GEOPOLITICS & EMPIRE INTERVIEW: The Energy Cliff, Green Energy Myth, Gold, Crypto, & Mad Max Future

With the world heading into deeper troubles in 2021, I sat down and chatted with the folks at Geopolitics & Empire.  In the interview, we discussed the impact of the coming ENERGY CLIFF on the global economy and markets.  We also talked about how this would impact Green Energy, gold, and the cryptos.  While some think we are heading towards a Mad Max scenario, I believe it will be different.

Even though the world is heading towards a collapse, due to the coming ENERGY CLIFF, it will likely take decades to play out.  Thus, over time, the situation becomes grimmer.  So, for those who want to prepare for the negative impacts of the energy cliff, it’s best to work steadily towards an alternative gameplan than to try to do it overnight.  But, as time goes by, it will become more difficult to make the changes.

Unfortunately, as the light-bulb goes off in citizens worldwide, access to country living may become harder in the future as country homes and small farms are snatched up and are no longer sold.  I see this as a likely scenario that will play out much similar to individuals stockpiling toilet paper during the pandemic’s early days.  Those who get the toilet paper first will have supply while those who come later, might not be able to get any.

However, toilet paper can be replaced, but not the small number of country homes and small farms.  Once those are bought up and held by families that realize they are STAYING… it will be hard to acquire these types of properties… even at much HIGHER PRICES.

I will be providing more details in articles and videos on this type of information in 2021 and onwards.


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15 Comments on "GEOPOLITICS & EMPIRE INTERVIEW: The Energy Cliff, Green Energy Myth, Gold, Crypto, & Mad Max Future"

  1. Good interview Steve

  2. Don’t look now…..but here comes SILVER…….again!

  3. Excellent interview Steve. Hrvoje does a great job. I like his work. There is honesty and integrity at Geopolitics & Empire. It’s fitting that your work appears there. The SRSrocco Report perspective will likely reach many viewers for the first time. Your interview covered everything well (your intention, no doubt, just wanted to say nice job).

  4. Yep, excellent & concise roundup of what you have been saying for years. Cudos to your ability to summarize and make undertandable very complex things. I am learning a lot from you, thank you.

    However, I have a “practical problem”. Governments can uphold “false narratives” (e.g. “superkiller covid – superkiller-lockdowns”, “green energy”, “digital fiat currency” etc.) a lot longer than my friends & I can survive without water and food. 🙁

  5. I see BITCOIN has taken of again 4.00pm Sydney Australia time.

    • DisappearingCulture | January 2, 2021 at 7:54 am |

      It will be a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts (with a lot of new owners that went in high & aren’t diversified) that will be financially ruined when the next inevitable corrections (plural) happen, or greater than correction occur.

      • Any fool who goes all in on one single asset deserves what they get, crypto or otherwise. It is those who chose to have zero exposure to bitcoin while they had years to accumulate cheaply who have the biggest regrets now. Corrections happen in everything; not a big deal.
        Country homes & small farms are in abundance. Take a 12 hour drive across Kansas, Iowa, the Dakotas, etc. This isn’t the real estate in demand. While it might one day have its day in the sun, it will underperform most other assets until then.

        • DisappearingCulture | January 3, 2021 at 7:16 pm |

          In and around north Ga. towns, real estate is up substantially.
          Buyers aren’t concerned primarily with performance against most other assets. They are looking to live there; as a 2nd or primary home.
          The land at some rural locations isn’t within 75-100 miles of current “economic engines” (employment, customers for business, supplies, etc.).
          And the soil may be poor, low annual rainfall, propensity for fire or tornadoes.
          Naturally some rural/small town real estate is more appealing than other.

  6. DisappearingCulture | January 2, 2021 at 7:48 am |

    You were very clear and concise, and I’m glad it’s public access.
    It’s rare I’m going to listen to something for 50+ minutes, but well worth it.

  7. last week I loaded up on the small jv silver stocks producers and getting ready to produce.2021 will be silvers bit coin year.

  8. I predict urban centers will start shrinking and our car dependent urban planning will have to revert to the medieval model.

  9. CAUAZOS7537 | January 3, 2021 at 1:25 am |

    Thank you!!

  10. Steve,
    Good interview as usual. You were asked a question in this interview that I sent you via email about a month ago.
    The mad max question. If your correct and there is no new super energy source or no new oil discovery are we heading into a Mad Max world? If you are correct about high EROI oil being depleted are we heading into a very messy world? I was happy to hear that question being asked because if you extrapolate everything being said and it is accurate in your opinion is that where we are heading? Second part of the question was the time frame on that 10 years? According to your estimates on other articles and videos OPEC will be at the point of just being able to supply themselves and not make up our shortages. That is what people are thinking after hearing all of the comments.
    Thanks Again for your work.

  11. Thanks Steve, Well done,

    Lubricants degrade physically and chemically over short periods of time (

    The total Energy put into a fresh batch of lubricant until applied regularly to a wind turbine end-to-end – is far greater than the sum useful Energy the wind turbine has managed to produce since last lubricant-change.

    This is exactly the case with any car, too.

    Since early steam engines, no one of those machinery would have lasted running for an hour unless lubricants were topped up and replaced, or the engine ceases.

    Palm oil was used a base for lubricants, then – likely coming into Britain from slavery ruled Nigeria, India and others.

    It is not the short 15 year-period until the wind turbine is decommissioned being the only predicament, but rather the Energy cost running wind turbines what makes the intended offsetting in Energy – impossible.

    The golden rule for the general audience to understand the situation is that – whenever you watch an energy system running throughout its lifetime, one needs to realise the energy made the system running this far remains colossally greater than the sum useful energy the system managed to generate so far.

    Another simplified example is: even if a human works every second from birth to death, the sum useful energy he produced wouldn’t be a fraction of what total Energy put in designing and activating him with Life.

    Or, why billions and billions of people have come and gone and no one could create life from non-living matter, yet alone a fully functional human-being from scratch?

    This universal truth applies to all Energy systems.


  12. SoCalRobert6 | January 7, 2021 at 2:49 pm |

    Good interview. Lots of issues covered.

    Journalist Sammy Roth puts out a weekly article through the Los Angeles Times called “Boiling Point.” The January 7, 2021 edition of Boiling Point has links to a report by “energy researcher” Chris Clack of which uses a massive computer model to figure out energy use in various areas such as the continental United States. The thrust of the research and computer modeling is that Clack believes that rooftop solar panels with garage-based electric batteries will save half a trillion US dollars and eliminate many many tons of carbon emissions. Clack’s report is linked at

    The Boiling Point article also includes an interview with a Princeton University energy engineering professor, Jesse Jenkins. Basically, Professor Jenkins believes electricity will need to be more based around utility scale projects. There is other interesting stuff in Boiling Point, which is actually a free weekly email from LA Times. People can sign up for the LA Times’ free emails here:

    If you have time to read the above linked report, I’d enjoy seeing Steve’s response in light of the incoming US administration pushing for renewable energy production and reduced carbon emissions.

    Steve, thank you so much!

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