SILVER UPDATE & Why Investment, Not Industrial Demand Will Be Main Future Driver Of Price

In my newest update, I explain that the silver price trend for the next quarter will depend on what happens over the next 7-10 days.  If the U.S. Government comes out with a new stimulus plan, then we are going to see higher silver and gold prices.  However, if there isn’t a new bill put forth, we could see a short-term correction in the precious metals and broader markets.

In my YouTube update, Silver Update & Investment Not Industrial Demand Future Driver Of Price, I provide a brief silver market price update followed by why I believe silver investment, not industrial demand, will be the leading driver of the future price.  I include a new chart comparing silver industrial demand versus investment demand.

However, while I do provide a short silver price update, I did a recent VIMEO video for Silver-Gold Members, including 11 charts on the silver-gold prices and the U.S. Dollar Index:

I see physical silver investment demand surpassing industrial demand in the future, pushing the silver price up to very high levels.

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16 Comments on "SILVER UPDATE & Why Investment, Not Industrial Demand Will Be Main Future Driver Of Price"

  1. DisappearingCulture | September 20, 2020 at 7:20 pm |

    Very good audio explanations as well. Just wish I could look into the future better and have a better idea of timing.

  2. Thanks for the captions; some of the sound is garbled. It could be my speakers. But it is nice to read also.

  3. This video has CC/ subtitles and is super. These of yours make more sense than anything I have researched. Many services try to play on emotions; they should not be part of the equations. This video supplements the last one and is very helpful. I keep trying to justify why I loaded up on physical Silver. My wife is beginning to doubt me.

    • Jim,

      Glad you enjoyed the videos and that the analysis makes sense. That’s what we try to do. We try to take the EMOTION out of it and just look at the technicals and the underlying fundamentals. I am really tired of the COMEX MANIPULATION MANTRA. What these guys fail to mention, is that through all the supposed manipulation of the metals, Gold never fell below its cost of production and for silver, it fell a bit lower than the primary silver miners cost of production, but not much.


      • Jim,

        In the overall scheme of things, our signficant others do have a major impact on our finances/futures.

        I own only physical PMs (not much, but the best I can do for now). I discussed my short-term, medium-term to long-term plans with her. To my astonisnment, she got on board with mt plan (for her future).

        I no longer have to account for minor purchases of PMs. SWEET!!!

  4. The correction in Gold and Silver is underway; other commodities as well per Bloombergs this AM.

  5. Steve, do you foresee a fierce and hard competition to obtain silver between investors and Global Industry?

    Like you, I’m absolutely certain that a “Silver Rush” will occur in the near future. However, the Industry, highly dependent on a regular supply of silver, may not survive without it.

    • Mehmet,

      Yes, I do see major competition coming between INVESTORS and the INDUSTRY in acquiring silver metal in the future. Actually, I believe it was happening to a certain degree in July and August as 200 million oz went into the Silver ETFs. Of course, we don’t know if all that metal made it into the Silver ETF Vaults, but I imagine a good bit did. What we haven’t seen yet in silver, is what happened to Rhodium and Palladium when COMPETITION FOR METAL went into high gear.

      We must remember, 99% of investors are still playing in the GRAND HIGH-TECH CASINO. Just wait until 1-2% start moving into the precious metals when the situation in the markets gets really out of hand.


      • DisappearingCulture | September 21, 2020 at 11:21 am |

        “We must remember, 99% of investors are still playing in the GRAND HIGH-TECH CASINO”

        Ask Dan about his friend at Truist; they have friendly debates. His friend is 100% into non-hard assets.

        • DisappearingCulture,

          LOL… I need to. 100% into NON-HARD ASSETS?? Let’s see how that investing decision plays out over the next 2-5 years.


          • “Let’s see how that investing decision plays out over the next 2-5 years”

            well if he’d bought last march they would have gained 50% ….

  6. “Invest with knowledge, not with emotion.”

    I don’t recall who said it.

  7. Hey Steve great call on the Silver correction on your youtube video, you saved me a couple of thousand bucks.
    I am glad I pay you for your services right now they are incredibly worthy of my currency.

  8. DisappearingCulture | September 21, 2020 at 11:18 am |

    Got a tube of ASE’s from CHA for $29.45 each.

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