Silver ETFs

YOU GOT TO SEE THIS: Interesting Dynamics Taking Place In Silver ETF Market

Why did the iShares SLV ETF add so much silver to its inventories yesterday when the price of silver sold off?  The iShares SLV ETF added more silver in one day than the combined 4-week net change of several of the other leading Silver ETFs.  Also, why has Sprott’s PSLV ETF valued declined compared to the silver price…

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BREAKING THE SILVER MARKET: Investment Demand To Overwhelm The Market

The Silver Market is on the verge of being overwhelmed by investment demand.  While this has been a steady process over the past decade, the situation changed rapidly in 2020, and especially in the last two months.  Since the WallStreetBets “SilverSqueeze” campaign, more investors are waking up to the SILVER STORY…

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