ICECAP DIAMOND UPDATE FEB 7th: Supply-Demand & Natural vs. Synthetic Diamond Prices

In this IceCap Update, Jacques explains the current supply and demand forces in the diamond market, including the differences between synthetic and natural diamond prices.  Last year, the fourth-largest diamond mine in the world, the Argyle Mine, closed operations after 37 years.  Interestingly, the price of synthetic diamonds is falling…

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WallStreetSilver & SRSrocco Report Interview: CPM Group Misleads About Falling Silver Ore Grades & Reserve Depletion?

I talked with Jim and Ivan at WallStreetSilver on CPM Group’s misleading statements on the primary silver mining industry’s falling ore grades and resource depletion.  It seems that the CPM Group believes the Silver Miners voluntarily decided to go to lower ore grades due to higher prices, while ironically, the…

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BIG MONEY IN BIG TROUBLE: Most Above-Ground Silver Investment Held Privately By Small Investors

The market is not prepared when Institutions and Large Investors try to gain access to silver to protect wealth as the energy crisis gets even worse.  Since the 2008 Financial Crisis, most of the silver investment has moved into strong private investors and away from Public Big Money. While many…

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