MUST SEE CHART: There Are More Silver Eagles Held By Investors Than Silver Inventories At The SLV ETF Or The COMEX

Smart silver investors now hold more Silver Eagles than the total inventories at the iShares SLV ETF or the COMEX.  For the past 36 years, since 1986, investors have been buying every Silver Eagle issued by the U.S. Mint.  With over a half-billion Silver Eagles now held by private investors, less than 1%

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PALISADES RADIO INTERVIEW: Why Is The SLV Bleeding Silver & The Coming Energy Cliff

Why does JP Morgan’s SLV ETF continue to bleed silver??  I discuss this and many other topics with Tom at Palisades Radio.  Also, will the continued “Shortsqueeze campaign” bring in more investors and higher prices??  It could.  However, even if it doesn’t the mid to long-term fundamentals for silver…

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