SILVER BULLION TV SRSROCCO INTERVIEW: Energy Cliff Modern High-Tech Global Economy vs. Late Bronze Age Collapse

The world faces the same fate that took place during the Late Bronze Age Collapse… 3,000 years ago.  During my interview with Patrick at Silver Bullion TV, I explained why the Global High-Tech Economy will be in serious trouble in the future.  While many investors believe all our problems are due to central bankers, the real culprit is the coming ENERGY CLIFF.

However, you wouldn’t know it if we just listened to the new generation of High-Tech Financial Guys like Michael Saylor, the infamous Bitcoin promoter who thinks the new “Store of Value” in the future will be… DIGITAL.  I totally disagree.  Here is the interview below.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I will be putting out a new public Youtube video in the next few days on the FOUR FACTORS to impact the silver market.  Furthermore, I will provide a Metals & Market update for Silver & Gold Members this weekend along with two Gold Member posts on why Newmont’s share price is outperforming Barrick Gold and analysis on the Top Five Primary Silver Miners.

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6 Comments on "SILVER BULLION TV SRSROCCO INTERVIEW: Energy Cliff Modern High-Tech Global Economy vs. Late Bronze Age Collapse"

  1. Don’t look now……but, there is no SILVER!

  2. All Metals Are Precious | May 15, 2021 at 4:19 pm |

    That was an excellent interview. Lots of info, but very concise. Good explanations of certain concepts of which the uninitiated might not be familiar.

    Steve, you really know how to talk “on your feet”.

    • All Metals Are Precious,

      Thanks for the positive comment and glad you enjoyed the video. It looks like we have some new subscribers to the SRSrocco Report from that interview.

      Only a small fraction of society realizes the huge energy problems ahead.


  3. TacticalTrader | May 16, 2021 at 12:11 pm |

    Got to love some of the comments under the video on YouTube… Gotta love the uninformed and ridiculously ignorant crowd. Bless their hearts. LOL

    “I didn’t really like this. He set up this massive strawman about peak energy yadda yadda but really gave no evidence for it other than covid related supply chain disruptions and America’s failing shale oil exploration.”

    “Yawn. Another person claiming fossil fuel doom.”

    “More Peak oil nonsense. Scare tactics used for 50 years now.”

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