Every once in a while, I see something that really HITS the NAIL on the HEAD.  And, to do it in three minutes and be hilarious, is truly amazing.  If you want to know what is happening in the Shale Oil Industry, you must watch this short video on the BAKKEN… “We are Kaput.”

Actually, this video was put together by 50+ year oil veteran, Mike Shellman, back in 2020.  Mike just reposted it today, and I thought I would share it on my website.  If you haven’t checked out Mike Shellman’s Blog, I highly recommend you do and subscribe.

His website is here: OilyStuffBlog.

And, you can see new Forum Posts here:  OilystuffBlog Forum Posts.

We Are Kapput Post Here:  OilystuffBlog “We Are Kapput.!!”

Mike took the infamous Hitler Bunker Scene and added his Captions.  These captions perfectly describe what is taking place not only in the Bakken, but also in the other Shale Oil Fields.  While it will take a bit of time to show, there are so many RED FLAGS now happening in the Shale Industry; Peak is now here.

We must remember, that the Shale Industry used up 4,500+ DUCs – Drilled But Uncompleted Wells over the past two years, and didn’t have to book these as CAPEX costs, but now will have to.  Thus, the shale companies reported lower CAPEX and higher Profits & Free Cast Flow due to this high Pre-Pandemic Inventory of DUCs.  That comes back to haunt them now that costs have exploded, and they now have to DRILL & COMPLETE wells to maintain production.

CLICK on the IMAGE below, and it will take you to the Page that Mike Shellman used to make this video:

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OilystuffBlog… “We Are Kaput!”

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2 Comments on "BAKKEN OIL FIELD: “We Are Kaput”"

  1. Ha. That day is surely arriving soon….. Things don’t always conform to our wishes…. Thanks for helping us subscribers see the future Steve. There are only a few folks that ever see this future of ours…. they are usually strangers that I interact with, such as the lawnmower repairman and folks with a good mind….My entire family is as you say yours is….. just DUMB about this subject.

  2. EnergyAndEntropy | September 3, 2023 at 5:08 pm |

    If you want to know what is happening in Iraq and Syria these days – watch the yt video in the link below.

    Art Berman sees IMF’s report on subsidies given to fossil fuels industry – unfair.

    It might be that the IMF embedded in their figures the cost of protecting conventional oil fields worldwide – or locals would have a bigger share of their oil – in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Russia, Sudan, etc.

    In the last two weeks, Iraq has been stormed by the news of that – the US 5th Fleet is back in the Middle East – ready for business – worrying the already war-torn public – immensely.

    Fresh fighting around oil-rich fields has almost immediately erupted since – in what seems a new wave of – self-destruction.

    “In any system of energy, Control is what consumes energy the most.
    No energy store holds enough energy to extract an amount of energy equal to the total energy it stores.
    No system of energy can deliver sum useful energy in excess of the total energy put into constructing it.
    This universal truth applies to all systems.
    Energy, like time, flows from past to future” (2017).

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