November 2022

AMERICANS FACING SKY-HIGH ENERGY PRICES: Electricity Prices Hit Another Record High In Sept 2022

If things couldn’t get any worse for struggling Americans this year, electricity prices reached a new all-time high in September.  Residential electricity prices surged 20% since the beginning of the year, and will likely continue to increase significantly in the coming years. And… to make matters even worse, adding more…

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THE 300-TON MIGHTY CHINA COAL BRONTOSAURUS IN THE ROOM: The Massive Increase In China’s Coal Production This Year

While the rest of the world is cutting back on coal production and shutting down coal-fired power plants, China is going full-steam ahead, doing quite the opposite.  The increase in China’s coal production in 2022 will be nearly three times more than the largest European producers in a year. If…

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