Fortuna Silver CEO & SRSrocco Report Discuss Mining, Energy & Real Stores Of Wealth

It was finally nice to chat with Fortuna CEO Jorge Ganoza about the mining industry, energy, and what constitutes a “Real Store of Wealth.”  Chris Marcus hosted the interview, where he allowed me to discuss energy and why it is extremely important to invest in physical precious metals and mining companies.

In my analysis of the silver mining companies, I found that Fortuna had done a better job than many of its competitors in bringing on new gold mines.  The proof is in the profits and free cash flow that Fortuna is now enjoying versus its competitors.  Of course, we need to see how things play out in future quarters and years, but I believe the miners will benefit greatly as the investing public realizes the excellent store of value of precious metals versus most of the highly inflated financial assets.

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6 Comments on "Fortuna Silver CEO & SRSrocco Report Discuss Mining, Energy & Real Stores Of Wealth"

  1. I think its very telling that the CEO of an established mining company says very clearly that there is no way that the green transition (including massive EV adoption) can occur, just due to the upcoming lack of needed amounts of copper. He says there is a huge worldwide disconnect.

    • AndreasVienna | December 8, 2023 at 4:36 am |

      Right. But I’m afraid Sr. Ganoza will be vilified for speaking the truth. FS mines need protection from the part of the same people, who are peddling the green transition myth.

  2. Chris, Jorge, Steve, Great conversations and thanks for all of the intel you provide! I sure hate all of the trading manipulation by those x@3#* banksters……

  3. AndreasVienna | December 8, 2023 at 4:39 am |

    Thank you for this conversation.

  4. A very enjoyable conversation. I like how Jorge with his boots on the ground is able to give his perspective on Esg going forward especially with copper. Steve, you did a great job of tying things together. A thank you to all three of the presenters. You can tell how the integrity of Chris, Jorge, and Steve comes through.

  5. Totally enjoyed the interview. Excellent intertwining investor and producer perspectives on gold/silver’s role as a future store of energy value. If everyone were to rush into precious metals all at once, it would make the “Oklahoma Land Rush” look like a stroll in the park.

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