Silver Eagle Sales Jump By 1.2 Million In Less Than A Week

Since the last U.S. Mint update, Silver Eagle sales have surged by 1.2 million in less than a week.  The U.S. Mint updated its sales figures last week on Wednesday, September 8th, showing 750,000 Silver Eagles and 20,000 oz of Gold Eagles.  However, when revised its sales figures today, it is showing 1,979,000 Silver Eagles and 31,500 oz of Gold Eagles.

For whatever reason, Silver Eagle sales in September have outperformed Gold Eagle sales compared to the previous month.  First, here are the Silver Eagle sales for September:

Silver Eagle sales jumped 1,229,000 since last Wednesday.  However, Gold Eagle sales only increased by 11,500 oz over the same period to 31,500 oz:

With U.S. Silver Eagle sales at 1,979,000 versus 31,500 oz for Gold Eagles, the ratio increased to 62/1 versus the 29/1 last month.  During August, the U.S. Mint sold 136,000 oz of Gold Eagles and 3,930,00o Silver Eagles for a Silver to Gold Ratio of 29/1.

Total Silver Eagles sold so far this year are 24,919,500 versus 879,000 oz of Gold Eagles.  With demand for Silver Eagles still being quite strong as premiums are high, CLOUD HARD ASSETS is selling them now under $30 apiece.  This is the cheapest I have found for the New 2021 Silver Eagles.   Dan, General Manager at Cloud Hard Assets, told me that they are selling the New Design 2021 Silver Eagles for $6.05 over spot.  The lowest I found (20-99 coins) was SD Bullion at $32.61, and the highest was APMEX at $35.24.

With APMEX being their own U.S. Mint Authorized Dealer, I am quite surprised they have the highest premiums in the group at $11.52 over spot.  This is nearly $4.50 higher than Cloud Hard Assets.

You can contact Tom, Dan, or Jade click here: CLOUD HARD ASSETS.  You can also call (800) 247-2812.

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6 Comments on "Silver Eagle Sales Jump By 1.2 Million In Less Than A Week"

  1. Steve know you love energy…..gotta say I’m loving my UROY shares right now.

  2. I am pretty sure Miles Franklin is selling silver cheaper Steve.

    • Ray,

      Maybe someone should call them up to see what they are selling 2021 Silver Eagles. Actually, I just went to Liberty & Finance who are now sponsors of Miles Franklin and they are selling Silver Eagles at $7.25 over spot. They are lower than SD Bullion, but not as low as Cloud Hard Assets.

      You can check by watching the first 30 seconds on Liberty & Finances newest video:


  3. Steve, talk to Andy at Miles Franklin, they are selling Harmonics, silver coins for 3.65 over spot. Or call 888-81liberty

    • Ray,

      Why should I talk to Andy Schectman at Miles Franklin to buy SILVER PHILHARMONICS at $3.65 while you can buy them ALL DAY LONG for $2.95 from CLOUD HARD ASSETS?


  4. Silver @ 22.45 could still fall to $20.00. Evergrande has got to be weighing on the investment community.

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