The world is getting ready to head over the Thermodynamic Energy Cliff.  Unfortunately, the world is unprepared for the Energy Cliff’s negative impact because virtually no one understands it or sees it coming.  So, unless we make a drastic change, and quickly, the U.S. and world economies will go down the same path as the Ancient Roman Empire… collapse.

I sat down with Dr. Louis Arnoux from France and discussed the Thermodynamic Oil Collapse & Future in detail.  One of the most important charts discussed in the video, is the one below.  It shows that our current Energy System is only 12% efficient.  Thus, the 88% waste energy generated over the past 200+ years has caused all the problems, pollution, and global warming issues.

If Thermodynamics’ science were properly used 50+ years ago, we wouldn’t be dealing with the Energy Cliff’s critical problems.

The interview is 2 hours, 18 minutes long, but there is a great deal of excellent information.  We plan to do a follow-up interview to focus more on the possible solution, if we have enough time to even attempt it.  Then, I will be doing short interviews with Louis using some examples of the current energy system and technologies that we are using and why they are now OBSOLETE, especially in the face of the coming ENERGY CLIFF.

To learn more about the Thermodynamic Oil Collapse or to contact Dr. Louis Arnoux, you can do so at  Furthermore, check the part of that website here from more details on the Energy Seneca Cliff:

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25 Comments on "THERMODYNAMIC OIL COLLAPSE & FUTURE: Interview With Dr. Louis Arnoux"

  1. Thomas Malthaus | October 7, 2020 at 4:17 pm |

    It puts the current gold and silver spot prices into a compelling light.
    A “Paper Dump” comes to mind.

  2. Steve,
    The Journal of Petroleum Technology(JPT) has an interesting article(10/1/20) on geothermal energy that does not look so pie in the sky thinking. Will it ever scale up, who knows. At least it looks like a possible positive step in true renewable energy. Thanks

  3. LouisMorris | October 7, 2020 at 6:45 pm |

    Thanks Steve,

    When Dr. Louis Arnoux says ‘We should have done this and that…’ as a centeralised civilisation – he overlooks that “In any Energy system, Control is what consumes Energy the most”.

    The moment Arnoux and others say ‘we‘ – they demolish their own Thermodynamics-inspired narratives and default back to being truly legitimate citizens of our extremely centralised civilisation.

    Among historians and other fine thinkers, like Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and Ian Morris, some names have recognised the Energy cost of that ‘we‘ well before we hear from experts in Thermodynamics today, like Dr. Arnoux.

    ‘Renewable’, Hydro, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Geothermal – have failed their promise and prove they are all a sub-product of fossil fuels – all along.

    Dr. Arnoux haven’t given the impact of wear and tear any weight, requiring the system to be re-built, including ‘renewable’, Nuclear, your mobile phone, laptop and car – as if restarting the Industrial Revolution almost from scratch – every six years or so.

    This pandemic is mainly about who gets the last drops of possibly-extracted fossil fuels, Control or the Commons it controls.

    In the first hours of the Gulf War 1991, the US has practically neutralised all the oil refining capacity in Iraq – except it left the nearest refinery to Saddam’s government offices only partially hit – the US knew Saddam needs minimum fuel supplies to remain functional and carry on playing War, not the majority of his people.

    His people have started cutting street trees for cooking in that very same day – Control comes first!

    Being inundated with fossil fuels for the last 300 years, humans will need another 300 years to comprehend how our civilisation can run out of fossil fuel supplies one day – at all?

    Humans remain primitive species.

    Actually, having them burned almost all fossil fuels in a mere 300 years – proves humans are the most primitive across all the animal kingdom.


    • Therefore World Government and modern bureaucracy in general is less feasible in a lower energy system.

  4. ” problems, pollution, and global warming issues.”

    Problems and pollution I can give you. But not “global warming.”

    When IPCC scientists are lining up to denounce the fraud trickery and dishonesty we should take note. 46 of them here :

    66 lame excuses to explain the pause in global average temperature increases.

    • No one is perfect and has knowledge of all things.
      CO2 boogie man is for some strange reason real for a lot of grown men.
      CO2 is about money and control while pollution, diseases, energy crisis are real problems. Somehow CO2 was utiran into problems to make money out of fear of vast masses of people.
      Make problem which does not exist, offer solution and take money and run.
      For CO2 there are various “solutions” from taxes, subsidizing of various technologies, changes in behaviour… All of this takes money directly from pockets of people.
      On the other hand for real problems like pollution, diseases and energy crisis there is no solution from those politicians and their scientists who are screaming on co2 boogie man.
      If they are so concerned about lives of people they would banned and stopped producing cigarettes as they kill millions. Why they do not that? Because of money they receive from cigarettes.
      Real threats like energy crisis is easily missed by thosr kind of politicians and scientists.

    • Andy Webb,

      I realized the “GLOBAL WARMING” subject would elicit this type of reply from many people. So, we don’t’ discuss Climate Change, Politics, or Region on the website for that very reason. While I have my own opinion on the matter, I keep it to myself because it is COMPLETELY USELESS debating it as I believe we have passed the point of no return.

      Regardless… if we throw out the subject of Climate Change or Global Warming to APPEASE the ANTI-GLOBAL WARMING CROWD, there is still the issue of the ENERGY CLIFF. Just for that reason alone, it’s a good idea to look more closely at Dr. Arnoux’s nGeni technology.


      • Silversoul247 | October 8, 2020 at 9:06 am |

        You can throw nGeni to the suppressed technology bucket. As long as the oil monopoly is up and running nGeni will not succeed. The current system/oil monopoly has to collapse for alternatives as Ngeni to succeed. Don’t believe me? Watch what happens to Ngeni in the next 18 month.

        • Silversoul247,

          Well, you might be correct that the leaders are both too stupid or greedy to allow the nGeni technology to be scaled.

          However, if we were to take that position on everything, then why get up in the morning??? Why not just drive oneself over the cliff now??



          • Silversoul247 | October 8, 2020 at 9:21 am |

            I am waiting and preparing for the collapse as well as I can while enhancing my understanding of the system/oil monopoly on a daily basis. Thanks to you and other alternative websites I hope that I am well prepared for the collapse and aware of the system. Waiting, preparing and learning is all we can do if we are facing a very powerful and evil system/group. I didn’t want to say that everything is pointless and we should give up. People who support alternatives financially such as nGeni must know that they are throwing money away and should wait after the collapse to support new technologies. It is more a warning than anything else.

          • Silversoul247 | October 8, 2020 at 11:04 am |

            Walk your talk. If you believe in nGeni then put all your life savings and monthly excess income into nGeni. Tell us after 18 month what happened.

          • Silversoul247,

            I am doing my part by getting the word out. The world is spending TRILLIONS of DOLLARS on the NON-RENEWABLE RENEWABLES. So, I don’t think spending a fraction of a fraction on the nGeni technology by one of these companies-institutions-large investors is such a big thing to ask… LOL.



        The “anti global warming crowd”, as you put it – are the people with the wit to see through this absolute tissue of lies and where it all leads.

        Yes the greenhouse effect is real. But AGW is a silly conspiracy theory.

        It is manifestly not “useless” to discuss this because all the Agenda 2030 and UN’s Sustaniable Development Goals are based off this lie. It is as important a hoax for humanity as the Covid BS we are enduring.

        If by “beyond the point of no return”do you mean the rhetoric spouted by Greta, AOC and XR (to the “12 years to save the earth”)? I sincerely hope you don’t subscribe to this nonsense and you were simply referring to the energy cliff.

        In future I will not bring this up, bearing in mind your policy of not discussing it/religion/politics and so forth

  5. Thanks for this gem, Steve. I live in a sanctioned country, where you receive info so a station opens. You drive there, look for the lines and search for your end (three lines: petrol cars, gas cars, motorbikes). Some have huge 4×4, all in petrol and no diesel – usage must be yesterday’s madness. But my eyes are european, where petrol is expensive (gal 8 USD)and cars are less thirsty. This is american lifestyle, big is beautiful and gas is free. A military goes sometimes to one line, gives way for 4 or 6 cars and closes it again, the whole line starts and stopps and waits again. All goes peacefully and educated, although the lines are many blocks long. No horn to hear, people are calm and friendly. It does not feel like a loud latin land, it feels educated british. The town is quiet, the air fresh and clean, reduced traffic is also a blessing. Best wishes from your future…

  6. I wish I had a clearer understanding of the nGeni Technology. From Dr. Arnoux’s description, it sounds something like magnifying sunlight to create compressed air, and using that to power engines and other devices.

    If nGeni could be the solution, it also seems like this technology couldn’t be adopted fast enough to avoid the collapse. It seems, to me, like it would be too little too late. Wouldn’t you need to replace all of the cars, and the many, many other gas and diesel powered engines and devices?

    20 years to make 90% of the transition? And only a few years before we are significantly over the energy cliff as the amount of usable oil per barrel approaches ZERO?

    It is mind boggling – almost unimaginable – to think about what might be about to happen, whether it’s 1 year away or 10 years away.

    The Normalcy Bias is a very strong thing! Even, having been educated by SRS, about EROEI, depletion of reserves and the diminishing usable oil per barrel and infinitely-increasing debt, it’s difficult to believe we could actually be facing such an incomprehensible collapse.

    EVERYTHING would change! And I’m afraid that would include a significant reduction of the world’s population.

    • gno,

      When we do the second interview, it will be more on the details of the nGeni solution.


  7. RankineCycles | October 8, 2020 at 3:56 pm |

    Capturing ‘waste’ heat converting it to useful energy is not something that nGen now trying to achieve.

    See Organic Rankine Cycle systems in existence today all over the world. Natural Gas Combined Cycles plants, are another – and both require oceans of fossil fuels when they breakdown.

    nGen doesn’t need to start with lenses capturing heat from the sun. Let it start with capturing waste heat from the tail pipe of Dr. Arnoux’s car first, and then see how that would ever generate few watts of useful energy – at best.

    Why the great deal of waste heat generated from deep Gold mining has never been enough to empower mining for even sand, at much higher surface levels?

    Instinct in humans has led them since the antiquity to understand the energy expended in mining Gold will only be redeemed by the market value of Gold – having all humans appreciating how energy-intensive mining Gold is, whether familiar with Thermodynamics or not.

    Humans would have less appreciated Gold if waste heat out of mining it has ever made mining for sand – energy free.

    When another ‘breakthrough technology’ proposed nowadays based on the flying-carpet EROEI, like Dr. Arnoux’s assuming we burn one barrel at the well-head and getting 5 other barrels – one needs to understand it is not a technology but rather the very same dream of endless energy that humans have had since Gilgamesh, thousands of years ago – recycled.

    Humans remain humans.

  8. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’re massively undervaluing the actual value of this discussion. You should consider writing a white paper or book out of this, and monetize the time you’ve put into it. I’m quite aware it probably takes hours and hours to setup this interview, and do your homework for the discussion.

    I can’t believe this type of discussion and analysis is free.

  9. Craig Walters | October 10, 2020 at 2:10 am |

    Well done Steve for making this public and the graphs are great; a new way of displaying what we know.

    Most intrigued to hear about his experience in 1973 in NZ for I was there too and it scarred me. My beginning of understanding energy was when one day I railed against the Arabs thinking “how can they do that to us with our oil?”. And then I realised whose oil it was. Ever since then I’ve been chasing it consumerably, technically and professionally. I remain to be convinced that upping the efficiency of the thermodynamic cycle will allow us to build industrial machines to save us from our industrial civilisation.

    What still needs discussing is whether the ready availability of remaining metal resources is sufficient to build all that is required. I suspect Earth mining is still less energy intensive compared to trying to extract quantity through recycling. Having worked in both primary mining and the recycling industry, chewing your way through a 0.3% Cu grade is fairly predicatable and plannable.

    • Craig,

      I brought up the very question about the “RESOURCE ISSUE” with Louis and his reply is that the materials are very available and low-cost. So, that will be explained in the next interview.


  10. Superb material, Steve. Thank you. William Howard Kunstler’s book “The Long Emergency” was my original eye opener to our current situation regarding petroleum and one of the main motivators for embracing the homesteading track. The social implications of Dr. Arnoux’s work is beyond staggering.

  11. thomas malthaus | October 10, 2020 at 12:55 pm |

    We can safely assume that solar panels and solar storage units will become more prevalent as we descend the Seneca Cliff.

    Is it accurate to assume that along with be a monetary metal and electrical conductor, silver has a price per ounce potential ($600)far beyond what I’m hearing? If silver has another isotope, that’s one thing, but most investors won’t care about that when they consider Dr Hall and Dr. Arnoux’s academic work.

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