Australia’s Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Surge In 2020

With the newest update just released, Perth Mint silver bullion sales surged in the first three quarters of 2020.  And, for the first time in many years, the Perth Mint sold more than two million oz of silver bullion in a single month this year.  The official silver coins produced by the Perth Mint are the Silver Kangaroo, Koala, and Kookaburras.

Not only are the Perth Mint’s silver bullion sales up significantly this year, but gold bullion sales are also up a stunning 160% higher than the same period last year (info from  The Perth Mint sold 579,644 oz of gold bullion Jan-Sep this year versus 223,821 oz in 2019.

According to the data published on, Perth Mint silver bullion sales for Jan-Sep increased to 13.1 million oz compared to 7.8 million oz during the same period last year.  That’s a 68% increase year-over-year.

Furthermore, U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales of 24.5 million oz are up 66% compared to the 14.8 million sold for Full-Year 2019.  So, with two more months remaining in the year, there is a good chance that Silver Eagle sales will reach 28-29 million, nearly double what they were in 2019.

I will update the Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver Maple and billion sales in an upcoming article.

With demand for physical silver bullion up significantly this year, along with the global Silver ETFs, if we see another year like this in 2021, watch out for much higher prices.

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9 Comments on "Australia’s Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Surge In 2020"

  1. Just watched your video called The Machinery Of Freedom: Illustrated summary. I stopped coming to your website because of all the gold and silver nonsense you go on with. They are a boring hedge, which I own, but contribute nothing to society. But when you stick to energy your videos are great. Where did all this gold and silver crap come from? Even though they are a necessary hedge to own they are a terrible way of making money. I find lumps of metal boring to the extreme I much prefer my sailing yacht. But maybe that’s me. Looking forward to more videos with Dr. Louis Arnoux and his solutions.

    • Barry,

      One question if you don’t mind too much. How do you really feel about the precious metals?


      • The same I would feel about any metal sitting in a safe under my floor. Not very much at all. Maybe I should take it out one day and play with it, maybe it will turn me on or something. I’ll give it a try. The energy plight scares the hell out me though. Especially for younger people. Gold and silver is not going to help them.

        • Barry,

          The metals are supposed to be BORING until the day you need them. I got an idea. When we start seeing real trouble in the value of STOCKS, BONDS, and REAL ESTATE, let’s see how boring Gold & Silver will become at that point.


          • So boring I sometimes forget it’s there. I laid a silver eagle on my desk to remind me to grab my stash collected over the last 20 years from its very boring hiding place when we move this month from The Northwest of Phoenix (next door to Dave Hodges) to outside of Springdale Missouri. I’d hate to remember it in Texas and have to turn around and head back… because I would! That would be 800 miles of cursing though. My new home is a town surrounded by farms for hundreds of miles with a population of 328 and 1 full time police officer with mild seasonal temps. Anyway time for making long-term decisions seems to be growing short. Better make them now. Best to ya!

          • Well, thanks for the video Steve. That was probably the most important video on youtube this year and not enough people know it. You are doing an important job.

        • I give little bullion bars to my kids to play with, you know, like building blocks. Rest assured my kids do not find them “boring”. Unlike the stocks their grandmother bought for them – somewhere out there in cyberspace there is a digital entry saying they own it, how exciting.

  2. Disappearingculture | October 30, 2020 at 4:50 am |

    Must be nice to be in a position that one finds the world’s most enduring & dependable form of money forgettable or boring.

  3. Probably the Same thing Your friends say about You Barry… BORING !

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