SENECA ENERGY CLIFF: The Collapse Of Debt Bubble & Palisades Radio Chat Live On Twitter

The world is not prepared for the coming collapse of the massive Global Debt Bubble and ensuing Energy Cliff.  The market and financial analysts are clueless about what is coming because they believe the Business Cycles will continue forever.  I will be discussing this topic LIVE on Twitter Spaces with Tom at Palisades Radio tomorrow, Thursday, at 3 pm EST.  Check below for details.

So, when you hear financial analysts advising that “It’s important to be in CASH,” they have no idea what they are talking about because CASH will become TRASH as we head over the Energy Cliff.  Now, I am not saying cash will be trash tomorrow, but investors need to start turning some of their cash into physical gold and silver because they are the real STORE OF VALUE.

According to IIF – Institute of International Finance, Global Debt has gone up exponentially since the late 1990s.  The chart below shows Global Debt from 1950 to 2012.  It took five decades (50 years) for the global debt to increase from a few trillion to over $60 trillion and then just 22 more years to quadruple to over $300 trillion.

Here is the chart below for Global Debt for yearend 2021.  Can you imagine global debt increasing by $60 trillion in 50 years versus another $240+ trillion in just 22 years??  This debt has been used to prop up the economy and to continue extracting lower quality oil to keep Business as Usual going while making the Global Supply Chain more Complex and Fragile.

And… the IIF reported total Global Debt increased to $305 trillion in Q1 2022, mostly due to the USA and China.  With the Fed and central banks increasing interest rates, this is a recipe for DISASTER.  Gail Tverberg explains this in her newest article, Is the debt bubble supporting the world economy in danger of collapsing?

I have been warning for many years now that the world is facing the ENERGY CLIFF, and it seems that we are moving quicker than I anticipated due to several factors, such as the Russian-Ukraine War.  This war has revealed the FRAGILITY of the Global Supply Chain and Oil Industry.

As I mentioned, I will be discussing this topic LIVE with Tom at Palisades Radio on Twitter Spaces, Thursday at 3 pm EST.

If you have a Twitter account, all you have to do is click on that LINK at 3 pm EST Thursday, and you will be able to listen to the Twitter Chat live.  There may be more Speakers depending on how many others want to join.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, it is easy to set one up, or you can wait until Tom at Palisades makes a recording and publishes it on Youtube in the following days.

You may want to consider getting a Twitter account because I plan on doing my own Twitter Spaces interviews of interesting guests.

Lastly, investors must acquire physical precious metals because even if we get lower prices during the continued major market selloff, it is going to be increasingly challenging to get precious metals as more of the market wakes up to the negative ramifications of the ENERGY CLIFF on paper currencies, stocks, bonds, and real estate.

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  1. Good interview with Palisades Radio. Not a huge fan of Twitter since I can’t listen on IPad and had to listen on my phone and every time I get a call it kicks me off and and have to log in through your link. I know it’s not your show just a pain to log back in 6-7 times for 15 second calls.
    It was good to listen and listened for over 3 hours.
    Thanks !

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