PALISADES RADIO INTERVIEW: Why Is The SLV Bleeding Silver & The Coming Energy Cliff

Why does JP Morgan’s SLV ETF continue to bleed silver??  I discuss this and many other topics with Tom at Palisades Radio.  Also, will the continued “Shortsqueeze campaign” bring in more investors and higher prices??  It could.  However, even if it doesn’t the mid to long-term fundamentals for silver and gold only get stronger.

In the first half of the interview, I focus more on the current silver market and dynamics.  But, the information discussed in the second half of the interview to me is much MORE IMPORTANT to listen to.

The information discussed during the second half explains how the coming ENERGY CLIFF is going to change the world as we know it.  And unfortunately, most people do not understand this negative energy dynamic.

If you want to learn more about how much ENERGY was consumed in ancient times to produce Silver, you should check out my video below.

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9 Comments on "PALISADES RADIO INTERVIEW: Why Is The SLV Bleeding Silver & The Coming Energy Cliff"

  1. So Steve, true to my word to become a Gold Member when Spot Silver reaches $45 an ounce & since seven some years ago you famously said, “…Silver’s running on fumes” do you think I’m in the fold by the 4th of July?

    • DisappearingCulture | March 17, 2021 at 8:36 am |

      As long as the CFTC allows “piling on” of short-side contracts, far in excess of other commodities, they will hold down the spot price of silver compared to the real price of silver…which is demonstrated right now in sovereign coins in excess of $5 over this paper/contract trading spot price. And generic rounds/bars are not much lower.
      The B.S. spot price could be $40 and the real price [if you can find something to buy] may be $60.

  2. travissidelinger | March 16, 2021 at 9:06 am |


    From your quote about energy “I don’t have the solutions”, go look up some thorium liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTR). Specifically I would recommend Kurt Sorensen’s videos on youtube. This is not fancy new technology. This was developed by Alvin Wynburg in the early 70’s. We had a working prototype reactor running for several years at Oakrigde before clueless Nixon shut it down. There is enough thorium in earth’s crust that we will never run out, plus it’s easy to access.

    For reference, I’m an ex Naval nuclear reactor operator. Thus, I many actually understand this this stuff a little more then the average public, and I can certainly follow energy math.

    Other solutions you may want to look into:
    * Rocket mass heaters
    * Solar hot water
    * Small scale solar for lighting and small electronics
    * Trains and bicycles
    * Cloth lines
    * Better home insulation

    Thus, all the energy humanity needs is right in front of us. But will we start the transition in time?

    Last, even with endless energy there are still many other limiting factors that will prevent infinite growth on a finite planet.


    • travisidelinger,

      As I mentioned in the interview, in regards to Joseph Tainter’s work on the COLLAPSE OF COMPLEX SOCIETIES, there are no real solutions to an OVER-COMPLEXITY PREDICAMENT. I have been forwarded LFTR Reactor information to the COWS COME HOME. I understand the concept of an LFTR.

      But, the MAIN PREDICAMENT REMAINS… you need a very complex GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN to provide the components for an LFTR. Lastly, the world doesn’t run on ELECTRICITY, it runs on LIQUID FUELS.

      There lies the RUB.


      • Way Out There | March 16, 2021 at 1:42 pm |

        You’re the man, Steve.

        • travissidelinger | March 16, 2021 at 2:28 pm |

          LFTRs can actually run hot enough to produce hydrocarbons economically. Would it take a huge build up? Absolutely. Would we need a lot more electrified rail? Yes. Would we be zipping around with 100,000 airline flights per day, certainly not. Would we need 1000x electric vehicles deployed? Yes. Would we need most long distance travel to move to trains? Yes. Would we be mining with large dump trucks? No, we would be building rail and using electrified cranes. Do we need a couple billion plus humans to die off? Probably. Would the global economy look like it does today? Certainly nope.

          Look, I give humanity about 5% chance in actually being able to do this. So basically I agree with you that we won’t be able to handle this complex transition. But, it’s not because the energy is not there. It’s because we choose the wrong path 50 years ago. If Nixon had not cancelled the MSR experiment we would be in a completely different position today. We would have lots of LFTR reactors in every city, and it would be a matter of just adding more.

          Another hidden benefit to nuclear reactors is education. Imagine an America with a much higher level of STEM education because the nuclear industry simply hires a lot more people. Think of the collective decisions we could be making if a lot more people sat down and did some energy math.


          • You have convinced me Travis, I am staying at home until someone sorts this out. 😊

          • Travis,

            You bring up several interesting points. But, I think there is a much better way than trying to RAMP UP the production of LFTRs the old fashion way with fossil fuels. Why don’t we just contact CAPT KIRK from the U.S.S STAR TREK Enterprise and have them just make LFTRs from giant REPLICATORS?

            That should solve all the PESKY ISSUES…. right?


          • travissidelinger | March 18, 2021 at 7:15 pm |

            Steve, I agree completely agree with you. We probably need star trek replicators at this point.

            If we finally get around to building LFTRs, they will be factory produced , and then shipped to their destinations to be installed. Thus, we could actually do this, and possibly do this in time. But, this country so far gone that I don’t expect we could pull it off.

            China on the other hand, they can build stuff, and get it done. I do think their is a good chance China will do actually do this.


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