Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update: Brexit & Upcoming Delays In The Wholesale Market

During this week’s precious metals update, Tom discusses possible scenarios resulting from the Brexit vote and why the Fed won’t raise interest rates anytime soon.  Tom also gives a brief update on the wholesale precious metals market stating that delays in obtaining gold or silver may occur later this year:

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12 Comments on "Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update: Brexit & Upcoming Delays In The Wholesale Market"

  1. The polls and the voting will be rigged as necessary to insure Brexit doesn’t happen.

    On metals prices…any discussion about prices and where they may be heading is incomplete at best if there is no mention of manipulation of prices. I tune out talk of where the prices will go.

    I’ll bet they go next to nowhere until [or in close proximity to] the economy breaks to the downside.

    • im on the same age exactly – any ‘technical analysis’ is utterly pointless while the comex has the ability to rehypothecate, sell paper, collapse the bid stack, then quash those contracts when redeemed.
      what I AM interested in is if and when the shanghai price decides against following the comex paper push down and elects to decouple enough to set an arbitration point greater than the cost of shipping physical from the West to the East

      And here’s cute website that tracks that

  2. Joe Lindell | June 22, 2016 at 8:09 pm |

    Good grief Steve! Where do you find these guys? Is Tom Cloud another guru that talks about
    silver and says nothing? Is he another Schiff or Morgan? Supply / demand Steve. When that changes
    silver will rise. Let’s talk about the dynamics that are in play today that will change this dynamic. See
    Steve, I said more in that one sentence than Tom Cloud said in his entire speech.

    • Joe Lindell,

      Say what you will, but Tom has 40 years experience in the market. I have an idea for you Joe. Why don’t you start a BANKERS FAN CLUB to honor all the wonderful top bankers who are doing GODS WORK.


      • Joe Lindell | June 22, 2016 at 9:08 pm |

        Thanks for the comments Steve. I wish I picked stocks for people to buy right now that would rise in value 5 to 10 years from now and have an audience like paying me for the
        advice. So far Steve, NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THE FUTURE PRICE OD SILVER. All they can say is that it been low for 6 years and I’ll add this. If silver was
        going to rise this year, “Why is China such a low volume importer? Listen to this: Simply put: If brexit is an exit, stocks rise from 7 to 10%. My question: What does silver know about BREXIT? It knows they aren’t going to exit.

        • Silvrwillwin | June 23, 2016 at 5:00 am |

          Hey Joe , maybe you should bone up on some history :

          Enjoy your day in the sun while it lasts. Even your pal like Soro’s are taking action like those days are numbered.

          • Silvrwillwin | June 23, 2016 at 6:46 am |

            While researching other sites I happened upon the following definition of just where we are as a nation presently. I had to copy and paste as it was so well defined plus the author is included : ” TITUS CORLEONE 06/21/2016 •
            It’s not when it comes… It is already happening. The collapse will not be in the markets at first. The collapse is metastasizing from small local governments: cities, counties, districts… Soon, state governments will follow. The left has been growing government at a frenetic pace for 50 years, and today some city and county budgets are spending 12 and 15 percent on pensions. There are simply far too many public sector employees, and most of them are busy at work retarding the economy. Businesses are fleeing blue states at break-neck speed, and I predict that California, Illinois, and New York will be the first states to go under. So what happens when they do? The feds will be forced to step in and assume the debt, but can they? Thanks to Obama (and the gutless GOP leadership) the feds are already 20 Trillion in the hole, and local governments are another 110 Trillion in hawk. When the fed collapses, then we are looking at complete economic collapse. There will be nearly no government services, and we will no longer have funds available for a viable military and emergency services. By the way, this scenario closely matches the Saul Alinski formula for bringing about revolution by overwhelming the government – and it looks like our leaders are complicit (or negligent) (or oblivious) in allowing it to happen.
            This is why Donald Trump is our final hope. Any other option, and America is doomed.
            God Help Us ”
            Titus Corleone

          • Joe Lindell | June 23, 2016 at 7:46 am |

            Silverwillwin: Great advice. Sound fundamental knowledge is very important.
            Anyone researching anything for 40 years and says what Tom says is borderline
            comical. Thank you!

        • Nonsense, China imports more silver in a day than 1000 Joe Lindells will see in their entire trolling lifes.
          China Imports more than what the US produces, enough said.

      • Joe Lindell | June 23, 2016 at 4:20 pm |

        What kind of crack is that? Why accuse me of liking bankers? All I’m saying is with 40 years
        experience, he may be your idol, but he still doesn’t know when silver will rise. He speculates. On and on with assorted meaningless data. We have a demand problem. I can
        see Tom at least helps in that regard because he SELLS silver.

        • Joe,

          You are a piece or work. However, when the metals finally move much higher as the fiat currency system disintegrates, are you still going to BELLY ACHE??


  3. Silvrwillwin | June 23, 2016 at 6:23 pm |

    Joe , I have to admit , I admire your moxie and thank you.

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