TOM CLOUD ICECAP DIAMOND INVESTING UPDATE: Another Excellent Alternative Hard Asset

Tom Cloud discusses that if you are going to invest in Diamonds, you should invest in the highest-quality diamonds for the lowest prices.  Many investors have asked me for an alternative asset besides to acquire than precious metals.  For some individuals, diamonds are another excellent way to Protect Wealth in the coming Energy Cliff future.

Tom Cloud has been dealing in diamonds for 45 years, but the big problem with diamonds have been the difficulty in trading, reselling, and grading diamonds.  Typically, individuals buy diamonds from retailers, and when they go to sell, they may lose 25-40% of their value.

Cloud Hard Assets has teamed up with ICECAP Diamonds to offer the best quality investment-grade diamonds at the lowest cost… straight from the Diamond Cutters… thus, CUTTING-OUT the Wholesaler and Retailer.

Tom discusses “9 Important Points” in the video about investing in Diamonds, listed below the video.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Diamond Investing is not for everyone, but for those who are interested, I suggest you at least chat with Tom because you WILL NOT find high-quality investment-grade diamonds at a lower price.

If you want to learn more about Diamond Investing, contact Tom Cloud at (912) 771-9353 or at the email address shown at the end of the video.

9 Important Points For Investing In Diamonds via ICECAP:

  1. The best cut grade: All Icecap diamonds have earned the coveted “Triple Ex” designation from the Gemological Institute of America
  2. Two certificates: Icecap diamonds are graded twice, first by GIA, and then a full audit and secondary grading is issued by GCAL—the only grading lab in the world that actually guarantees its grading, and backs it up with an insurance policy
  3. A diamond “fingerprint:” Icecap diamonds receive a “GemprintTM” which is a technology that uses reflected laser beams to record the exact identity of that diamond. This insures your diamond’s identity can always be confirmed.
  4. Safely vaulted and insured: If you choose to leave your diamond vaulted, you will receive proof of its status and the insurance coverage that protects you.
  5. Ongoing bids: Icecap itself, and soon other third-party market makers, will bid on every diamond that is offered at the top of the value index. If you want to sell your diamond, Icecap’s system of bids makes it easy.
  6. NFT: An NFT represents ownership of your diamond, and you will receive a link to
    where you can see that NFT, on the Ethereum blockchain.
  7. 360-degree video: Your diamond is photographed using 3-D video technology. You can access this file, and control your diamond while you inspect it visually from anywhere in the world.
  8. Updated Portfolio: You will receive a link to your diamond portfolio. Every diamond you’ve purchased will be listed, along with the details of its GIA number, NFT number, gemological details, purchase price, date of purchase, approximate sale price if sold today, and percent appreciation/depreciation—just like a stock portfolio.
  9. Right To Retokenize: If you take delivery of your diamond, you have the right to later retokenize for a $100 fee, plus shipping/insurance. This means you can enjoy having custody of your diamond as long as you want, but can then (assuming no damage) put it back on the market for sale if/when you ever wish to.

You can check out IceCap here:  IceCap.Diamonds.

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4 Comments on "TOM CLOUD ICECAP DIAMOND INVESTING UPDATE: Another Excellent Alternative Hard Asset"

  1. Diamonds do not meet the basic requirements for money.

  2. Texs Road Runner | March 23, 2022 at 6:41 pm |

    Neither do crypto currencies, fine wines, rare art, and classic cars, but that does not stop people from investing their money in them. This is not an argument, but rather an observence of people diversifying away from government issued paper debt currencies! Trillions and Trillions and the madness never stops, until hyperinflation comes with the collapse of the Dollar and current financial system. “Gold is Money, Everything Else is Credit”- JP Morgan testifying before Congress in 1912

    • DisappearingCulture | March 24, 2022 at 3:47 am |

      Wines go bad in time; older cars require frequent expensive maintenance.
      Art masterpieces have more appeal. Diamonds…very little to a very small number of people.
      Was talking with an old friend who is a regionally and nationally awarded jeweler.
      He’s in his early 60’s.
      He doesn’t have the time/interest to check this out.
      I wonder what demographic slice is interested?

      • The Alchemist | March 24, 2022 at 10:19 am |

        it’s not a question of demographics,it’s a matter of gender.
        Women are becoming our central bankers and of course, besides gold, they also like diamonds.

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