SILVER PRICE SURGE: Due To Physical Buying Not Paper Speculating

There is growing evidence that the rapid rise in the silver price is due to physical buying, not paper speculating.  We can see this in the falling Commercial net short position trend as the silver price continues to rise.  Typically in the past, when the silver price enjoyed a price increase, it occurred as the Commercials increase their net short posting.  However, it seems… that this time is indeed different.

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In my newest video update, SILVER PRICE SURGE: Physical Buying, Not Paper Speculating, I explain why this present silver bull market is much different than the past.

In the video, I discuss the chart below as to why I believe these two days were used by the Commercials and other large traders to liquidate short positions.  There is no coincidence that the huge $4 price correct on Tuesday evening, July 28th, was mostly responsible for the decrease of 14,500 Commercial Net short positions two weeks ago.

It is going to be interesting to see how silver performs during early Asian trading today and in the U.S. markets tomorrow.  While the silver price will need to experience a “Healthy” correction at some point, it seems that it may go higher before reversing.


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44 Comments on "SILVER PRICE SURGE: Due To Physical Buying Not Paper Speculating"

  1. “However, it seems… that this time is indeed different.” – SRS Rocco Report

    • Wave C of the current stock market pullback is approaching. This will be the ultimate test for PMs. In my opinion it is too early to celebrate the new bull market. The depth of the coming pullback will determine where we are.

  2. DisappearingCulture | August 9, 2020 at 6:28 pm |

    We have needed every factor that has brought it to this point; mine closures, physical & ETF buying, resulting shortages, price increases, and last but not even close to least, the commercials backing off of their concentrated short positions they have used since about 2012 to prevent fair market price discovery, while skimming the market for fun & profit.

    But we need much more physical buying. We need industry for which Ag is essential to buy tons months ahead of when they used to place orders. We need institutional buyers to see the wisdom of buying for their hedge or pension fund.
    ONLY ramped up physical buying (and to some extent ETF buying) will keep this going.
    The powers that control the worlds’ financial systems really don’t want fair market price discovery to work on G, S, platinum, and a few other hard assets.

    • TruthisYourRight | August 10, 2020 at 4:59 am |

      The bankers are more concerned with Corona propaganda than market forces. The singular nation is more concerned with getting people on-side for when the final catastrophe happens.

      I like to bury myself in market analysis, but my instincts tell me different. The intermediary confidence trick will make no difference in the long run, as only those holding physical silver and gold will have anything of value. The Corona fans will still have vivid imaginations however.

      There are those of us with a hidden incentive to take everyone else down the garden path but my alarm bells ring and I bring myself back to reality!
      Reference; Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin.

      • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 5:19 am |

        I have no idea what you mean by “corona propaganda”.
        Perhaps you can enlighten me in a concise manner.

      • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 5:22 am |

        And what is a “corona fan”?

        • A “Corona fan” I would guess is one who wears a mask because he is told to and believes 7% of the population died of it. And to be as concise as possible – “Corona propaganda” is everywhere. If you can’t see it that’s too bad.

          • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 7:19 am |


            I think he has a different meaning for the words “corona propaganda” than you or I do. I think the term means the same to you and me.

          • Corona is an efficient way to cull the herd.

  3. Billy Lone Bear | August 9, 2020 at 6:35 pm |

    Even now its insane that the price isn’t already $35.
    Bullion Dealers appear to be 80% sold out, and what is left is awkward denomination and awkward branded Silver priced with 20% premiums minimum.

  4. Daily chart (7th August 2020) for silver shows an “Engulfing Bear” signal in Candlesticks, so we could see some downside this week. I would like to buy some more gold BUT I am waiting to see some downside.

  5. Seems like silver is a bit overheated short term.
    RSI over 80 last I checked, for slv

    Also the miners are not confirming the move:
    For SLV, last 5 trading days 22.6 to 26.2, a 16% gain
    For the miners (SIL), 48.5 to 49.3, only a 1.6% gain
    Normally, the miners should amplify silver’s gains and losses, but they aren’t doing that now.

    • David L Custer | August 9, 2020 at 11:31 pm |

      Perhaps they are factoring in “nationalization” as well as covid. Supply drying up, will lead to greater demand and triple digit for silver. 26,000 million ounces above ground, 1,000 million mined and used up per year, and 52,000 million ounces under ground, but costing much more to bring up. tik tok, hence triple digit.

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    • Spanish metal,

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          This is my last reply on this subject matter. You are free to your opinion, but you are incorrect in regards to your statement, “I don’t like your words.”

          It has nothing to do with your words, but rather your view and mentality that the world “Revolves around you.” Your reply, similar to others, stems from the ideology that this website is just catered to you or a few individuals, but not a growing number of new viewers who would like to understand what you already know.

          Lastly, as for your reply:

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          If you honestly believe that members should share my Paid-Member supported work for free publically on other websites, then I gather according to your mindset, then it’s okay for individuals to pirate just-released movies, and give them away for free as well. I sure hope you don’t believe that. I have to say, your mentality on this subject matter surprises me, but that’s what we get when individuals believe they are entitled to RECEIVE SOMETHING FOR FREE.

          By the way, I did a quick calculation. You say you own 4 tons of silver. If true, then your silver is worth something north of $3.6 million… so you can’t afford to support a modest subscription service?

          You are a real HOOT.


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            Living in Switzerland and only read your articles for years and never replied. Great Job Steve and even the point that nobody (should and even have to) do a business for free is not cristal clear for all. So no wonder only a fraction is invested in physical PM. A lot of people are and will be totally stupid and arrogant on top.

            Thanks for your great work Steve from my part. You did. and will do a lot to break this fraud money system some day. Good luck and health to you and the ones you are close to. Keep going!

          • Spanish metal | August 10, 2020 at 1:22 pm |

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          • Somehow I doubt that you have even 4 oz of silver, let alone 4 tons.

    • Sentence 1: “You Havent Got Any real And Important News”
      Sentence 2: “You Are The Best informer”


      How about you sell an ounce of your silver a month and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY PAYING like a normal person?

      With the 4 tons of silver you have, you should be set for the next 10,000 years as a subscriber.

    • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 7:36 am |

      Spanish Metal,

      Why don’t you work for free? Do it for a few years.

      All the time Steve has been giving away his work, research, and efforts for free, you have been earning an above average income…or you would have never had, or would have had to sell some of your holdings.

      Steve, as a small business person myself I’ve seen many instances of people who believe they should make a high income, but I should struggle to survive & give them a deal (or free).
      They had to drive to my office. In almost every case they were driving a car that cost tens of thousands more than my Honda.

  7. Paper silver to become worthless. Real silver to become priceless.

    • I could spend more fiat on PM. However, I don’t. The US government has outlawed private gold ownership before. The current government could do the same shit. Never underestimate how evil the government is or could become.

      • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 8:55 am |

        And they could try to tax everything you own too; including the fiat you aren’t spending [on what they approve of you spending it on].

      • Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov | August 10, 2020 at 10:06 am |

        If your decision on whether or not to purchase PM’s is based upon the fear of future “confiscation” then I submit the Cartel has already achieved an effortless psychological victory over you without so much as a whimper from you.

      • Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov | August 10, 2020 at 10:07 am |

        They could also confiscate your Bible so stop buying those too!

  8. Good luck on your change over to being a subscription service. I’ll miss you

    • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 2:34 pm |

      It’s your choice then, to miss or not to miss by paying a small monthly fee, as low as $10/month I think I read.

      • Very true DC. I go by a Starbucks usually everyday in the FL town I live in. There are always 12 or so vehicles in line on their property, and also usually 5 to 10 in the outside lane on a busy street…. the cops don’t pay them any attention(I’ve seen cop cars in the same line). When I used to go to Starbucks for a cheap ice coffee, before I made a point to always have coffee from home, most were getting about an $8.00 coffee plus some “thigh” pastries…. Many times I heard the baristas say, you back again so soon…..what is this, three times today? Point is, so many will pay for what they “want” but call someone else cheap if that person wants to make a living. I use to sell printing, and had many great accounts…. but I had some good ones that always complained about price, but were driving expensive vehicles….so I just gave them the price I wanted, and if they ordered, so be it. If not, they could go elsewhere. I had plenty of business that I did not want to deal with the butt holes. One advantage to owning ones own business. (I quit going to Starbucks when I figured that I could buy an extra four our five Silver Eagles a month drinking my home coffee….when they were under $10……I don’t have 4 tons, but I will be very secure when TSHTF……ha.

  9. First, really sad to hear that you are moving to a paid subscription service. By moving to a paid subscription service you will lose tons of members that will no longer contribute to the article comments section which is a huge part of each article imo. Without the comments, I wouldnt be as interested anymore.
    2nd, starting at $10/mo is quite steep… seems quite greedy, for $2.99/mo i probably wouldnt care and give it a shot. You already get income through ads.
    However, I truly wish you the best, I will miss this website.

    As for this article, its hard to understand physical demand at this time. The massive premiums is really hurting PMs imo. I have stopped buying silver eagles because of the premiums not because of the price of silver. I think many are in the same boat as me. 25% premiums is just robbery and its making the whole sector look bad.

    • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 3:52 pm |

      “2nd, starting at $10/mo is quite steep… seems quite greedy….”

      Sounds quite inexpensive to me. Seems to me there might be a better comment section when the people that don’t think this work is worth $10/month are not posting.

      “I have stopped buying silver eagles because of the premiums not because of the price of silver. I think many are in the same boat as me. 25% premiums is just robbery and its making the whole sector look bad.”

      It’s simple supply & demand. A lot of people have stopped buying silver eagles because of the premiums; buy official issue sovereign coins with lower premiums instead. But as long as lots of people are willing to pay ASE premiums and the supply is limited, they will remain high.

      • I don’t think the online bullion stores are ripping you off. I look at both the sale price and at the buyback price. I’ve noticed that the buyback price is now also over spot. For example at one online dealer, the silver eagle price is $38.15. The buyback price is $32.79 while spot is $29.26. Bottom line is that there aren’t any silver eagles available near spot. Online dealers are making 15% off of the arbitrage. That doesn’t seem excessive to me. It doesn’t look like premiums are going to decline anytime soon. If you want silver you should probably add some on the pullbacks. Keep in mind that silver has been in deficit since 2006. When COVID goes away a lot of investors and manufacturers will ensure the market remains tight for a very long time.

        • DisappearingCulture | August 10, 2020 at 5:31 pm |

          “The U.S. Mint has taken and will take additional steps, including the recent return of the San Francisco Mint to full capacity and the possible expansion of bullion production to that mint and to Philadelphia.

          What this means for the market is that premiums should remain elevated as long there is a gap between how many Silver and Gold Eagles the Mint can make and the demand for these coins, and as long as more people are buying rather than selling bullion.

          Whether the recent steps to increase production while keeping employees safe will be sufficient to meet the current demand, let alone demand for the 2021 coins, remains to be seen. A worsening of the pandemic would surely result in new shutdowns and slowdowns at the mints.”

      • Here in Australia, a variety of the MSM would charge me AUD$60.00/Month (US$43.00/Month) and I wouldn’t get anywhere near the quality of information I get from this site.

        Life was not meant to be easy; recognizing QUALITY information, can be just as difficult!

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