TOM CLOUD METALS UPDATE OCT 14th: Important To Diversify Assets & High Premiums Continue Due To Bullion Product Shortages

Tom’s newest update discusses why it’s essential for investors to “Diversify” their assets before the next leg lower in the broader markets.  Tom believes it’s better to transition more into assets that will protect wealth, than those that will lose value or are highly leveraged.

Tom says it is important that investors start to increase the percentage of physical gold and silver in their portfolio because it will be much more difficult to acquire precious metals in the future, only at much higher prices.  Also, Tom discusses his meeting with some investors that flew in to speak with him for a few hours.  After the chat, the investor told Tom, I am paying insurance on everything I own, so I look at buying precious metals as insurance.  Tom agreed and said, the precious metals insurance could actually be a profitable insurance premium, not a cost.

This is what people do not understand.  With the world heading towards “Energy Scarcity,” we will experience DEFLATION in things we own, STOCKS, BONDS, & REAL ESTATE, and INFLATION in things we consume.  That is why investors need to transition from a world of “Building Wealth,” to “Protecting Wealth” with gold and silver.

We continue to sponsor Cloud Hard Assets on the SRSrocco Report because they provide some of the best bullion prices and services.  I store some of my metal and pay the lowest cost in the industry.

You can contact Tom, Dan, or Jade… Click here: CLOUD HARD ASSETS.  You can also call (800) 247-2812.

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4 Comments on "TOM CLOUD METALS UPDATE OCT 14th: Important To Diversify Assets & High Premiums Continue Due To Bullion Product Shortages"

  1. DisappearingCulture | October 14, 2022 at 3:13 pm |

    If one desires 1/10th oz gold coins, buy other sovereign nations’ coins at lower premiums than the overpriced Gold Eagle. They may stay in elevated premiums…but .9999 pure other sovereign nations’ coins will also stay in elevated demand, with some preferring the pure metal to the .916 Eagles.

  2. I’m not experiencing any shortages at my local Canuck sources. The premiums are high, but high premiums seem to be the new normal.

    More frustrating is the way the price per ounce keeps drifting. Immediate priority for Canadians is to stockpile more groceries. Last week I bought a lb of cheese for CAD$11.99, and this afternoon I went to buy more, and the price was jacked 100% to $23.99.

    I appreciate this discussion, regardless. It’s good to be reminded of the big picture. I tried to discuss the matter of crisis financial planning with a couple members of my extended family yesterday and got nowhere. The fact that many people still seem largely unaware doesn’t mean big changes are not coming. We try as best we can…

    • Addendum: Wow, Tom Cloud’s premiums really are very competitive.

      If the premiums in Canada keep soaring, the added charges for international shipping to Canada might be well worth it, especially if we enter that late stage scenario where everybody wants to pile in.

      • DisappearingCulture | October 14, 2022 at 11:09 pm |

        They carry items not pictured on their inventory pages (than can go many days without an update). And therefore an item pictured also may be sold out for a while.

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