ICECAP UPDATE: What Makes A Diamond Investment Grade

Many precious metals investors are looking for other alternative investments besides gold and silver.  With the coming ENERGY CLIFF, there aren’t many high-quality stores of value.  However, “Investment Grade” Diamonds may provide a good alternative.

In this update from IceCap, CEO Jacques Voorhees explains what makes a diamond “Investment Grade.”  This short video is worth watching because many individuals who invest in diamonds find it problematic to sell without experiencing difficulties and large fees.  Due to the complex system of selling diamonds, most are sold back to retail outlets; then, the retail outlet sells the diamonds to wholesalers.  That is why there is such a sizeable BID-ASK spread in selling diamonds.

IceCap bypasses the retail market and allows the trading of “Investment Grade” Diamonds on the wholesale market.

What makes a diamond Investment Grade?  Investment Grade Diamonds can attract Bids sight unseen by wholesalers.  That’s what creates an efficient market, liquidity, and those are the diamonds investors should buy.

You can check out IceCap here:  IceCap.Diamonds

If you want to learn more about Diamond Investing, contact Tom Cloud at (912) 771-9353 or at the email address shown at the end of the video.

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  1. The problem with precious stones is their value today is limited by what it costs to make them. They do not meet the definitions or functions of money as gold and silver coins do. Most people can’t tell the difference between a flawless diamond and a cubic zirconium. I view precious gems the same way I view numismatic coins. When the SHTF and push comes to shove, I don’t care if it is a rare 1921 Morgan silver dollar in mint condition – it is still just a little over 3/4s of an ounce of silver. And everyone knows what is it because of who made it.

    My advice to all those looking to preserve their wealth is to buy American Eagles and constitutional silver and hold them yourself. Buy as many smaller denominations as you can stand because when things get tight nobody has any change.

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