Silver Mining

WallStreetSilver & SRSrocco Report Interview: CPM Group Misleads About Falling Silver Ore Grades & Reserve Depletion?

I talked with Jim and Ivan at WallStreetSilver on CPM Group’s misleading statements on the primary silver mining industry’s falling ore grades and resource depletion.  It seems that the CPM Group believes the Silver Miners voluntarily decided to go to lower ore grades due to higher prices, while ironically, the…

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BREAKING NEWS: Top Silver Mining Industry Average Yield Falls To The Lowest Level Ever

With the results finally out, the top Silver Mining Industry’s average yield fell to the lowest level ever.  While the pandemic shutdowns reduced overall silver production significantly, it didn’t impact the ore grades all that much.  Since 2005, the top seven silver mining companies and mines saw their average yield…

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Important Factors Impacting The Gold & Silver Supply And Price

The majority of analysts still don’t understand that gold and silver are based on two different price or value functions.  To understand the future forecasts for precious metals, investors need to the difference between the two value functions. In my newest video update, Important Factors Impacting Gold & Silver Price…

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