Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud Update: Gold-Silver Short Positions & Distorted Economic Data

Tom Cloud provides a precious metal update that includes the distorted economic data as well as his take on the huge short positions against gold and silver.  Tom also covers the platinum market and why he believes platinum is a good investment going forward. I have now sponsored Precious Metals…

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Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update & Silver Exchange Inventory News Brief

Gold and Silver continue to surge during Asian trading.  Tom Cloud provides a precious metals update (recorded on Tuesday, 04/19/16), about what is taking place in the overall market.  He discusses the new Chinese Gold Yuan fix and how it will impact the U.S. Dollar going forward. He also explains…

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Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud Teams Up With The SRSrocco Report

There will be some serious disruptions in the financial industry and market over the coming years.  Very few individuals are prepared for what’s coming.  Only a small fraction of the public understand the value of owning precious metals.  While I have focused my research and writing on the energy, precious…

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