SILVER BULLION TV INTERVIEW: SRSrocco On The Energy Cliff & Precious Metals

Last week I chatted with Patrick of Silver Bullion TV about the Energy Cliff and precious metals.  Unfortunately, most people still don’t understand the profoundly negative implications of the Energy Cliff as the market continues to believe in ever-expanding economic growth & the Business Cycle.

FIRST… MY APOLOGIES:  I mentioned that I would provide 1-2 article updates while I was on vacation, but I was unable to do so.  Not only did I have issues with the wifi adapter on my laptop, but I was also seriously under the weather the past several days.  Today, I finally feel much better.  There is one hell of a nasty flu going around, especially those who FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES of the GLOBAL AIRLINE PETRI DISH.

Regardless… I have some EXCELLENT POSTS coming out this week.  One of these will discuss the closing of the Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant in Pennsylvania next month and why this signifies the END of the once great U.S. Economic Manufacturing Powerhouse.  I don’t believe many people realize that Pennsylvania coal, during the 1800s, “Was fueling the industrial growth of the entire country and was the primary fuel source for western Pennsylvania’s growing steel industry.

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2 Comments on "SILVER BULLION TV INTERVIEW: SRSrocco On The Energy Cliff & Precious Metals"

  1. The Sponge | June 12, 2023 at 2:02 am |

    Excellent Steve ! Unfortunately by the time the world “Get’s It” will be To late for most
    and they will Pay the Price of not being Prepared. This time it Will be Different and Everyone
    will suffer and many will not make it.

  2. DisappearingCulture | June 12, 2023 at 8:49 am |


    I think this is the most encompassing or succinct interview you’ve done on these topics.
    Towards the end you discuss how historical forms of money that don’t decay, that required a lot of time, knowledge, tools, and energy to produce, will be the future’s best stores of energy-equivalent value. In other words they will be the best forms of money [versus fiat paper or digital currencies], or owning someone else’s debt [like U.S. bonds].
    *The only thing I can add to that is the assumption there will always be a societal need for a trusted medium of exchange.
    Now someone could comment that in the heat of crisis [like on the front lines of the Russia-Ukrainian war, or in starvation] people only care about surviving or eating. Fair enough.
    Outside of super-acute crisis times, I believe there will be the need for a relatively stable, trusted medium of exchange.

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