March 2022

Get Ready For Silver Supply Shortages & Much Higher Prices

Investors and Institutions are not prepared for the massive changes coming in the future.  They still cling to a strategy of investing that is now… DEAD.  Unfortunately, they don’t know it yet.  Due to the coming Energy Cliff, investors will be forced to move into precious metals to protect wealth…

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SILVER BULLION SALES SURGE: Premiums Spike & Wait Times For Products Reaching 4-5 Weeks

Investors are buying Silver Bullion at such elevated levels, premiums are spiking higher, while wait times for many products are now reaching 4-5 weeks.  I spoke to Dan at Cloud Hard Assets today, and he said that silver was hard to find, pushing investors into smaller fractional official gold coins….

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COMING SILVER BULL MARKET: Get Ready For Big Moves In Silver

Several factors are converging for the Next Major Silver Bull Market.  While the silver price has underperformed versus gold during the Russian-Ukraine War, that will change when large institutions and investors begin moving into silver to protect wealth as the Global Financial System breaks down. We already see from the…

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