MUST WATCH: Peter Schiff Response To Australian 60 Minutes Hit Piece On Euro Pacific Bank

This is a much watch video by Peter Schiff regarding the Australian 60 Minutes Hit Piece on Euro Pacific Bank.  Peter Schiff is the co-owner of Euro Pacific Bank which was, according to Australia’s 60 Minutes, “Allegedly” committing fraud in regards to tax evasion and money laundering schemes.

If you ONLY watch the 60 Minutes Euro Pacific Bank video, you will think that Peter Schiff is some shady character.  However, if you watch his long detailed response to all allegations, 60 Minutes Australia turns out to be the BAD GUY.  Thus, Peter Schiff stated that he would hire one of the larger law firms in Australia to put out a lawsuit against Fairfax Media, who owns Australia 60 Minutes unless there are a complete retraction and apology.

In Schiff’s response, he says that this law firm has already successfully sued 60 Minutes and the journalist, Nick McKenzie, and won.  So, if you watch both the 60 Minutes video and Peter Schiff’s reply, you will see that Fairfax Media is the one that is in trouble for allowing such a false and DEFAMATORY PIECE of journalism to be aired.

However, you be the judge:

You will notice the NEGATIVE THUMBS down are double than the thumbs up, and the comments were turned off.

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7 Comments on "MUST WATCH: Peter Schiff Response To Australian 60 Minutes Hit Piece On Euro Pacific Bank"

  1. Thanks for posting this Steve. The continued decline in MSM quality is only equal to their decline in viewership … and that’s where folks like you come in the picture… I haven’t paid for ANY paper news in a year and will likely never do so again.

    • Lord Kosser,

      I couldn’t agree more. I purposely don’t watch the Mainstream Media News Outlets, either FOX or CNN. Both report less news and more propaganda. Gobbels would be jealous


    • DisappearingCulture | November 3, 2020 at 8:01 am |

      Lord Kossor,

      Plenty of people watch and listen to MSM [CNN as one example on one end of the political spectrum] to hear broadcasters reinforce their warped and often hatred-filled beliefs and agendas.

      The people tuning out are the majority that are not far left or far right; people that realize there is lying by commission and omission…and piss-poor journalism.

  2. Steve, you may or may not be good friend of Sean “SGTReport” Turnbull, can’t recall if you ever had video appearances on his now-defunct video channels.

    But FYI: earlier today morning, his class action lawsuit hearings against Google for Goebbels level censorship & propaganda took place. He reports that even he couldn’t view Zoom video of what exactly happened, because the Zoom capacity was intentionally limited to only 100 participants & all 100 slots were already occupied even 30 mins before the proceeding even actually started!

    All in all, these are extremely trying times across the Western world. Logical reasoning, rationality have collapsed in spades, legal processes are in shambles resembling Stalin’s or Nazi show trials.

    • DisappearingCulture | November 3, 2020 at 7:56 am |

      Re: Your mention of google and zoom, and apparent censorship/propaganda.

      These tech companies are run and staffed by people well out on the edge of the bell curve of the political spectrum. They are not tolerant of free speech…unless it agrees with their agendas.

      In my opinion those to the far right or far left are not very sane or rational.

  3. The timing of this hit piece is ominous. It’s a prelude to capital controls, and by the looks of it, more. If you have an account in a foreign bank you are guilty of tax evasion. Ugly. Best of luck Peter. .

  4. DisappearingCulture | November 3, 2020 at 7:50 am |

    Unfortunately I rarely have time for audio/video over about 25 minutes, so I just read comments from those that do. At least I get the flavor of the topic.

    Lawsuits against reckless mainstream media is the only way to fight the lies, or maybe it is as simple as minimal investigative journalism along with few qualified [or empowered] editors?

    But it isn’t that simple. CNN, The New York Times, and others have lost many millions in undisclosed settlements because of a rush to publish sensationalist inaccurate stories. While that goes back to poor investigative journalism and poor [or no] editors, it also often has been because of a political agenda.

    Hopefully corporate liability attorneys advising these MSM outlets will get them to reinstate investigative journalism and editing. Until that happens only a few segments of MSM news can be considered reliable, or fair, or vetted.

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