PALISADES GOLD RADIO INTERVIEW: The Energy Cliff & The Financial World Is One Giant Ponzi Scheme

Last week I chatted with Tom at Palisades Radio about why the Financial World is one Giant Ponzi Scheme.  The world is now nothing more than a typical Ponzi scheme because we used the energy profits to pay positive returns, which will no longer be possible when we head over the Energy Cliff.  

A typical Ponzi Scheme is to pay profits to early investors with funds from more recent investors.  This is our current Investment & Retirement system.  The poor young folks paying into their 401 Ks or retirement plans will likely never see a return of their money, or most of it.  Thus, those who are receiving investment returns now or are retiring, are being paid by younger investors based on the growing energy supply.  When the ENERGY CLIFF really hits, young investors will no longer be able to add much to their retirement accounts.  This will spell DISASTER for the Financial System.

This is precisely why I believe owning physical metals is a safe way to protect wealth when the Global Financial Ponzi Scheme unravels.

You can check out more of Tom’s excellent interviews here: Palisades Gold Radio Interviews.

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2 Comments on "PALISADES GOLD RADIO INTERVIEW: The Energy Cliff & The Financial World Is One Giant Ponzi Scheme"

  1. Great interview – great summary,
    overview, EROI review, the buck, and El Ponzi Grande. Toward the end this summed it up, ‘you need to know the status of energy to make sense of the financial markets and geopolitics.’ …or something to that affect. Excellent

  2. DisappearingCulture | October 30, 2022 at 3:49 am |

    I was interrupted listening to this the 1st time; just listened in its entirety.
    Outstanding overview, aided by great questions by Tom from Palisades.

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