Silver Investing News SRSrocco Report Interview: Why Energy Will Drive Precious Metals Prices To New Highs

Prices for gold and silver have seen major increases this year, and interest in these precious metals is rising in tandem as both new and experienced investors rush to the space.

But higher prices aren’t the only reason market watchers should pay attention to gold and silver. According to Steve St. Angelo, independent researcher at the SRSrocco Report, there’s much more to the story, including a key aspects that many investors miss: energy.

“What’s happened in this complex world we live in with a lot of technology and a lot of levels of the supply chain — we just forget about the energy. We take it for granted,” he explained.

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8 Comments on "Silver Investing News SRSrocco Report Interview: Why Energy Will Drive Precious Metals Prices To New Highs"

  1. DisappearingCulture | September 26, 2020 at 2:58 pm |

    Good oral presentation. Good to see young people [the interviewer] interested in mining, etc.

    If prices get up and stay up on metals, THEN maybe there will be a new crop of talented geologists needed to find the Ag the world will need & demand in the future. A lot of highly educated, talented, older generation of geologists, technicians, mechanics, machinists, etc. have retired.

  2. REALLY liked the info on the contrast of historical grams per tonne , this same analogy must apply to the 2.80 cost of SAUDI OIL versus 54 for SHALE

  3. Well worth one’s time to watch, listen, and understand the direct connection between energy and the value of precious metals. If a person has this knowledge of energy and economics, you are light years ahead of 99.99% of the general and global population. Thanks Steve, an excellent video worth watching!

  4. Jim Blanchard | October 1, 2020 at 8:39 am |

    This was as good an interview as I have ever seen. Eloquent, factual, informative and just brilliantly articulated by Steve St. Angelo. What a pleasure it was to view and review. I totally agree with what Damon has said just above.
    Many, many thanks to you, Steve, for doing this and for the fine work you are continuing to do.

    • Jim Blanchard,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Silver Investing News did a great job matching up what I was talking about with nice graphics. It was also a pleasure chatting with Charlotte. I believe she would like me to come back on in the future.

      I am also doing another interview tomorrow with Patrick at SilverBullion out of Singapore.


  5. Hi, great interview, I really like all content that you put out. I have one question about oil and energy though. If you forecast that shale oil is going to decline a lot because it is uneconomic and a lot of companies will go bankrupt, and if humans need more energy, why would the price of oil simply just not go up a lot so that it becomes economic to drill for shale oil and like that expand oil production?

    • Perica,

      I apologize for not responding sooner. I have been busy with the Thermodynamic Oil Collapse interview with Louis Arnoux that will be posted today. Please watch the entire video, which is 2 hours & 20 minutes long. Yes, it’s long, but there is a great deal of valuable information.

      The reason the oil price will continue to fall even though the supply will fall is due to the nature that we pay for the NET ENERGY that comes from oil. Because the Net Energy in a barrel of oil is falling, now rapidly, the public can’t bid it up if the value isn’t worth it.

      We discuss why ECONOMICS 101 on Supply & Demand is INVALID.


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