September 2022

GOLDCORE TV INTERVIEW: The Real Causes Of The Global Energy Crisis

The world is totally unprepared for the implications of the Energy Cliff on the global economy, financial system, and most asset values.  I spoke with Dave at Goldcore TV about the “Real Causes” of the global energy crisis.  While many believe this energy crisis is “temporary,” it’s not… it’s permanent….

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THE MAJOR BATTLE IN THE SILVER MARKET HAS BEGUN: Control Of Silver Metal Will Lead To Much Higher Prices

I believe we are in the beginning stages of a Major Battle in the Silver Market.  As Institutions, Hedge Funds, the Rich, and Retail Investors move into silver to protect wealth, the control over getting access to metal will lead to much higher prices. My analysis shows that the massive…

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GOLDSEEK RADIO SRSROCCO REPORT INTERVIEW: Silver Being Sold For Lower Than The Production Cost

With the silver market price now lower than most primary silver miners’ production costs, this low level may not last long.  This is especially true when we factor in the surging silver lease rates, suggesting a real tightness and shortage of metal for traders in the market. Chris Waltzek of…

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