In this newest precious metals update, Tom Cloud is announcing a SILVER BUY ALERT.  This is one of the few silver buy alerts he has made in his 40 year history in the precious metals retail industry.  Tom is not issuing this silver buy alert based on trading data, but rather fundamental analysis via discussions with individuals all over the world, wealthy clients and fund managers about the precious metals retail industry.

Tom discusses five reasons why he is putting out a SILVER BUY ALERT:

One of the reasons Tom is announcing a silver buy alert is based information for a large London Trader that Bill Murphy of GATA has known for years.  Recently, this London Trader has starting buying silver as he believes it is close to a bottom.

Tom also discusses why the over-inflated stock market is not a wise place to park ones money.  Just like the 2,000 point market correction at the beginning of 2016, which pushed up the value of gold and silver considerably, Tom sees the price of heading higher over the next several months.

That being said, I wanted to say a few things about Tom Cloud.  The reason I have sponsored Tom Cloud on my website, is that he offers an excellent service at some of the lowest costs in the industry.  He is one of the most upfront and honest precious metals dealers in the industry.  I have had many conversations with Tom, where he shared with me how many of the larger highly advertised dealers on TV charge very high commissions.

Unfortunately, individuals who purchase from these dealers do not realize they paid such a high commission until later on.  I have heard lots of horror stories from Tom, but I cannot provide any details.

Furthermore, I had to remove our LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE PAGE from the site, because Tom’s ultra-low rates caused a stir in the industry. Due to the fact that Tom has been in the industry for 40 years, he has earned the ability to offer lower rates that other competitors are unable to receive.

So, the only way for someone to find out about Tom’s lowest cost storage rates is by calling him on the phone.  While most investors rather store their own metal, some investors (including wealthy investors) like the ability to store metal at a safe facility.

Moreover, Tom Cloud only charges a small commission when he sells metal to a client.  When that person wants to sell metal back to Tom, he does not charge a fee.  A lot of precious metals dealers add a commission to purchase back the metal.  Thus, Tom Cloud offers one of the lowest prices in the industry when we consider the full turnaround of BUYING & SELLING.

Also, some precious metals dealers do not like to waste their time with new clients that only want to purchase a small amount of gold and silver.  Tom and his staff go out of their way to answer any question and as well as spend time with new or older clients who only want to purchase a small amount of gold and silver.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out our new PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING section, I highly recommend you do.

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18 Comments on "TOM CLOUD ANNOUNCES SILVER BUY ALERT: Five Reasons Why"

  1. Is he talking about another bear market rally, or the final bottom? PMs peddlers announced the end of bear market exactly one year ago and they failed. Support line for silver is $10. Silver bull market would involve the reversal od all major indicators and we have not seen it yeat.

  2. Of course he does . .

    The silverchart points exponentially down . . there will be much lower prices because traiders all over the world follow and manifest the same selffullfilling chartanalyses.
    You should wait this time until we hit the bottom and are at least in a horizontal chart trend . . and not a vertical chart DOWN!

    What ever this side publishes out to to world is technicaly right and interesting . . but we live in a very psychological and ignorant financial system that knows how to slaughter stupid people. This site (like most others) tries to weaponize silver to gain more from its own investemts on the back of people who trust this site. I wish the content would stay analytical and less manipulative. That constant “buy now!!” shredders believability.
    Take up new topics besides the eroi to explain how fragile this system is . . thats better ad for silver too. “How Money is created” for example. .

    • Where there is no natural price discovery, such as in rigged “markets” like silver and gold, technical analysis is of no value.

      • Based on your understanding of technical analysis. Have a look at long term charts on gold and silver; say back as far as 1932 and you will find both PM’s have risen around 6000%. And if you know what you are looking at there are patterns and trends everywhere! NO!!!!!!

        • BTW….. Gold could drop to $500.00 and Silver to $10.00 and still be “technically” within the parameters of a long term chart. Under the current circumstances however I believe there is a good chance we will see Silver at around $300.00 (up 2000%) and Gold around $5000.00 (up 300%) by 2022. Try and get those % increases by investing in ExxonMobile or Realestate in the next few years!

          The three rules of trading, PATIENCE, PATIENCE and PATIENCE

          • And don’t be greedy!!!!

          • The old “long term” excuse doesn’t justify the “buy alerts” here. Sure Silver will be up .. in this century. But these well timed “buy now” alerts make the impression that this rise is around the corner.
            You dont have a fire ALERT in your house to warn you years ahead of a fire. An alert is an advice for an urgent SHORTTERM decision. Thats what makes me angry.
            We see the world flee in crypto-currencies. Lets imagine the worldbubble pops. . What if every big Silver owner drops his metal to get more Bitcoins because they are not that chunky and heavy and garantee fluid trades via the internet??? What if Silver really becomes only a industrial metal like copper?

      • I know that technical analysis is of no value . . BUT it still forms the markets. A little manipulation triggers automatic tradingprogramms and alarms to multiply the wished effect. The markets dont care about real values . .they care about what computers trade. They just watch lines. . .

  3. DisappearingCulture | July 11, 2017 at 8:12 am |

    This comment above “This site (like most others) tries to weaponize silver to gain more from its own investemts on the back of people who trust this site” is BS. Certainly not true of this site.

    “Support line for silver is $10” is probably also nonsense. It is a veiled reference to technical charting analysis I suppose, which in the face of manipulation probably means little. But if it does, one of the foremost analysts in the technical charting field just stated that, based on his analysis and COT structure, silver is poised for significant gains

    For me the recent flash crash, and market drop of the last few days, was probably a sign of commercials exiting heavily short positions. That is bullish for silver’s price. Until the COMEX mechanisms break [don’t hold your breath], COT is the best measure of where silver [or any PM] is going measured in fiat.

    • What I can see is a triangle. If the price breakes up, silver will reach $26. If it breaks down, the target is $10.

      • DisappearingCulture | July 11, 2017 at 9:13 am |

        If you believe in technical charting analysis. But silver isn’t going to be available for sale at several dollars below it’s average cost of mining and production to .999 purity.

  4. silverfreaky | July 11, 2017 at 9:45 am |

    Most silver is from basic miner(byproduct).They don’t need 15 $.

    • 30% of the 2016 silver production was primary miners with an addition 12% from the byproducts of gold mining. 2016 had a total production of 885.8 Moz against a demand of 1.027.8 Moz which is a shortage of 142 Moz. If the primary silver miners refused to sell some of their silver below their all in costs the silver shortage would grow even more. The shortage should put a floor in the price of silver. I do not see silver going, much less staying, below $15.

  5. Silver has value at today’s price whether it goes up $10 or down $10. If you buy at the bottom good for you. Who cares when the demand is greater than what is mined every year? That is the most important knowledge for value, more demand than supply…price will correct sooner or later especially when the average concentrations are lower every year and the available silver concentrations to mine are depleting. You can not make silver unlike diamonds or precious stones or colored paper currency or bitcoin. Silver is the best conductor by far and best reflector by far and used for its antibiotic ability. You can not create anything better (it has to do with available electrons in shells) unless you use superconductors which is expensive because it requires a lot of energy to cool material such as Tc to 203 Kelvin (K). = -70.15 Celsius or -94.27 Fahrenheit . We know silver will be the first element to deplete from the Earth’s surface (we can assume this means demand is far greater than mine supply because mines depleted and new mines are scarce or too deep to mine cost effectively). Remember that mining concentrations only exist on the Earth’s surface do to surface processes that concentrate material do to centrifuge effect or chemical processes(just look at volcanoes and the material in the lava from old mafic magma volcanoes to understand what is in the Earth below the surface.)

  6. Mr.Cloud has a ton of integrity!! I’d recommend him to anyone…….!

  7. James H Hatland | July 11, 2017 at 8:48 pm |

    One of the best people to tune in to regarding silver is Ted Butler. He is as good an analyst on silver as you can find. Been at it over 30 years and is well respected.

  8. houtskool | July 12, 2017 at 4:29 am |

    By the year 2022, when oil hits $20,- and we experience some serious shortages, we will look at its ‘price’ again.

  9. basicinvestor123 | July 12, 2017 at 5:13 pm |

    I have followed Tom Cloud since early 2014. He is very sincere but overly optimistic. In this case, there seems to be little difference than some of his previous comments. The fact that a big whale is buying doesn’t impress me. If things do get tight in the silver market, I believe there will still be time to buy before the huge run up in price. You may not get in at the lowest price but it beats tying up dead money for potentially years.

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