I was fortunate to discuss the implications of the coming Energy Cliff with Dave at GoldCore TV last week.  Due to Europe being the most dependent on natural gas imports, they have been hit the hardest.  We can see this in the huge increase in the price of Dutch TTF natural gas and electricity in Europe.

While the U.S. Henry Hub natural gas price is still below $4, I see coming price spikes as shale gas production declines as domestic and global demand remains strong.  

You can check out more GoldCore TV interviews here:  GoldCore TV.

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11 Comments on "GOLDCORE TV INTERVIEW ON THE ENERGY CLIFF: A Wake Up Call For The World"

  1. Steve,
    I thought your interview went very well. Hope it generated a lot of public interest for you and Dave at Gold Core. Dave seemed to be intrigued and even a bit overwhelmed by your findings. I thought he handled your point of view well considering the complexity of the subject. Best for you and Dave and happy holidays to both.

  2. Jim Blanchard | December 22, 2021 at 5:20 pm |

    Another great interview. Please continue to do them.

  3. Your video’s are coming along really well, I am enjoying them immensely.

    A lot has happened over the last two years Steve. It is difficult to believe the bureaucrats and politicians have dragged the current situation on for so long. Logic says we are in trouble and it would be nice to see those responsible are made accountable in the very near future.

    Time goes so quick, we watch and read so much it can all become a little overwhelming. Your website and knowledge have kept us informed of the FACTS as the numbers available, tell us. It has all been presented in a very entertaining and informative way.

    I believe the “Energy Thing” if I can express it that way, is a NO BRAINER.

    Thank you for your efforts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.


  4. Steve, my account doesn’t work at all. I’m
    a gold member

  5. I find the “LOGIN” button doesn’t show Adam.

    Just put in your Username and Password and hit “ENTER”

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