SUBSCRIBER UPDATE: Clarifying Access Issues & How To Cancel On Patreon & Subscribe Directly

This is an Important Update for all SRSrocco Report subscribers and followers.  I have provided a short video on clarifying some access issues for the Silver and Gold Members who are using Patreon and how to cancel your Patreon membership and subscribe directly to the SRSrocco Report.

When we first started the new subscription service in September, we only had Patreon.  However, due to Patreon subscriber access issues to the SRSrocco Report content, and considering many individuals are not happy with Patreon, we decided to add a “Direct Membership.”  Furthermore, Gold Members who would like to receive the TRADE ALERTS on stocks can only be done for those Gold Members who subscribe directly to the SRSrocco Report.

If you would like to receive these TRADE ALERTS on stocks, etc., we advise that you cancel your Patreon Membership, let us know via the Patreon Message system, and after we remove your old Patreon User from our system, you can subscribe directly.  Unfortunately, even if you cancel your Patreon membership and try to subscribe, the old Patreon User can cause a conflict.  That is why we have to remove your old Patreon User before you subscribe directly.

I have put together a short video showing how to do this, and if you are going to remain as a Patreon subscriber, you must use the ORANGE button that says LOG IN WITH PATREON.  If you are a Patreon subscriber and you click on the BLUE button that says SRSROCCO MEMBERS LOGIN, it will ask for a screen name and password.  If you are a Patreon subscriber and you see this, that means you clicked on the incorrect button.


I suggest a website called that provides a simple system to store your passwords in the video.  However, if you forgot your password, click on the Having login difficulties? link found at the SRSROCCO MEMBERS LOGIN page and fill out the form to let us know, and we will assist in resetting your password.

Moreover, you can edit your profile, change your password and membership at the MY ACCOUNT TAB.  If you have any issues whatsoever, please send us a Support Ticket from your MY ACCOUNT area.  We will get back to you shortly.

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3 Comments on "SUBSCRIBER UPDATE: Clarifying Access Issues & How To Cancel On Patreon & Subscribe Directly"

  1. I love everything you’re doing, keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Steve,

    You mentioned previously that the best time to cancel our Patreon memberships should be at the end of the month. Is this still the case? I am curious what the best path is here because as a member we get charged the amount at the first of each month and I am wondering how it will work regarding the next billing cycle if we cancel a Patreon membership now and create an account directly at this website.

    Also, are the trade alerts still being shown to Gold Patreon members or are they cancelled at this moment?

    • Jimmy,

      The best time to cancel in the last few days of the month as Patreon bills on the 1st. We bill the first day that a person subscribes and then it bills the same day each following month. The Patreon Gold Members can’t receive the TRADE ALERT emails because it is set up from the website. You can also check the website every day or twice a day for the TRADE ALERTS, as they are published on the Gold Members Area until you cancel on Patreon and subscribe directly.

      Please follow those directions.


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