SRSRocco Report Interview With Geopolitics & Empire

It’s been about a year since I was interviewed by Geopolitics & Empire, so we decided to do an update on the current energy crisis and what troubles lie ahead for the Global High-Tech Economy.  It seems that most people believe this current energy crisis is “TRANSITORY.”  It’s not.  We have reached the end of the “Global Oil Party” and the hang-over is now around the corner.

If you are new to the, we believe it’s wise to own physical gold and silver due to their ability to STORE ENERGY VALUE.  Because energy is the main driver of the global economy, when energy get’s into trouble, then so will the majority of Financial Assets (Stocks & Bonds) and Real Estate.  Thus, we need to start transitioning from Building Wealth, to Protecting it.

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1 Comment on "SRSRocco Report Interview With Geopolitics & Empire"

  1. Evangelos Katsikiotis | December 5, 2021 at 4:33 pm |

    Its obvious why EV’s are being pushed,people believe they can have the same lifestyle and not change anything about their own habits or energy use and just plug and play technologies without any sacrifices. Its ignorance mostly and a little narcissism. I am reminded of the outbreak of the War in Iraq in 2003 and being a 13 year old and skeptical and opposed to the war on the grounds given. I was against the war then and now but in the end none of us not even the biggest anti-war activist could really be against the war and own two SUV’s with 12 mpg in the driveway and say with a straight face they were against the war if they understood the energy predicament the U.S is really in and what American leaders were prepared to do to secure oil resources. There was a Meet the Press Interview with Dick Cheney back in the 2000’s in which he admits that the U.S is prepared to wage wars for resources against foreign adversaries in which he also admits that ultimately the American people would hold their leaders accountable if their was a dearth of energy or if they failed to provide it. So in the end it was all for us all along. The road to good intentions paved with blood.

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