below Tom’s video.

Cloud Hard Assets Silver Bullion Premiums 2 pm MST Feb 3rd:

Silver Eagles = $7.50 over spot

Silver Maples = $5.40 over spot

Silver Philharmonics = $4.60 over spot

Silver Krugerrands = $4.60 over spot

Silver Kangaroos = $4.60 over spot

Silver Britannias = $4.60 over spot

Silver Rounds = $4.30 over spot

100 oz Silver Bars = $4.30 over spot

CLICK HERE:  Cloud Hard Assets

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5 Comments on "TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Special Update On Silver Market, Premiums, Extreme Shortages & Much More"

  1. I’m thinking that so far in 2021……TPTB have been exposed so much more than I could have ever hoped. So many more people have seen the light/smelled the coffee that you can barely find an ounce of SILVER anyplace. I’m tempted to pop into one of my LCS today and just ask ’em “how much are you buying an ASE for”….just to see what spot price on the street really is…… cuz nothing is as it seems…..

    • DisappearingCulture | February 4, 2021 at 9:00 am |

      My local coin dealer puts his inventory and buy prices on his website. Not his current selling price; perhaps that would require much more sophisticated software. His current inventory includes:

      American Eagle (Uncirculated) – 1oz 400
      American Eagle – 1 oz (Lightly handled/Near uncirculated) 420

      Current buying prices are:

      American Eagle (Uncirculated) – 1oz $26.83
      American Eagle (Uncirculated) – 1 oz – 500 or More $27.08
      American Eagle (Off-quality/Tarnished) – 1 oz $25.31

      • DisappearingCulture | February 4, 2021 at 9:06 am |

        A large online dealer is paying $27.94 now for “American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin Random Year”.

        But that is to the public. If they buy from other dealers or the US Mint, I’ll bet they are paying mote than that.

      • DisappearingCulture,

        Are you saying that your Local Dealer is selling Silver Eagles at the same price as the SPOT PRICE… LOL?

        This can’t be true. No one is selling at this price. No one sells Silver Eagles at the SPOT PRICE.


        • So,By Way Of Follow Up~~
          Stopped into one of my LCS today and asked what they’d buy an American Silver Eagle for……was told they’d take all I wanted to bring in and they’d pay more if I brought in a lot……but for just one…. $29. lol

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