TOM CLOUD: New Online Marketplace To Invest In Diamonds

Tom Cloud discusses a new Online Marketplace to invest in diamonds.  For individuals looking for additional alternatives to investing in precious metals, diamonds offer another high-quality store of value.  Also, in the video is Jacques Voorhees (diamond industry expert), who explains the new IceCap Diamond trading system.

While diamonds have been an excellent store of value over the years, the problem with investing in diamonds is that they aren’t fungible.  Each diamond is different; thus, when investors buy diamonds, especially in the retail market, when they go to sell, they can lose 30-50% of the value.  In the new marketplace, each diamond is graded, and the ability to invest and sell diamonds lowers the BUY-SELL spread from 50% down closer to only 5%.

I decided to add Tom Cloud’s new Diamond Investing video because many subscribers and followers have asked for alternatives besides gold and silver to invest in.  While I’d imagine the comments and opinions on diamond investing will be varied, this video is only for those who are interested.

When I first spoke to Tom Cloud about diamond investing, I had very little knowledge.  Actually, I remembered reading about the Big De Beers Diamond price rigging conspiracy.  However, that all changed in the early 21st century when other diamond producers took away De Beer’s rough diamond pricing monopoly.  Today, De Beers is no longer the largest rough diamond producer.  Here is the list of the largest diamond producers:

  • Alorsa = 27%
  • De Beers = 22%
  • Rio Tinto = 12%
  • Catoca = 5%
  • Petra = 3%
  • Other = 31%

Now that De Beers only controls 22% of the rough-cut diamond mine supply, the dynamics of the global diamond industry have changed considerably.  With the $229 trillion of global inflated stocks and bonds, the global diamond industry sales in 2020 was only $79 billion versus approximately $200 billion for 111 million oz of gold produced and sold at a price of $1,800.

With 48% of global diamond sales in the United States, I see more investors moving into diamonds to protect wealth.  With, it allows a much more efficient way to buy and sell diamonds with much lower margins.

If you want to learn more about diamond investing, you can call up Tom Cloud at (912) 771-9353.  You can also contact Tom by email:

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4 Comments on "TOM CLOUD: New Online Marketplace To Invest In Diamonds"

  1. DisappearingCulture | October 13, 2021 at 2:08 pm |

    I’m sure this will attract the attention of some high net worth individuals.
    I’m pretty sure smaller jewelers will continue to obtain through their established networks.
    I’ve got a jeweler friend who started going to NYC wholesale events with his jeweler parents before he was 10 years old (over 54 years ago). I doubt many know more about diamonds than he does…except for the bulk purchasing angle, and this intertwine with NFT’s.

  2. Have you ever tried to sell a diamond? It’s impossible. I love Tom Cloud and wouldn’t buy precious metals from anyone but Cloud Hard Assets. Not sure I’d put money into diamonds though. To each their own, I guess.

  3. Diamonds are Not Money. Next offering art ? I agree with Ryan
    Stick to your Bread and Butter Tom.

    • DisappearingCulture | October 15, 2021 at 12:24 pm |

      Seems like a better investment would be the best possible industrial application diamonds at a great price

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