TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Discusses Several Important Topics & Questions From Clients On Precious Metals

In Tom Cloud’s newest precious metals update he discusses several topics and questions from clients.  He starts off with how the falling value of the U.S. Dollar will positively impact the metals, the gold-silver ratio, why Hungry is now acquiring gold at its central bank, and what is a good percentage of gold-silver to invest in.

Tom also explains that premiums for metal products continue to be high, especially silver bullion.  I just heard from Dan, the General Manager at Cloud Hard Assets, that they will be increasing the premiums on Silver Eagles to $10 per coin.  While that is an increase from last week, all major online dealers have also increased their premiums.  For example, the average 2021 Silver Eagle premium from the leading four online precious metals dealers is $11.48 over spot (based on buying 25-99 coins).

I also just checked the same four dealers average 2021 Canadian Silver Maple premium, which is $8.05 over spot versus Cloud Hard Assets last week price at $5.50.  I will update this if they increase it tomorrow.  One of the four online dealers was running a special on 2021 Canadian Silver Maple coins last week at $6.49 over spot, but they are now SOLD-OUT.  Even with there SALE, they were almost $1 more than Cloud Hard Assets.

Here is Tom Cloud’s update where he also answers questions from clients.

If you want to contact Cloud Hard Assets, you can click here: CLOUD HARD ASSETS.

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