PALISADES RADIO INTERVIEW: The World Is Heading For An Energy Cliff

This is my newest interview with Tom at Palisades Radio on how the world is heading towards the Energy Cliff.  Tom does an excellent job of allowing me the opportunity to discuss these important energy issues that most tend to ignore.  For example, most investors have no idea how the Energy Cliff will impact the global economy and asset values.

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3 Comments on "PALISADES RADIO INTERVIEW: The World Is Heading For An Energy Cliff"

  1. Geez! There is so much in this video Steve, I will have to listen to it again. Make sure you save it and replay it in 12Mths. It joins many of the dots and is so obvious. One can’t discuss this openly with friends because they will all leave the room. The governments and Bureaucrats’ around the world could not possibly get this wrong or be that stupid; that is what I am told by many people close to me and my family.

    It amazes me how you ever sleep of a night (Maybe you don’t 😁). I think I’ll just go get something to eat, have a beer and ponder my thoughts.

  2. No comments on this video Steve? And a freebie! The information in this video will be replayable over and over in the coming months and years.

    Don’t throw it away 😊

    • DisappearingCulture | October 20, 2021 at 11:02 am |

      The facts, probabilities, and likelihoods are so foreign to most that they can’t even process it as real.

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