Today the gold and silver prices surged higher as the Fed and central banks continue to prop up the global economy and financial system that suffered a massive heart attack.  Today, the gold price jumped to the $1,750 level, while silver is almost back to $16.  Demand for physical gold and silver bullion remains high as the availability of coins, bars, and rounds are still in short supply.

While the metals prices increased along with the broader markets, the oil price went in the opposite direction and is currently down 8% at $20.61.  This is horrible news for the continued dream of U.S. Energy Independence.  Shale oil and gas companies are being DESTROYED in rapid order, even though the corpses haven’t shown up yet.

And, with world oil demand now down between 26-35 million barrels per day, depending on the analyst, the Highly Leveraged Global Debt-Derivatives Financial Ponzi Scheme is now under serious threat of imploding.  Why?  I will be explaining that in a new video update on the SRSrocco Report Youtube Channel shortly.  If you have not yet subscribed to our youtube channel, you can so here:  SRSrocco Report Youtube Channel.

Here’s a bit of a PREVIEW.  What do all Ponzi Schemes need to stay alive??  A new supply of investor funds is necessary to keep the Ponzi going.  What is required to keep the Global Financial Ponzi Scheme alive??  World oil production growth is vital in allowing the Global Ponzi Scheme to continue.  So, what happens when not only OIL GROWTH is gone, but the world has now lost 30 million barrels per day of demand??  Correct.. the entire FINANCIAL PONZI FACADE comes crashing down.

This is by far the most misunderstood factor totally missed by financial analysts and economists.  Furthermore, this is precisely why the Fed is now buying JUNK BONDS and JUNK BOND ETFs.

So, it should be no surprise why investors continue to purchase a record amount of gold and silver bullion.


Here is an update of the Silver Eagle Buy prices from the leading online precious metals dealers versus CLOUD HARD ASSETS, which I sponsor on this site.  When the silver spot price was trading at $15.96, here are the Silver Eagle buy prices from these leading online dealers.

Based on the silver spot price of $15.96, the premiums (above spot) on Silver Eagles from the four leading online dealers range from $9.34 to $10.50.  These prices are based on purchasing 1-19 Silver Eagles from these dealers.  However, the prices will decline depending on the quantity purchased.  You will notice that CLOUD HARD ASSETS offers the BEST BUY PRICE compared to these leading competitors at only $6.50 over spot.

I just got done talking with Dan at Cloud Hard Assets, and he told me that the phone continues to ring from sun-up to sun-down.  They also lowered the spot price for 1,000 oz wholesale silver bars, shown below.  Availability of 1,000 oz bars at Cloud Hard Assets is now one week to 10 days:

Here are some other prices for bullion products also offered by Cloud Hard Assets:

  1. Silver Eagles ($6.50 over spot)
  2. Silver Misc Private 1 oz Rounds ($3.60 over spot)
  3. Silver Misc Private 5 & 10 oz Bars ($3.60 over spot)
  4. Silver Kilo Bars ($3.60 over spot)
  5. Silver Misc. Kangaroos ($4.50 over spot)
  6. Silver 1,000 oz Bars ($1.25 over spot)
  7. Gold Eagles (9.25% over spot)
  8. Gold Buffalo (9.25% over spot)
  9. Gold Philharmonic (8% over spot)
  10. Gold Kilo Bars (4.2% over spot)

Not only is it important to shop around for better gold and silver bullion prices, but it’s also very wise to use a dealer that will “PROTECT” your funds until your metal is shipped.  As I have stated, in the past several precious metals dealers were selling more metal than they had in stock.  Thus, many investors lost money when they did not receive metal after the company went bankrupt.

With gold and silver bullion products in short supply, with availability pushed back weeks or months, it is essential that your funds are protected during these crazy times.  Tom Cloud at Cloud Hard Assets puts all of his clients’ funds into an escrow account until the metal is shipped.  So, if CLOUD HARD ASSETS cannot obtain the metal for whatever reason, the clients’ funds are protected in an escrow account.

If you would like to chat with Tom or Dan at Cloud Hard Assets, you can find their contact info at the following link on my website:  CLOUD HARD ASSETS.

Lastly, I still believe the U.S. Mint West Point Facility is still closed, but they updated their website to show an additional 56,500 oz of Gold Eagles sold and 350,000 Silver Eagles.  They haven’t updated their website figures for a while, so it will be interesting to see what kind of sales they will be showing once they reopen.

I will be providing a new Youtube Video Update on the Coming Explosion in the Gold and Silver Prices when the Global Financial Ponzi Scheme Implodes in the next 1-2 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is a reason I sponsor Tom Cloud on my site because I believe he is one of the most honest and upfront precious metals dealers in the industry.  Not only does Tom offer some of the best rates to purchase gold and silver, but also whenever someone sells metals back to him, HE DOES NOT CHARGE A COMMISSION.  The overwhelming majority of precious metals dealers charge a commission to buy back gold and silver.

I challenge you to check for yourself.

Also, if you need to store metal at a secure facility, Tom offers some of the lowest storage rates in the industry.  TOM DOES NOT MAKE MONEY OFF HIS CLIENTS PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE.  The overwhelming majority of precious metals dealers add an additional percentage to store their clients gold and silver.

I challenge you to check for yourself.

Tom Cloud has been in the precious metals business for 46 years, since 1973.  He has a lot of experience in the precious metals industry and understands the gold and silver market better than most dealers in the industry.

If you are new to the precious metals market and had questions, Tom Cloud would be happy to answer any questions.

DISCLAIMER:  While Tom offers information about precious metals, you should not take this as investment advice.  You should contact a professional advisor and or do your due diligence before making investment decisions.  

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40 Comments on "PRECIOUS METALS PRICES SURGE: Silver Eagle BEST BUY Prices Update"

  1. Plate pura | April 14, 2020 at 1:40 pm |

    If silver is in short supply why do suppliers sell to dealers for low prices. Wouldn’t they rather wait a month? I am not being sarcastic, I believe silver is in short supply but if I was a supplier I wouldn’t sell an eagle for 20 now. I’d take a holiday and sell it for 40 later

    • Disappearingculture | April 14, 2020 at 5:49 pm |

      They need cash flow to pay overhead.

    • Anonymous1000 | April 14, 2020 at 8:19 pm |

      Deliberate stalling? On the Perth Mint homepage they have a Covid-19 Company update. They advise ‘Cast and Minted bars are currently out of stock, and at this time we cannot take orders for any size…’ Australia is one of the largest Gold producing nations in the world. Most of the gold is refined at the Perth Mint. Yet, they claim they are unable to take orders for ANY size. Curious.

      • yeah, something else is definitely going on here. all the bullion dealers have sold out of existing stocks, most of their lines of items have been removed and no longer available even for future orders, and just a couple of items are available on backorder. the supply chain has been deliberately broken. i have no doubt this was done to prevent anyone from escaping the financial system any more.

        • Maybe they’re only selling, what might be available, to their big buyers. If the BIG BOYS & GIRLS are rushing in, with $100,000 to $1,000,000+ orders, why take countless small-ball orders of $500 to $2,000? Although, I might be wrong.

  2. Billy Lone Bear | April 14, 2020 at 3:57 pm |

    Something happened today that is definitely noteworthy in that Gold Price is now at all times in all other major currencies other than USD. The Yuan was the last one which was coming close, but today it broke $12,200 CNY.

    Now its just the Dollar left not trading at its all time high but within 10% of it roughly.

    People might not realize it, but Silver is now up from its bottom of under $12 by nearly 33% in less than one month and is now starting to outperform gold per the Rule of 1980 and 2011. Bull markets start from the trenches.

    Also despite Platinum hitting a low at $590 and it being at $780. This is STILL a bargain due to it being the low it crashed to in 2008. (Equivalent of the $9 price in Silver.) For people bored of silver and also wary of Gold platinum is a great metal to leverage the physical/market ratios with.

    • Disappearingculture | April 14, 2020 at 5:52 pm |

      You will pay about $100 over spot for an ounce of platinum at online dealers. Some more than that.

    • Platinum and palladium are not money. They never have been. They were an investment option in the pre-covid period.

      No one in the post covid period will want them for anything. In fact, most won’t even know what they are…or care.

      Billy, you are savvy. You must begin shaping your life into a local perspective. Grow you own food. Find someone close by who can provide you with fresh meat. Hunter/gatherer life. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

      The Pre-Covid period is gone. Get used to it. 1980, 2011, etc. don’t matter anymore. The sooner people get used to it, the better they will be.

      Looks to me like 8 of 10 will be drug kicking and screaming in this new reality.

      All you have to remember is that tangible items in your possession, a close-knit community, family, friends and faith will be all that you need.

      If you still like the money thing, look back 5000 years…the same items then will work now.

      • DisappearingCulture | April 15, 2020 at 9:29 am |

        “Platinum and palladium are not money. They never have been. They were an investment option in the pre-covid period….No one in the post covid period will want them for anything. In fact, most won’t even know what they are…or care.”

        There are unique properties for these elements and they are used in industry, even if at a reduced consumption rate. Investor demand is higher than available supply; people want platinum and palladium now. Checked a prominent online dealer yesterday, and the only platinum product they have to sell is the 2020 1 ounce Platinum Eagle that officially went on sale today. I’ll bet it will be sold out in days, with a “notify me” option. Every platinum coin from every country and every bar from every refiner in the world was sold out.
        I did find another dealer who right now who has some in stock…at much higher markup…$968 for the 2020, and $948 for dates of their choice.

        • I get it DC.

          What I am trying to instill in these younger people is that the supply chain has been ruptured beyond repair. 8 of 10 people are in complete denial.

          Invest in the future so you can be alive for it. Palladium and platinum ain’t it. The world economy and that of the US is collapsing. Right before our eyes.

          Seeds, water, land, Ag, Au, G & A, family, someone to cover your six. That’s value. Everyone is at the fork in the road and thinks they can change a few things and still have the same life they had last year.

          Not. Going. To. Happen. Brother.

  3. “And, with world oil demand now down between 26-35 million barrels per day, depending on the analyst, the Highly Leveraged Global Debt-Derivatives Financial Ponzi Scheme is now under serious threat of imploding.”

    The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this problem. It would have reared its ugly head later, but now it’s on our front porch.

  4. “What do all Ponzi Schemes need to stay alive?? A new supply of investor funds is necessary to keep the Ponzi going.”

    That is a diplomatic reply. Basically a Ponzi scheme requires new suckers.

  5. Apparently the U.S. mint is still promising delivery of Silver Eagles. I don’t see how they will fulfill it unless we’ere talking months out because backlogs must be in the tens of millions. The Canadian, Mexican, British, Chinese mints don’t seem to be preselling at this time. Perhaps the Australian mint is. Can the U.S. mint actually find the bullion needed? That’s a lot of 1000 LB bars (or whatever form is used).
    See? For years us stackers have been heckled literally on every post, hearing we should be buying Bitcoin or whatever. Almost overnight, SILVER has DRIED UP. WHY? Because the stuff is RARE. Very few people have any to speak of.

  6. “What do all Ponzi Schemes need to stay alive?? A new supply of investor funds is necessary to keep the Ponzi going”
    I’ve been reading your work for many months and agree with most of what you say, however in reference to the above, I see this Ponzi lasting for a while yet, unfortunately. The ‘new supply of funds’ you refer to will come from the unlimited money the FED can print. Their desperate insanity to keep this Ponzi going will mean printing like we’ve never seen before in the civilized world. They will buy up all the junk and all the insolvent shale companies etc. It’s all just SAD!

    • Gandalf,

      I disagree. The money printing won’t work, because the oil is the PONZI DRIVER, not finance. Also, the shale industry has drilled 80-90% of its acreage. It doesn’t matter if the shale industry gets a bailout, the Fed can’t PRINT NEW ACREAGE to Drill.


      People need to stop looking at the markets as in FINANCE or MONEY, but rather… as ENERGY FLOWS.


      • Steve,
        You mentioned ‘Global Financial Ponzi’ and where the ‘funds’ were coming from, hence my reply from a financial angle. There are plenty of magic funds to keep the financial Ponzi scheme going, until there is a hyper-inflationary reset.
        Whilst I agree that the real driver behind growth is energy and that indeed one day we will run out of oil, that time is not now. It could be 10 years from now or 50 years, nobody knows for sure.
        Just to reiterate I agree with your overall message on EROI but it’s the timing that I disagree with and as a trader & investor I know that timing is everything. The age old saying “The markets can stay insolvent far longer than you or I can”, rings true.
        Oil demand has obviously dried up given the current situation (deflationary phase) but that energy has been stored (within limits) and there is no doubt all that oil will be unleashed globally. The production cuts recently announced will be reversed in a heartbeat as soon as things start moving again.
        When lockdown has passed and people are confident enough to venture out, there will be trillions of fiat currency (from all that printing) ready to flow into all avenues of the economy (inflationary phase) and there is plenty of oil to supplement that spending. The inflationary phase may well be followed quickly by hyper-inflation. Again the problem for the above is timescales, it could be months or years. Only after all this plays out and people start looking at lessons learnt, will they start looking at EROI. Just my opinion. Gold (& particularly Silver) will be your friend through all this. Stay safe.

        • Gandalf,

          When you stated this, “Whilst I agree that the real driver behind growth is energy and that indeed one day we will run out of oil, that time is not now. It could be 10 years from now or 50 years, nobody knows for sure.”

          First, it’s not a matter of RUNNING OUT OF OIL.

          Secondly, when you say “it could be 10 or 50 years.. we don’t know”, then you haven’t been reading my work in detail.

          Lastly, PONZI SCHEMES don’t need to totally run out of INVESTORS, just the small percentage of new ones. Same with oil.

          WE DON’T NEED TO RUN OUT OF OIL, We just need to DROP 10% and its GAME OVER.


          • “WE DON’T NEED TO RUN OUT OF OIL, We just need to DROP 10% and its GAME OVER.”

            I do not disagree Steve, but I think we are pretty much there now.

          • I must admit I haven’t read your work in detail.
            You’re saying “10% drop and it’s game over” so just to be clear, are you saying that’s happened or still to happen?

          • Gandalf,

            With the Fed buying JUNK BONDS & JUNK ETFs suggests that it “HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.”

            Again, Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme came to an end when the market fell and the source of NEW INVESTORS DRIED UP.

            Individuals, Analysts, and Investors continue to look at the market in terms of DOLLARS. We need to remove the term DOLLAR and replace it with ENERGY. Now, with Oil Demand down 25-30%, it is MUCH LOWER than the 10% needed to collapse the Global Ponzi Scheme.

            It’s just a matter of time.

            So… it has nothing to do with MONEY PRINTING, but everything to do with OIL DEMAND or OIL SUPPLY.


          • Steve,

            >>With the Fed buying JUNK BONDS & JUNK ETFs suggests that it “HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.”

            Are you suggesting the junk bonds and ETFs the Fed is buying are linked to Shale oil companies about to go under? Do you have any inside information?

          • Gold Bug,

            First, let me start off by saying the Global Oil Market is FUNGIBLE. So, no… the Fed isn’t buying JUNK BONDS and JUNK ETFs only due to the Lousy Shale Oil Industry, but rather, due to the fact that a MASSIVE 25-30 million barrel per day decline in OIL DEMAND destroys FINANCIAL ASSETS LEFT AND RIGHT…. all over the world.

            Secondly, the Global Financial Ponzi Scheme was propped up by 1-2% of annual Global Oil Production Growth. Moreover, all the Fed and Central bank QE, Money Printing, Currency Swaps, and Liquidity from 2008-2018, WOULD NOT HAVE WORKED without the 8 million barrel per day increase in Shale Oil Production.

            What happens when a Central Bank Prints Money and Oil Production Falls??? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN VENEZUELA…. hyperinflation.

            That’s exactly what we are facing now.

            So, look at the overall Global Financial Ponzi Scheme versus the World Oil Demand (supply).

            It’s that simple.

            KISS- KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID… is the best analysis.


          • I really don’t mean to sound critical, i’m just trying understand the message you’re displaying but there is mixed information thus far. In the interests of the KISS analysis, i’ll try again.
            You say “WE DON’T NEED TO RUN OUT OF OIL, We just need to DROP 10% and its GAME OVER.” which suggests you’re referring to the available oil in ground?
            You then say “Now, with Oil Demand down 25-30%, it is MUCH LOWER than the 10% needed to collapse the Global Ponzi Scheme.” which suggest you’re talking about oil demand?
            You also say “So… it has nothing to do with MONEY PRINTING, but everything to do with OIL DEMAND or OIL SUPPLY.” which suggests you’re talking about oil supply AND/OR demand?
            You then also say “Secondly, the Global Financial Ponzi Scheme was propped up by 1-2% of annual Global Oil Production Growth. Moreover, all the Fed and Central bank QE, Money Printing, Currency Swaps, and Liquidity from 2008-2018, WOULD NOT HAVE WORKED without the 8 million barrel per day increase in Shale Oil Production.” which suggests you’re talking about shale oil production growth as being the problem.
            So in summary, this global Ponzi scheme is going to die because of a 10% reduction/drop of total oil available, global demand, global supply and/or shale oil production growth.
            The supply and demand side goes up and down and will balance each other as long as there is enough oil for supply to meet demand. So the crux of the argument must be the ability to maintain production growth, which leads us to the uneconomical Shale industry. It is apparent that the EROI for shale has been in decline for years and will continue to decline but this is where i disagree with you. This problem is specifically to do with production growth in the USA and the corrupt FED will backstop this uneconomical industry until itself is insolvent. That Ponzi scheme still has legs.
            I admit you’re the expert in this field but i’m just giving my opinion/prediction on how things will play out. I do not underestimate the insanity of the people in power.

        • The new problem with oil will have to do with storage. There is a finite amount of storage. While (short-term) the world’s oil demand has been greatly reduced, in the short term, all available storage will max out. What then?

          Reduced demand (for now) and available oil combined with a greatly reduced (or maxed out) storage capacity makes what’s coming very bleak.

          Those apocalyptic movies now don’t seem too farfetched.

  7. This post is not meant to disparage or belittle any of the information in this article which is wonderful. In all fairness and with due respect, ASE is not the only sovereign Silver bullion around. In my opinion, Silver Maples (if you can buy them) are a better buy than ASE. They are .9999 fineness compared to 0.999 for ASEs. Plus the price is lower. I have always preferred Maple leaves over ASE for the lower price and higher purity but are nowhere to be found these days perhaps due to the RCM being shut. There are other sovereign Silver coins with same purity as the ASE but lower premiums. I get the feeling Americans are more biased toward the ASE (given its our sovereign coin) and hence the larger spread compared to similar other products

    • Gold Bug,

      While Canadian Maples are a better buy than Silver Eagles. However, you can’t get them now. So, with the EXTREME SHORTAGE of Silver Bullion Products, it’s better to acquire Silver Eagles today, then wait for Canadian Maples to be resupplied in the next 1-2 months.


      • I fortuitously managed to buy a Silver Monster box of Maple Leaf coins less than 24 hours before the sudden drop in equities and before PM prices tanked. Having some Silver Eagles, I was actually looking for .9999 Maple Leaf coins. I have some Silver Eagles that is why I looked for Silver Maple leaf coins purposely.

        Dumb luck or whatever. I actually received my order after 3 phone calls and an email. I’ve been a good customer of this dealer which I believe is what helped me receive my order (ONLY $4.00 above spot). Only 1 day later, the Monster Box price from the same dealer went up $1,500 overnight.

        I got VERY lucky! My stacks are not for sale, but I would highly recommend buying physical when and where you can. Physical PMs (Gold and Silver) will not be sold any cheaper than today. I wish I could afford to buy more, but that’s not possible for me at this time. If I could, I would in a heartbeat.

      • “Canadian Maples are a better buy than Silver Eagles.”

        The U.S. Mint ran out of Silver Eagles. Then the Canadian Mint closed for (a more or less planned) 2 weeks. I expect that they will be closed for longer than that. The Perth mint is also out of Silver. It is increasingly much harder to buy Physical Silver. I’m not that attuned to Gold. From What I’ve read, physical gold is as hard to find as Silver. Yes, you can find both for sale on eBay, but you will have to pay an increasing amount for either. The new normal.

    • DisappearingCulture | April 15, 2020 at 11:37 am |

      Some people have only stacked. I’ve stacked and sold, and know a local metal dealer for years. Silver Maples are a better buy, but ASE’s in the U.S. are in much higher demand in the U.S. when you go to sell, and they bring a premium, particularly in times like now.

      • I believe you. I didn’t have many Maple Leaf coins which is why I was looking for some. I have a bunch of ASE’s. Not so much Maple Leaf coins.

    • Provident has them this morning.

    • TB,

      I have email exchanges with HUGO. Hugo sent me that article recently.

      While it’s true that the GLOBAL LOCKDOWN is worse than the virus, the World Economy and Financial System was going to IMPLODE with or without the COVID-19 Pin.

      So, while people will continue to BLAME THIS LOCKDOWN for the collapse of the Global Economy and Financial System, the ENERGY was always the FACTOR. The COVID-19 Pin just sped up the process.

      Again… it seems like everyone wants to IGNORE THE ENERGY and only focus on the SUPERFICIAL HYPE.


      • Bill Sodomsky | April 15, 2020 at 1:20 pm |

        Steve, as you may recall in posts I made at least 5 years ago, ENERGY, in particular oil, was THE most important element in our Modern Industrial Society. The tell-tale sign of terminal system decline would be the “Energy Deflation” factor. The point in time when contrary to conventional belief, the more expensive it got to extract, the cheaper the price would become. Steve Ludlum from Economic Undertow was the first person to introduce me to the concept and once I got my head around it, in addition to being mortified, I knew that this was the trajectory that we were on and here we are. Some time later I found your site and you were singing from the same songsheet with a different terminology. Once you enter this stage of the game, it’s like a Black Hole where the enormous force of gravity sucks you you in no matter what you do. In other words, the price of oil will continue it’s decline towards zero. The price to the end user no matter how cheap, will always be just beyond their reach. Unfortunately, before we get to zero the system as we know it will blow apart and there isn’t a person on the planet who really knows what that means, but, we’re going to find out.
        Much credit to you though Steve for understanding how important the energy card is. Your work and only a couple of others are worth following. I stopped a few years ago trying to explain to anyone that would listen, that within the decade our entire system would seize up, just like an engine does when it’s out of oil. We will never run out of oil, but we will arrive at a point when the extraction costs consume most, if not all, the surplus energy from a given barrel. For all intents and purposes, we have arrived at that point and from here on in, there will not be enough to continue on with BAU and no amount of worthless currency creation and targeted bailouts will make any difference. We have crossed the rubicon.
        What’s amazing to me is that there are still readers of your blog that either never truly consider the energy piece or they don’t believe it. There isn’t one other website that I know of that has gone to the extent to drive the lack of affordable energy issue than you have. That isn’t to say that other bloggers neglect the energy card, but they don’t take the time or effort to illustrate it in the way that you do.
        Once again Steve, THANK YOU for excellent work and in particular, your patience with those who have difficulty accepting a terminal diagnosis and for those that truly want to know why we are where we are. AND… finally, our modern day economy was designed on the basis of cheap to extract fossil fuels, NOT soon to be WORTHLESS CURRENCY!

      • Many can’t see beyond their own nose. Unfortunately, those same people are woefully unprepared for what’s coming next.

      • I agree: The ENTIRE world is paranoid, transfixed, terrified of the COVID 19 PANDEMIC and know nothing about the EROEI of oil. The hapless masses BELIEVE that COVID 19 can crash stock markets, crash price of oil. Our Canadian Western Select oil is worth $ 4.75 a barrel. It costs me $20 to buy an EMPTY barrel. What’s wrong with this picture?? The AIR inside the EMPTY drum is worth 4 times that the oil is worth. The oil is WORTHLESS, its LESS than worthless. This IS the beginning of the thermodynamic collapse of Oil, and the helpless dim witted citizens of the world cannot grasp EROEI of oil or anything else, all they can do is BLAME the COVID 19 on everything that will transpire in the future, and what is happening now. Rolling out of fascism, control, lockdowns and police states in too many places to list right now. Once the gas stations are empty the masses will of course revolt. Highly coincidently that we are told to stay at home do not TRAVEL, don’t go out DRIVING, don’t take any ” aimless TRIPS ” , airlines closed , cruise lines closed, buses trains closed, subways, businesses closed EVERYTHING closed. The SHEEPLE have no clue what’s coming……………………………………

      • TruthisYourRight | April 16, 2020 at 9:42 am |

        The CORONA is a prefix of the CORONATION OATH. The queen swears to Parliament to preserve the legal system, which are the rules produced by parliament to keep the bankers and their corporate supporters out of jail.

        CORONA is attached to a suitable lie such as a VIRUS. This then makes the legislation attached to the virus legal. The legislation isolates people so that they can’t communicate face to face.

        Legislation is only treated as LAW when people CONSENT. Without people forming lines and obeying, then the legal system would fail, common law would return and bankers would go to jail.

  8. ABSOLUTELY AGREE Steve- It was going Down either way – Just gives the gov’t an opportunity
    to scare public that they are the solution to everything !!

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