UPDATE: U.S. Mint Gold Eagle Sales Surge Again Past Two Days

As the Fed and central banks prop up the economy and markets with even more stimulus and liquidity this year, investment demand for physical precious metals continues to be quite strong.  Since my Silver and Gold Eagle update on January 12th, sales of Gold Eagles surged once again over the past two days.  The U.S. Mint has already sold more than double Gold Eagles in the first half of January than they did in the same month for the past several years.

Here is my Gold Eagle sales chart for Jan 12th.  The U.S. Mint sold 80,000 oz of Gold Eagles as of Jan 12th and 4.64 million Silver Eagles.

However, when I was putting together the chart for this update, Gold Eagle sales had jumped again to 113,000 oz on Jan 13th.  Silver Eagle sales only increased to 4.67 million.

As we can see, Gold Eagle sales so far in January are nearly double what they were for the entire month in the past three years, 2018-2020.  But, when I was getting ready to write the article, I checked to see if the U.S. Mint had updated today for the Silver Eagles.  Surprisingly, the Silver Eagle sales didn’t change, but the Gold Eagle sales jumped to 141,000 oz.

In just two days, the Authorized Dealers purchased 61,000 oz more Gold Eagles.  GET THIS… in just two days, the U.S. Mint sold more Gold Eagles than they did for the same month last year (60,000 oz).

The last time the U.S. Mint sold more Gold Eagles in January was in 2013, when the gold price started its large decline.  Gold Eagle sales in January 2013 were 150,000 oz.  Already, the U.S. Mint sold 141,000 oz, and it will be interesting to see what the total sales for January will be in the next few weeks.

I believe investors will be buying a HECK OF A LOT more Physical Gold and Silver in 2021.

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4 Comments on "UPDATE: U.S. Mint Gold Eagle Sales Surge Again Past Two Days"

  1. I wonder how many people will learn their lesson from last March and April where bullion dealers ran out of inventory and start buying them now while the window is still open? Hmmm

  2. In a nutshell, COMEX can’t deliver physical for some reason, and sends customers to LBMA to collect, but LBMA can’t deliver either. The Basel III requirement keeps getting delayed.
    Button button, whose got the button? is now bullion, bullion whose got the bullion?
    We now have a very interesting three way relationship between fiat, Au, and BTC.

    The FED needs BTC to stay elevated to keep people’s eyes off gold so that people won’t focus on the potential fade in the USD. But yet they can’t let BTC get too high either, because that will also alert people to the vulnerability of fiat.


  3. I’ve done a lot of digging on this subject and according to the LBMA website the NSFR rules which reduce leverage to 85% on the LBMA PM markets have not been delayed. http://www.lbma.org.uk/lbma_media_centre/net-stable-funding-ratio-update

    This is contrary to the youtube video from GoldsilverPros who states the BaselIII rules have been delayed. According to the document I linked the BaselIII requirements have been delayed…but not for NSFR which establishes new rules for leveraged LBMA PM trading.

    IMO this is a potential catalyst for resetting the price of PMs. Read the document I linked and make your own conclusions. FYI..according to the LBMA NSFR dictates that traders have 85% reserves when trading PMs. The new rules go into effect late June 2021. If someone has newer info. please share. TIA

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