IMPORTANT UPDATE: SRSrocco Report Subscribers & Followers

There is an IMPORTANT UPDATE that I would like to share with SRSrocco Report Subscribers and Followers.  We believe 2021 is going to be quite an interesting year as the U.S. and world economic fundamentals continue to disintegrate.  Thus, we wanted to share some changes we have made to the SRSrocco Report site for subscribers and followers.

The SRSrocco Report was a fully open and public site for more than seven years since early 2013.  While I enjoyed the public posting of articles and reports, if you Google some topics that we cover, you will find my charts everywhere, except on the SRSrocco Report.

If you Google “Silver Breakeven Costs,” you will see 12 of my charts and tables found on other websites, but not a single one from the SRSrocco Report.

Because it takes a great deal of time to do the RESEARCH, CHART MAKING, and WRITING, we decided to transition to a subscription website at the end of August this year and appreciate the support from the over 500 subscribers.

We started the subscription service using Patreon’s Membership Services as the company provided several benefits.  However, due to Patreon being a third-party membership service, there have been issues for subscribers in accessing the Silver & Gold Member Content.  So, we just added a DIRECT MEMBERSHIP service on the SRSrocco Report using a very secure STRIPE payment processing service.  And, it’s easy and straightforward.


If you are a PATREON subscriber, please make sure you click on the ORANGE button that says, PATREON MEMBERS LOGIN.  Those who have become new subscribers directly on the SRSrocco Report, click on the BLUE button that says, SRSROCCO MEMBERS LOGIN.

If you are a Patreon subscriber and have clicked on the BLUE button, it will ask for an email and password.  So, return back to the website and click on the ORANGE Patreon Members LOGIN button.

Patreon Subscribers Who Would Like To Subscribe Directly To The SRSrocco Report

If you would rather subscribe directly to the SRSrocco Report, it’s best to cancel your Patreon subscription first.  However, if you plan to transition to the SRSrocco Report subscription service, please wait until the end of the month to cancel your Patreon membership.  Patreon bills its members on the first of every month.  If you cancel on the last day of the month, you will have received a full month’s value before subscribing to the SRSrocco Report.

How To Subscribe Directly To The SRSrocco Report

Go to the MEMBERSHIP PLANS and click on the level you want to subscribe to.  The Membership Checkout form is very short and simple.

How To Manage Your Account Subscription & Profile

Once you become an SRSrocco Member subscriber, you can manage your account and profile by clicking on the “MY ACCOUNT” tab at the top right-hand side of the website.

If you are a Silver Member and would like to upgrade to a Gold Member, you can do that by clicking on the “CHANGE” button on your MY ACCOUNT page, and it will bill you the difference.  If you would like to edit your profile by changing your public DISPLAY NAME or ICON IMAGE, it can be done, shown below:

IMPORTANT:  You can change your password in your account, but if you do not remember your password after you just subscribed, you will need to contact us using the CONTACT PAGE and provide the same email address that you signed up with.  We will assist in getting your password.

SRSrocco Report Subscribers Receipt & Account Information

All SRSrocco Report Subscribers will receive an email receipt for each Monthly subscription payment.  Furthermore, if you go to into your ACCOUNT, you will find a record of all the subscription payments there as well.

Followers Who Didn’t Want To Use Patreon Can Subscribe Directly To The SRSrocco Report

Many followers posted comments and sent emails that they did not want to subscribe to by using Patreon.  While that was the only subscription service at the time, we hope this provides those followers with a SECURE STRIPE payment system directly on the website.

SRSrocco Report Plans For 2021

While we will provide public articles and videos in 2021, we plan to concentrate most of our time and effort for the paid subscribers.  As we have mentioned on the Membership Plans, Silver Members will receive approximately 2-3 articles per week, and Gold Members about 1-2  detailed articles-reports per week.

The Gold Members will receive more in-depth research, especially on the Advanced Charting, Mining-Resource Stocks, etc.  However, we plan to provide a new service called the TRADE STOCK ALERT that will be offered at the beginning of 2021 for Gold Members, initially.  More on this next year.

Furthermore, with the ongoing disintegration of the U.S. and global economy, individuals and investors must get the best information in regards to ENERGY, which is the key driver of the market economy.  While the stock prices and indexes can and will INFLATE even higher, their valuations are completely unrealistic.

I watched this recent interview with legendary Short Trader Jim Chanos.  I totally agree with Chanos’s opinion that markets are now in a GOLDEN AGE OF FRAUD.  I see this everywhere.  And what’s even more hilarious is that even though FRAUD is found easily in public financial data, investors continue to push up these stocks’ prices to new highs.  It’s simply unbelievable.  Thus, the GOLDEN AGE OF FRAUD.

Another well-known Short Trader said you can’t compare the 2000’s DOT.COM bubble to the present bubble.  It’s not EVEN CLOSE.  The current stock market bubble makes the DOT.COM Bubble almost insignificant when you look at the valuations today.

So, at some point, the FUNDAMENTALS will kick in, and there will be a tremendous amount of INVESTOR PAIN.  Thus, owning and investing in precious metals is a wise LONG-TERM solution.  We should not get worked up when the gold and silver prices fluctuate and at times, are very volatile, especially silver.

As the world heads over the ENERGY CLIFF, it will become more apparent why owning the precious metals was the right thing to do, even though HIGH-TECH may steal part of the show for a while.

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DISCLAIMER: SRSrocco Report provides intelligent, well-researched information to those with interest in the economy and investing. Neither SRSrocco Report nor any of its owners, officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, service and content providers, producers or agents provide financial advisement services. Neither do we work miracles. We provide our content and opinions to readers only so that they may make informed investment decisions. Under no circumstances should you interpret opinions which SRSrocco Report or Steve St. Angelo offers on this or any other website as financial advice.

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10 Comments on "IMPORTANT UPDATE: SRSrocco Report Subscribers & Followers"

  1. DisappearingCulture | December 15, 2020 at 6:15 pm |

    “Furthermore, with the ongoing disintegration of the U.S. and global economy, individuals and investors must get the best information in regards to ENERGY, which is the key driver of the market economy.”
    Those readers that have had a passing interest in energy; please pay more attention to future articles on energy [which is mostly fossil fuels; electricity isn’t manifested by elves, fairies, and urban legends], and it is the “linchpin” for the future.

  2. You’re making some of us have to “think,” Steve….ha. One quick question, and maybe you covered it and I missed it…. If one subscribes directly to your site, instead of going through Patreon, do you take home more of the subscription fee? If so, then I’ll change to SRSROCCO Report directly. Thanks again for all the great and unique articles. Looking forward to 2021(at least your site & articles). Feels like we are going to be facing a F5 tornado as time goes/comes.

  3. Just subscribed a few minutes ago. Energy and PMs definitely the one-two punch to keep a close eye on as we burn the candle at both ends-from the energy cliff on one end and the incredible debt burden on the other.

    The other confusing issue is the false sense of plenty of fuel sitting in tankers off shore and the nearly full to capacity oil storage tanks. I suspect these will remain full unless there is a war, since demand destruction continues despite declining EROEI and increasingly debt loads by the drillers. I have been away three months. Need to catch up.
    PS: I like this editing time clock since I can never get what I mean to say right the first time.

    • Hubbs,

      Great to have you. Yes, indeed… a lot of INSANITY in the markets. When the BUBBLE finally POPS, it will be the one for the history books.


  4. Thanks Steve for the update. Im glad you are moving to a direct membership. I dont like Patreon so this is a plus! I will be transitioning over at the end of the month as you suggest.

    • Me too. I noticed the “direct” option a few days ago and will be dumping Patreon at the end of the month. Patreon is in bed with the other big names, as witnessed by SGT Report getting booted by them all at the same time…

    • chris,

      Yeah… we decided to go with Patreon because they provided some excellent benefits, but many members would rather subscribe directly on the website. We agree.


      • Hi Steve,
        Do you or your system provide a receipt each month in direct subscription ?
        Kind Regards,

        • Yes, the system generates an invoice for each billing period. SRSrocco Members are able to view and print all their invoices in the My Account area.

  5. Keep up the good work Steve.

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