IMPORTANT UPDATE: The SRSrocco Report Will Be Transitioning To A Subscription Service On August 21st

The SRSrocco Report will be transitioning to a subscription service on August 21st.  We will continue to publish free public articles, but approximately 80% of the content on the main page will be accessed by subscribers who select one of the membership plans.   I would imagine not all followers may think this is a positive move, we believe it is because we will be offering more posts, articles, and videos than before.

Honestly, I have been debating transitioning the website to a subscription service for several years.  Moreover, many followers have contacted me, suggesting that I should be offering this type of service.  After spending seven years providing free public access to articles, analysis, and videos, I decided it was time for several reasons.

I will get to that in a minute, but I first wanted to share what some of the changes will look like on the website.  Individuals who select the Silver Membership Plan will be able to access all the exclusive content on the Main Page.  A “Silver Member” button will display these Silver Membership posts after the title of the article.

Thus, individuals who select the Silver Membership will have access to these Silver Member posts.  If a post does not have any Membership button, then it is open and available to everyone.  We plan on publishing between 3-5 Silver Member posts a week.  Sometimes, the number could be higher, and then some weeks, a bit less.

We realize that it is essential to continue providing valuable information to the public, so there will be 1-2 free articles posted every week.

For individuals who would enjoy more in-depth analysis, information, and material, we are now offering a Gold Membership Plan.  Gold Members will have access to all the Silver Member posts on the main page, including an exclusive Gold Members Area.  This Gold Members Area will look similar to the front page, but there are many more categories that will archive all the content by just an easy click of the mouse.

Just like with the main page, all new Gold Member posts-articles will be at the top of the page.  However, if you wanted to focus on a specific category like “MINING,” then all articles and videos about mining would only be found under that TAB.  For those members also interested in energy, all the energy articles and videos would be found in the “ENERGY” tab.

We are also going to provide Gold Members with new analysis on Gold-Silver-Resource Stocks and Advanced Charting.  I have been asked for years by followers to offer analysis on companies and stocks.  While I will be providing “My Type Of Analysis” on companies and stocks, I am not going down the road of being a “Stock Picker.”  There are plenty of resource stock newsletters on the internet that focuses on this business model.  Unfortunately, most of them I wouldn’t recommend.

Additionally, we will provide Advanced Charting in all categories; Silver, Gold, Commodities, Stocks, Energy, Indexes, etc.  Most of the Advanced Charting will be on individual stocks and their trends, but we will also produce advanced analysis on short and longer-term trends for the Metals, Commodities, Energy, and the major Indexes.

There will be approximately 2-3 Gold Member posts-articles per week.  While some of these will be published on the main page, displayed by a “Gold Member” button, the majority will be found on the Gold Members Area shown above.  So, we will encourage Gold Members to click on the Gold Members Tab on the main page to access new content published in this area.

The Benefits Of Becoming A SRSrocco Report Member

While a portion of followers may not decide to become a paying member, we believe those that do will continue to access information and analysis not found anywhere else on the internet.  Sure, some websites are covering certain subjects also analyzed here at the SRSrocco Report, but we try to provide a more comprehensive and detailed analysis.

For example, there aren’t any websites that I can think of that are providing up to date analysis on the Primary Silver Mining Industry’s average yield.  This is just one example, which brings me to one of the reasons why we decided to transition to a subscription service.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to do the research, charts, and to write original analysis that is now republished for free on websites all over the internet.  While some sites gained permission to republish my work, many have not.  And, many of the websites that asked permission to republish don’t even provide links back to the original article or author’s website.  This is extremely disingenuous.

Why, because the website that republishes articles, receives the overwhelming majority of the benefit while the original author-analyst receives very little if any benefit.

Here’s a perfect example.  After contacting my Patreon members about the coming changes to the SRSrocco Report, one member decided to cancel and not upgrade to either membership level.  When a member cancels, they can leave a comment as an”Exit Survey” on Patreon.  This member stated that “Why should I pay for articles if I can find them free on other websites?”

Another reason why we decided to move to a subscription service was to provide more high-quality content for members.  Because it takes a lot of time to put out original material, we would like to focus the work for those who directly support it.  By receiving increased support from members, I can focus more of my time and effort by publishing additional content on a consistent basis.

So, with that in mind, the SRSrocco Report will continue to put out content for the public but will focus on the higher-quality original material for individuals who find a benefit as paying members.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  To Existing Paypal & Patreon Supporters

First, I want to thank all the individuals who supported the public work on the SRSrocco Report.

With the SRSrocco Report transitioning to a subscription service, I have contacted each existing PayPal and Patreon member by email or message.  You should have received this information.  If not, please check your email address or message area on Patreon.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Secondly, we will be canceling all PayPal automatic renewal memberships that have been donating to the SRSrocco Report by tomorrow.  We will no longer be using Paypal as a payment processing system.  Also, current SRSrocco Report Patreon members who are supporting via donations at lower-tier levels, if you would like to access the paid content, please consider upgrading to one of the membership levels.  If not, then we suggest you cancel your donation membership.

The SRSrocco Report will be using Patreon’s payment system exclusively because they offer certain positive services not offered by PayPal presently.

The most important reason we selected Patreon has to do with the new law requiring individuals-companies who provide digital subscriptions or services to start collecting and paying VAT-GST-SALES taxes to the appropriate state or country in which the payment was made.  Patreon collects this VAT-GST-SALES tax from its Patreon Members and sends it to the corresponding country or state.

While many states and some countries are currently offering higher “Threshold” sales levels, so many do not have to pay any tax, I see them all lowering it to zero over the next few years (example: members in the European Union) as countries and states will need all the revenue they can get their hands on.

Unfortunately, many websites and newsletters that are charging members subscription fees but are not yet collecting the appropriate taxes, will need to start doing so in the future.

Become a Patreon Member To Subscribe To The SRSrocco Report

To be able to access the paid content on the SRSrocco Report, you must first become a Patreon Member.  The process is straightforward.  If you aren’t a member and you see this screenshot, then you would need to become a Gold Member to access this content, as this is a Gold Member post.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  There will be no SRSrocco Report content published on Patreon.  It will remain exclusively on the SRSrocco Report.  We are only using Patreon as a subscription payment system.  Once you become one of the SRSrocco Report Patreon Members, you will easily be able to access the new post-article.

There will be a “MEMBERSHIP PLAN” Tab on the top of the website on August 21st when we switch over to the subscription service, with three plans offered.  When you select any of these plans, it will take you to my SRSrocco Report Patreon page showing the same Membership levels shown below:

Once you become a member of one of these plans, when you return to the SRSrocco Report, you will then have access.  However, if you are already a member and you see the “UNLOCK WITH PATREON” button, just click on it and you will see this popup:

Click on the “Allow” button, and it will return you to the article page, providing you with open access to the content.  While an individual has to acquire a simple Patreon account to subscribe to one of the membership levels, the system is very simple and easy to use.

Some Final Thoughts…

I published my first article on the SRSrocco Report on May 13th, 2013.  I have to say; it’s been a very interesting seven years.  Due to our analysis that “ENERGY: The Key Driver of the Economy” is going to get into serious trouble, we believe the next seven years are going to be completely different than the past seven.  That is why we plan on putting out original material to educate and prepare individuals for what lies ahead.

We look forward to providing members with quality information and analysis not found anywhere else on the internet.  If you would like to access this content, please consider joining one of the membership levels when we switch over on August 21st, 2020.

Best regards,

Steve St. Angelo


Brief information on the new membership levels, click here:  MEMBERSHIPS

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44 Comments on "IMPORTANT UPDATE: The SRSrocco Report Will Be Transitioning To A Subscription Service On August 21st"

  1. I think what would have been a nice gesture for the Patrons who supported the website in the past is to give them 6 months free of unlimited access.

    • Rodster,

      We provided a lot of content on the SRSrocco Report for seven years, supported by a small handful of followers. We thank those members who donated to support the public website. Now, that we are transitioning to a subscription service, many are glad to continue supporting as Paid Subscribers or upgrade to become a subscriber or gain access to the higher level.

      For Paypal members who donated larger annual payments, we did provide some free months of subscriptions because they paid recently and it was only fair.

      Now, I have looked in my Patreon Membership list and don’t see you as one of the past Patreon members. Where you?


      • I made the request for those who became your Patrons and supported your work while I was reading your articles for free. Regardless, it’s your website but it still would have been a nice gesture.

        • Rodster,

          While we truly appreciate your suggestion, we believe existing members would be happy to continue to support the website as paying members. And maybe after you have enjoyed the material on this website for seven years, I checked your first comment made in September 2013, then maybe you would also consider becoming a member.

          Best regards,


      • Dear Steve,
        Thanks for all your work, I really appreciate it and it was indeed very educational. I am sure you helped a lot of people to overcome the coming years. I am mostly doing my living by trading and investing and therefore will not use your subscription service because once you start with that you never end. Like you I use StockCharts and other essential platform for my work.
        Regards, Robert

        • Robert,

          All the luck on your trading and investing. It will certainly be quite an interesting next several years.


  2. Thomas knoeppel | August 12, 2020 at 4:22 pm |

    Hi Steve, just signed upin Patreon. How do I sign in? Regards,
    Thomas Knoeppel

    • Thomas,

      Great! As we stated in the article, we won’t be switching over to the Subscription Service until August 21st. Then you will be able to access all the Gold and Silver member content.

      Even though you have joined early, Patreon will not bill you until Sept 1st.


      • Thomas knoeppel | August 12, 2020 at 4:45 pm |

        Hi Steve,
        Thanks for your quick reply. Really enjoy your analysis and can’t without.
        Much appreciated.

  3. Steve, I was a paying member for several years, but when my credit card was hacked late last year, I did not renew as I wanted to keep my cards locked most of the time. I want to bring up a couple of topics. First, out of the many reports that I subscribed to since the late 90’s(I wasted a lot of money, yeah!)….. many of those reports were such basic knowledge I could find it anywhere. And, I felt as most were just trying to upsell to their premium reports, and reports for all of their friends. I am very selective who I give my email to these days. With the SRScrocco Report, I only receive YOUR reports(and not 14 other publications). Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and decided to try out Tom Cloud’s company. I found that his prices on Silver Eagles were $6.00 less than any others locally, and on line. Although I like my local guys for several reasons, when one buys 8 tubes, it does add up. And, that includes shipping via FedX, with a signature required, so I was not worried. Jade was very easy to work with, and very professional. Long story shorter…… I believe you have information that most do not every cover, and that you are a very humble and trustworthy man. Sure, you have to make a living, just like me and the other ones who read these reports, but I feel that you care. Just turned 69, and don’t like spending hours digging into all the free articles that are out there. My brain is just past those days. I want to read from a publication that I feel is very trustworthy of my time. I’ll be signing up this week for the new report. I’ve enjoyed your reports, and most of the comments from your followers. Most seem to be very respectable folks. Sorry for the longness…..

    • Ronald Ra,

      I really appreciate your comment and I am very glad that you find the information here at the SRSrocco Report interesting.

      I am also very happy to hear that you are finding excellent prices and services with Tom Cloud. He is by far, one of the most upfront and honest precious metals dealers I know… WHO ALSO HAS SOME OF THE BEST PRICES!


      • DisappearingCulture | August 12, 2020 at 7:48 pm |

        Just sent this basic email to someone:
        People may not know about or listen to the cautions, but this is exactly the time people should be careful about large check, money order, or wire orders [essentially cash up front for cash discount] to some of the more questionable bullion dealers.

        Dealers have been fairly cleaned out of popular stock. The more reputable online dealers will have under the item “notify me when in stock” or “out of stock”…they won’t accept payment if they don’t have it. But many WILL take prepays for inventory they are out of and their wholesalers are also low on or out of. The longer an order goes without fulfillment, the greater the risk.

        It’s a shame when an inexperienced buyer deciding to invest in PM’s gets burned because internally a retailer has problems, has a cash flow crunch, an owner has an addiction problem, or whatever…and the dealer goes bankrupt. It’s happened in the past and will happen again; a few of the weaker businesses won’t make it.

        • TruthisYourRight | August 13, 2020 at 9:35 am |

          The dual citizens are the biggest fraudsters going. In Britain the Local Authorities, (private for profit corporations owned by those it is illegal to name) own tax paid council properties. They develope them and then rent them out or sel them for private profits. They have gone bust in Britain due to the Corona, but they are still advertising and taking in money for the properties.

          When they have taken in all they can, then they will declare bankrupcy and get away with the loot. The human condition never changes, after 2000 years they are still taking the Christians for a ride!
          Reference; The Silver Bomb by Michael Macdonald and Christopher Whitestone

  4. Terry Coplien | August 12, 2020 at 6:23 pm |

    Hello Steve, I am to/so new to silver/gold that I don’t know what I don’t know…. MY friend who owns 30,000 oz of silver told me to subscribe and support. I did just that. I am writing as I thought you told me that I would be getting two months free to start. I don’t know if that’s accurate but suspect you can check on my donation and let me know. I enjoy your articles and will continue “be educated”. Thank you

    • Terry,

      Yes, you need to reply to the instructions that were sent in your email.



  5. Sadly, I won’t be a paid member.. As a retiree I made most of my major financial decisions quite a while ago, pretty much bed-rock & won’t be changing anytime soon. Like many in my position, I’m asset ‘rich’ but B…all cash flow, so $10 is $10!

    So my interest is to obtain more general, over-all info rather than chasing the latest stock-pick etc. And that info is pretty widely available elsewhere.

    Indeed, there’s so much of it – and so few hours in the day unless I remain captive to my computer 24X7 – that I have to be quite selective in what I read & follow.

    I notice that Wolf Street, a high quality financial site (not PM’s) tussled with the idea of going subscription only a while ago – and decided against it. It would be interesting to know if the Wolf Man is doing OK financially..

    But anyway, best of luck!
    PS As someone else noted, the $10 & $20 levels are a little on the high side imo.. and the $100 corporates will be expecting A LOT of attention! So you’re gonna be busy!

    • $100 a month is cheap for institutional investors of managed funds. There are lots of mining/natural resource funds that will read SRSrocco report.

    • DisappearingCulture | August 12, 2020 at 9:36 pm |

      Gimme a break. I’m over 65 and $10 is dirt cheap for a month’s worth of stimulating thought & echange of ideas with like minds.
      My mother is going on 92…grew up poor in the great depression & WW2.
      Got married and didn’t spend a nickel she didn’t have to.
      She’s careful with money but even she knows $10 is NOTHING.

      • Your mother sounds wonderful. Is she good for a small loan? ( kidding of course!)

        My current total income is well under $100 per week so when I said ‘$10 is $10’ I wasn’t joking.

        I’m totally financially self-reliant…ZILCH from gubbermunt. Not complaining – even though I’ve paid many hundreds of thousands in tax over the years and now watch money being given to wasters, scoundrels and ‘invaders’ who’ve never paid a cent in tax…and probably never will. That’s life. And anyway, my karma – to date – has been pretty good..(touches wooden head for luck)

        I could cash in assets but choose not to do so. I’ll wait till tshtf. Very soon I think and timing is everything.

        PS I’m mid 70’s. Draw down on dwindling remaining cash as required and want for nothing – but live simply & cheaply, like your mother – and like my father who went through Depression & WW11 in the Navy and taught me economic lessons even though he left school at 14.
        His/your mother’s generation was steadfast. Mine, mostly, learned some lessons. From now on, it’s a brave new world..
        Take care!

        • DisappearingCulture | August 13, 2020 at 6:36 am |

          No Social Security?

          • Nope, not a penny. I’m in a country where, if you work hard all your life, save and acquire some assets, you get nothing from the gubermunt (you’re a filthy rich capitalist, see..)

            When I retired, early 2000’s, I calculated the interest on my savings would get me through more than comfortably. Of course, I didn’t count count on criminal central banks & collusive socialist gubermunt.

            So, my nest egg diminishes by the month; I drive a 13 yo car and struggle with rates & utilities. But here’s the secret.. NO DEBT! Oh and another: compound interest. I was lucky enough to invest in the Volker years and it’s amazing how your capital grows @ 17 & 18% over 10 years. Magic! Happy daze indeed.. no more.

            But as stated, no complaints. Positive attitude, unshakable spiritual beliefs, relatively good health, travelled widely and spent time living in other countries, modest success in business to look back on, very happy family life with an amazing partner… and some solid assets there if & when I need them.

            What more could one ask for?

  6. This has been a fantastic site for information, in which I’ve enjoyed very much. Thanks Steve. Certainly worthy of a subscription, however, the way I’ve operated with so many sites and channels is to spread the $$$ among the ones I respect the most. As I’ve done with this site occasionally.

    Question: Will I be able to access the “silver” or “gold” content on a month to month basis with a singular paypal donation, or will it be membership only and I will need to join with an option to cancel? Thanks.

    • Wearewaves,

      We are no longer using Paypal as a payment processing system, as covered in the article. We will be using Patreon only, it is a “Monthly Based” subscription system. To become either a SILVER or GOLD MEMBER, you must first get a simple Patreon Account. It takes like a minute.

      Then you can go to the SRSrocco Report Patreon site, the PATREON SUPPORT MY WORK BUTTON on the upper right part of the website or the Membership Plans that become active on August 21st, will get you there. Select one of those membership levels and on August 21st, you will be able to access the content for the membership plan you selected.


      • Cool..I noticed that PayPal wasn’t supported. I thought maybe I had been redirected to a fraudulent website.

      • My apologies Steve, I just skimmed the article and missed the paypal part.

  7. As a rule of life I never become a member of anything and I live without a smartphone and its “blessings”. So this might be the moment to say “Thanks and Goodbye”. I owe a lot of education to Northamericans as we Eurosheeple are seemingly not that able or allowed to doubt nor think openly/freely. SGT, Mike Malhoney, Jim Willie and SRS Rocco were those who changed me.
    I enjoyed your modesty Steve, there is a rare patience in you to explain the roi into the most unwilling brain. Godspeed my friend.

    • Fin,

      Glad that you enjoyed the information, but you don’t need to say, “GOOD-BYE” as there will still be public articles. I sure hope you check them out from time to time.

      best regards,


    • DisappearingCulture | August 13, 2020 at 6:40 am |

      You can live without a smartphone, but having a very basic “flip” phone to call for help makes sense. You have a computer to access the internet.

  8. I’ll be signing up. Not sure, are all the posts visible to everyone but only those paid up on your plans able the access them? In that Silver members will see what they are missing by not being Gold members, so could make a judgement on whether upgrading would suit them.

    • JohninMK,

      All the Silver Member posts will be visible on the Main Page. However, the small Featured Images that you see now, will become plain STOCK IMAGES. The only way to access the SILVER MEMBER posts will be to become a Silver Member.

      There will be some GOLD MEMBER posts shown on the main page, but most will be just published on the GOLD MEMBERS AREA.

      The posts on the Main Page that does not have any buttons, will be Free and available for everyone.

      Hope that helps,


      • Thanks Steve, you answered my question. But the point I failed to make was that it would be useful for me, once I am a Silver Member, to see a short summary of the Gold articles I am missing (most will be hidden from my view) to judge whether it was worth spending the extra to become a Gold Member.

        You say you are making a short summary of Silver and some Gold posts visible to all visitors to the site and by making some Gold Member summary posts visible you clearly have the option to show them all.

        I’m just suggesting that if ‘showing them a hint of what they are missing’ works on non Members it might well work on Silver Members too.

        It kinda raises more question, will it be possible to change from Silver to Gold or even the reverse once signed up and is there a minimum period?

        • JohninMK,

          I understand what you are saying. Actually, you gave us a very interesting idea. I will respond when we work this out.


  9. “SILVER” membership and “GOLD” membership. On a website about precious metals.

    I see what you did there Steve.

  10. David L Custer | August 13, 2020 at 6:00 am |

    Thanks Steve, for your free info for so many years. I pretty much agree with your views on the big picture, though I can’t say I understand the stock and charts like you do. You are justified to make a few bucks on the details you provide, which take alot of time and energy. The cost of energy, well, you know the cost of energy. I wish you all the best, and a big thanks for all the free details you shared with all of us. Speaking for myself, I enjoyed learning from you, and hope there is a silver lining, for all who peeked at your views, and of course a silver lining in your life. Your advise has been of sterling quality.

    • David,

      Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to check the public articles as I will continue to post 1-2 a week.


  11. Hey Steve,

    I stumbled across your report looking for a dealer who could actually get coins when my APMXX acct was placed on hold and I could not find my login for KITXX. In general, have been scammed a few times in my life, so with trepidation I ordered what to me was a large order from Dan at Tom Cloud. What a joy Dan was to do business with as was Jade. No baloney with the check, fast shipment and all as advertised by Dan at a greatly reduced premium to the big boys. I will never go back to them now that I have found Hard Assets. Although an experienced day trader, I was learning the precious metals mining and hard assets sector in earnest this time. As such I have enjoyed your free service but had no idea why it was free. As a beneficiary I will be a subscriber, paid for from the savings I incurred by purchasing via Dan at Hard Assets on your recommendation by blog post. You could pay me for these two endorsements but I have already been paid via savings. God bless your new business model, and thanks for the education thus far.

    Cory M

    • Cory M,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, it is amazing that so many precious metals investors still don’t know about Cloud Hard Assets. Their first reaction when I show the price differences is that… IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. While it seems that way, they do what they say. And, I really like that they put their clients’ funds in an ESCROW ACCOUNT until the metal is shipped. This is a very important service that many dealers do not provide.

      Glad that you want to become a member. There’s a lot that is going to change in the ENERGY-METALS-ECONOMY over the next several years and we plan to provide analysis on how we see it unfolding.

      best regards,


  12. Steve, Thanks for the wonderful information you have shared over the years. I have been a paying member since I first got onto SRSRocco (3 yrs back). At this stage, I’m looking for more TA and have recently joined another service which is honest just like you and very effective. I might join one of your new levels in the near future. Best wishes and good luck!

  13. If you are going to be putting out more articles Ill think about it. I remember a time when your site wasnt getting updated that often.

  14. It’s the best information on the internet. Quite frankly, I have been surprised you offered the information for free, it’s that impressive. Through all the bear years in silver, you encouraged your readers to be patient and focus on the EROI. For this, and other reasons, I am grateful and will be subscribing.

  15. I have few comments and questions. How many people do you have on your staff? Are you growing your staff? Why is there a sales tax on a service that has no tangible product? Or is it a tax on income rather than sales?

  16. Hello Steve,

    I want to become a subscriber.

    Having my own (non commercial) german language blog I would like zu summarize & discuss your postings (in german) and use your charts every now and then (with proper quotation of course) – (how) can I do that in an uncomplicated manner? My blog is dedicated to a lot of themes, oil & energy being one of them.

    The information you put out there is highly relevant and interesting and should be of interest for the german speaking public too.

    Thanks for your answer, Andreas from Vienna

  17. Will it be easy to unsubscribe?

    • Plate pura,

      Here is the simple process. An individual has to get a Patreon account. It will take about 60 seconds. Then they go to the SRSrocco Report Patreon Page, which is linked from the website here in many places, and select one of the Membership Levels.

      These Memberships are monthly based. So, after a month, a person can elect to cancel the subscription at the SRSrocco Report. Or, they can take advantage of original content not found anywhere else and continue to subscribe (Monthly) until they decide to cancel.

      Hope that clears it up a bit.


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