As the global economy continues to break down due to the problems of energy scarcity, investors will move into silver in a BIG WAY.  While this will not happen overnight, the fundamentals continue to strengthen each passing day.  It’s important to understand that One Key Silver investor segment will be the primary driver of the silver price in the future.

In this public Youtube video update, I CONNECT THE DOTS as to why Energy is so important to the global economy and why silver is such an essential investment in the future.

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2 Comments on "GLOBAL ECONOMIC BREAKDOWN WILL FORCE INVESTORS INTO SILVER: One Key Investor Will Drive Price In The Future"

  1. Excellent visuals as usual. Simply producing less oil breaks the growth paradigm plus its exhausted monetary Ponzi scheme. Deferring that moment, the shale stunt shot our civilization over the cliff – now doomed to suddenly produce much less. We’re perched on a cloud as wax wings wane. Any silver lining would be welcome.

    • DisappearingCulture | April 26, 2022 at 2:25 am |

      The best silver lining [other than what we can do to be in the best positions; e.g. financial, relationships, where we live, etc.] is a good attitude, taking excellent care of your health, and being good to others around us.

      OR…if they don’t deserve to be around us [e.g. a drug or alcohol addicted family member that won’t get help], get them away from us to seek their own future.
      That may sound negative but I have friends dealing [or not effectively dealing] with this.

      So other than the sometimes difficult decisions we have to make, maintain that great attitude and take excellent care of your health.

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