Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update: Market Update March 2018

In the newest update, Tom Cloud discusses what is going on in the precious metals market in March.  He explains that while the small retail investor has pulled back on gold and silver buying, his company have seen the biggest purchases by larger investors.  This makes perfect sense because the smaller retail investor tends to purchase when the price is going higher while the larger investor acquires more during sell0ffs or lows.

Tom also includes information on his services.  I have to say if an individual is interested in storing metals, you should give Tom Cloud a call.  Tom Cloud offers the best rates for storing metals than the overwhelming majority of dealers.  If you go to the LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE PAGE, you will see that the text and images are blurred.  I had to do that because his low rates caused such a stir in the industry, the storage services asked to remove that information.  Basically, the storage service provides plans for many dealers in the industry, but because Tom has been around for 40+ years and has been an excellent client, he received the best rates.

Now, for those who don’t believe in storing metals in a third-party facility, please don’t leave comments explaining why people shouldn’t store metals… we all know the reasons.  However, some people like to store their metals in several locations, which is probably a wise thing to do.  Also, some wealthy investors don’t have a choice because it doesn’t make sense to store all their metal at their home.

One more important thing.  The reason I sponsor Tom Cloud on my site is due to the fact that he is one of the most upfront, honest and lowest cost precious metals dealers in the industry.  Also, Tom and his associate Dan, do not try to HARD SELL those who call them.  They don’t mind answering questions, even if a person does not purchase.  There are some dealers that won’t even spend much time with a would-be client if they only had a little money to spend.  I find that sort of business practice totally unprofessional.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out our new PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING section or our new LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE page, I highly recommend you do.

If you are new to this site, you may want to check out our PRECIOUS METALS WEBINAR.  There is a lot of excellent material discussed during that webinar… for free.

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18 Comments on "Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update: Market Update March 2018"

  1. What did I tell you guys?
    He’s just interested in storing your gold. You buy, he stores and gets the fiat fees, sitting back in virtual retirement, and it matters not if gold rises. They will always say gold is a good buy, of course they need to say that.

    Meanwhile, the miners keep producing. The bullion banks keep trading their paper market. Every advance is capped, and they never run out of ammunition. They will never allow gold or silver to sustain a bull market, or to be part of the monetary system again. And to accomplish that, they have to manage them down to their commodity price.

    What makes you think I’m a troll, and not a disenchanted former buyer? I could very well be the latter, and that’s exactly what I am.

    Alright, so now that I’ve said all of this, I should come forward with my beliefs. My belief is, just buy a little if you want, but don’t make a fetish out of it, don’t make it your primary investment. If you want to prepare for the end of the system, you are much better off with a paid off house or land, preps, and some form of reliable cash income.

    • dolph,

      While you are free to voice your opinion, I am also free to let you know when you are in the wrong. Tom Cloud makes NO MONEY on storing metal for his clients. He charges the exact amount the storage company charges. So, he doesn’t make any money storing metal while every other dealer does.

      So, I thought you would like to know the truth instead of your incorrect assumption.


      • knowshitsurelock | March 12, 2018 at 7:04 am |

        Opposition in all things, Steve. You know you gotta be doing something right or the opposition wouldn’t present itself. In fact if every poster here was simply parroting you or applauding you. Then you would be in trouble!

        IMHO you are spot on even if you are toooo nice to the trolls!

    • Dolph, you got a point with ‘never make it your primary investment’. Diversify. Never bet on one horse and never go all in.

      But that’s not what this site is about. No one tells you to go all in, or put all your savings in physical silver.

      What is said is you shouldn’t go all in on the dollar, or any fiat currency. So maybe you could change your opinion on this website and post accordingly.

  2. silvrwllwn | March 11, 2018 at 6:57 pm |

    Dolph, Because you are so biased about the physical overall it is laughable that your words are worthwhile to even believe in. You have done it to yourself. Your troll-like warnings are laughable at best.

  3. joe lindell | March 11, 2018 at 8:30 pm |

    Steve! Why on earth do you continue to have Tom Cloud on your website? He has been wrong every year for the past 10 years. He is a “seller” of silver. He garners a commission and couldn’t give a rats ass what price it is. Every time he opens his mouth he is talking about warehousing your silver for an annual fee year after year. He always sounds like he has info but his track record sucks. After all these years isn’t there anyone involved in silver that truly knows anything about its future? Anyone can say in 2025 it will be higher but with cryptos taking in big bucks no one is investing in silver. No demand means silver tracks production costs, period!

    • knowshitsurelock | March 12, 2018 at 7:08 am |

      Nobody is forcing you to buy his silver or store it through him. Your a big boy you know what makes the world go round, I hope!

      I hold all my physical silver in caches on my property many acres and only trusted family member s can get to it. if you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it…IMHO

      But having said that..if you are a poor doomed city dweller what are your other best options…think about it…perception is everything!

  4. okay. OKAY!!!
    If silver and gold are such bad investments, why do these trolls keep coming to these sites and wasting their time??? You would think they would spend their time on crypto sites. Or paper money wall street sites. The value of gold and silver is being manipulated downward by the powers that be thru the paper markets. But these powers that be you can bet have plenty of gold and silver themselves. They enjoy these cheap prices to increase their private and i do mean private stack. Gold and silver represent future options. Paper investment products including the dollar will someday soon reach their true value. Somewhere around the price paid for used newspapers. This is because of the out of control corruption in the system. You tell me what is corrupt about a 1 oz gold american eagle??? Hold one in your hands before you respond. Gold and silver represent patience. Patience will be rewarded. And i will laugh all the way to the bank. Well many that is not the best saying.

  5. Maybe that is not the best saying!
    I hate misspellings. But to add to what i just said; How will cryptos fare when the power is out? You have religious faith in the continued operation of our power supply? When was the last time our power grid got an overhaul? All or most paper investments are a ponzi scheme. The money is not there. It has been paid out in wall street salaries and bonuses. Only a small amount is there to pay current retirees who draw out their funds. This is why most pension funds are bankrupt. When the market crashes they will crash. All the money gone forever. THE MARKET IS FAKE. PROPPED UP BEHIND THE SCENES BY THE PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM AND THE FED. HOW LONG CAN FAKENESS CONTINUE? CERTAINLY NOT FOREVER. Gold and silver are forever. Isn`t this what we make our wedding rings out of???

    • If the power goes out then (not than) the pms are only worth the distance you can walk because the gas pump also requires the grid.
      I know how my parents and grandparents lived with no grid power. It was a life to gradually grow to, but not a life for all in USA to fall back into.

      • PS to above…..
        If the power goes out,,,,all bets are off, I mean ALL!
        Asking about cryptos if power fail is a dull argument against a new form of currency.
        (new things are new until their not)
        The better question to ask is what about cryptos in times of hyperinflation and how does one expect to conduct business in the future when fiat paper is no more and pms are the only store of wealth.
        Are you going to carry a pocket full of silver to buy a new auto or order something from supplier across the country?
        If the grid is not in the future then very little else will be either.

  6. Market collapse is not imminent. What awaits us, is a cyclical bear market at best. PMs will go up but it is impossible for them to reach 100 dollars in case of silver and 5000 dollars in case of gold.

    • knowshitsurelock | March 12, 2018 at 7:20 am |

      Nothing is imminent until it is imminent that’s what imminent means. Iimminent means there is no grace period no warning time, not enough to matter anyway,

      Once the bus drives over the cliff the crash is now imminent…Ok what you going to do now to get ready for the imminent sudden stop at the bottom? Ya that’s what I thought…not much maybe a little screaming or a sudden shock heart attack!

  7. I enjoy silver being low priced. People get discouraged and sell sometimes GOOD STUFF with PREMIUM upside value as well as bullion potential (I’m a coin collector first). Silver has a history of spiking quickly when it happens:1980, 2010-11. Yeah, not too often. Don’t buy cheap-ass ’rounds’ and bars, it’s no fun watching those collecting dust. Chinese silver panda’s are the best buy if you want new. Presently about $23 for 2018, however look at the premiums: 2017 already going for about $28, 2016 $26, 2015 $32, 2014 $35.Women melt for these coins. Silver eagles are not raising in premium very well except for special dates already well over bullion price. Canada has flooded it’s own market, not good buys. Mexican silver is a good buy (at right price) because the Latin population will buy heavily when silver get’s hot. Just saying..

  8. knowshitsurelock | March 12, 2018 at 7:14 am |

    JP Morgan doesn’t want you to buy silver… JPM also knows that GOLD is the only real money …don’t take my word for it, take his!

    “Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit” is attributed to JP Morgan himself while testifying in front of Congress back in 1912 shortly … He also understood that the longer the chain of promises became, the more likely that one link in the chain would ultimately break rendering all of the …gold is the money itself and everything else was a “derivative” (derived) from this money.

    Google it, I never lie because the truth is so much more fun!

  9. Did you guys read this article “Old Fields Die Hard”

    This article propagandizes plentiful abundant oil. The real question is why someone feels the need to convince others that there is plentiful oil coming onto the market? Especially when we know the EROI story and see pending failures in oil producing nations like Venezuela and Mexico. If you’re still not convinced one only has to read Steve’s previous articles on struggling frackers and traditional oil giants.

    I especially love this paragraph.
    “Now, another major issue has arisen. British Petroleum (BP), which has long expected their mature oil fields to naturally plateau and then decrease in production, has now announced that their legacy fields are increasing output, to the great surprise of experts in the field and BP executives alike. An astonished Bob Dudley, BP’s chief executive officer, told an interviewer at the CERAWeek by IHS Markit energy conference in Houston that he, “cannot remember ever in my career having seen a negative decline rate.”

    Not sure if this means anything…but something seems very odd here. Its like an alcoholic denying they have a problem with alcohol abuse. Except in this case we’re oil-holics.

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