U.S. INTEREST EXPENSE UP 50% IN TWO MONTHS: Nearly Same As The Total Value Of World Transparent Silver Holdings

The U.S. government just released its November Treasury Statement with a shocker that the Debt-Service Interest Expense surged 50% in the first two months.  This is a great deal of money when it equals nearly the same value for World Transparent Silver Holdings.

So, how much did the U.S. Interest Expense increase in the first two months of fiscal 2023?  Let’s look at the following charts from the November Treasury Statements.

The U.S. government paid a total “Net Interest” Expense of $60 billion for October-November 2021.

Now, look at what was paid for October-November 2023:

The U.S. Treasury forked out an additional $30 billion for a total of $90 billion (just for October & November) to service the U.S. Debt, now at $31.3 trillion.  Amazingly, this is a 50% increase year-over-year.  Folks, $30 billion is a lot of money and represents nearly the same value as World Transparent Silver Holdings:

If we look at the following chart from GoldchartsRus.com, shows total World Transparent holdings at 1,394 million oz, valued at $33.06 billion.  However, the amount does not include the additional silver held in the LBMA.  If we consider just the “LBMA Other” silver, it would be approximately $6.5 billion.  The LBMA other category holds 276 million oz of silver, which “IS NOT” allocated to the Silver ETFs shown in the World Transparent Holdings chart above.

TWO IMPORTANT POINTS:  1) You will notice that the LBMA Other silver inventories have declined significantly since 2019.  In 2019, the LBMA Other silver category represented roughly two-thirds (66%) of all the silver held in the LBMA vaults.  Today, the LBMA’s other silver category is only ONE-THIRD (33%), with the remainder set aside for the Global Silver ETFs.

2) When we add the World Transparent Silver Holdings ($33 billion) with the LBMA other ($6.5 billion), it is nearly $40 billion.  Thus, 75% of all known Transparent Silver Holdings & LBMA would have to be sold to service U.S. Debt for two months… LOL.

Of course, the extra $30 billion of U.S. Interest Expense isn’t impacting the silver market currently, but in time… it will.  When the U.S. Shale Oil Boom turns into a Bust, the U.S. Economy and Dollar will get into serious trouble.  One of the best ways to protect your wealth as the world heads over the Energy Cliff, is in physical gold and silver.

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    Thank you!

  2. Later on Warren Buffet will bail out the US.

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    Steve amazing how you took us gradually through the event over the last decade or so smoothly guiding us past the noise of the news and opinions out there. i cant be a paid member anymore and i miss your entertaining videos. talk later Hughes

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