Tom Cloud Update

TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Gold’s Move Higher & Silver To Outperform Gold During Next Bull Market

In Tom’s newest update, he talks about the recent big move in gold and how Central Banks continue to acquire record amounts of yellow metal with the expectation of a future currency reset.  Tom says through conversations with his contacts over the past 43 years; they have never seen anything…

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TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Central Bank Gold Buying & Silver Market Update

Tom provides a new update on central bank gold buying and what is taking place in the silver market.  Tom discusses how central banks purchased a record 630+ metric tons of gold last year, and he sees continued strong buying as China and Russia diversify away from U.S. Dollar assets….

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TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Rising Silver Premiums On Official Coins & The Platinum Market

During Tom Cloud’s newest precious metals update, he discussed the rising silver premiums on official silver coins as well as the oversold platinum market.  Not only have premiums increased on the Silver Eagle coins ever since the U.S. Mint suspended sales to the Authorized Dealers, but they have also increased…

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