TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Silver Libertad, Chinese Gold-Backed Yuan & More

During this precious metals update, Tom Cloud discusses several important developments in the gold and silver markets.  Tom first discusses the debate on the monetization of the Silver Libertad and the increased buying by investors of the Official Mexican silver coin.

Tom then talks about the possibility of a gold-backed Chinese Yuan and supposed “official’ devaluation by the end of 2017.  He says that during his recent trip to Europe, there was a lot of discussions about the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar with his connections in the industry.  At some point, the Fed and U.S. Treasury will lose its ability to control interest rates and the value of the Dollar.

Tom also discusses the upcoming Trump tax cuts, the Commercial Banks gold, and silver short positions, the elevated buying of precious metals in Europe, etc.

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14 Comments on "TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Silver Libertad, Chinese Gold-Backed Yuan & More"

  1. Prepare you for a gold/silver slaughter next week (with rising stocks, cryptos and maybe USD) as china will be on vacation next week and friday is a US job report.

  2. The obligatory Tom-Cloud-Video after every major Silverprice drop.

    • Maybe the bull market when people like him will have finally quited PMs for full cryptos… The sooner the better.

  3. When the real bull market starts one witnesses sudden price increases. This time it has been a false break up.

  4. I agree with the comments today. Silver is tanking and Cloud is hyping.
    After about 10 years of missed prognostications, Steve still puts this
    “Silver Seller” on his site???

  5. Miner stocks are falling like a stone.Now I’am again at a 4 year low.
    What a money burning.I hope to get a last chance to go out.

  6. Let me help you all to look through the fogs of fiat, dear trolls out of the crotches of Lala-Land;

    I see that not only your prosperity, but your minds too are poisoned in a way it cannot be reversed. It would suit you all if you share your frustrations within your inner circle.

    Or Steve will be forced to cut your throats by implementing a pay wall and kick your asses to where you belong ?

    Brainlessness and greed is a dangerous combination.

    • I do not intend to say that silver is rubbish. My claim is that steep price ascent is not imminent. It can take 2-3 years.

    • “cut throat” . . so much hate for nothing. Some of you take the slightest critique too personal . .

      A “pay wall” will kill this site in a heartbeat. He is not EROI Jesus with exclusive secret informations. . . but you fanatics should try it.

      I know it is hard to change the world and wake up people to the crimes of banksters an the real worth of silver . . but I learned to lead instead of pointing fingers.
      People follow good competent leaders, not angry

      The disrespect and anger comes from letting an old greedy silver-seller (one of millions) try to manipulate the silverprice by issuing buy-alerts after every drop. This is an insult to every readers intelligence and creates a natural echo.

      • All this has nothing to do with the price of silver AN.

        Its not the intention of mr Cloud. You don’t understand the message.

  7. Highly doubt the Yuan or dollar will be backed by gold anytime soon ( if ever ).. I’ve been stacking for years and enjoy the buying opportunities at current levels. Gold & silver WILL have their day, but nobody knows when that day will arrive. In the meantime, we continue to accumulate real money, financial insurance!

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