CDX PRE-SALE COMING: Important Updates On The Commodity Ad Network & CDX Token

To all the SRSrocco Report followers, I have some very important information to share with you.  But, before I do that, I wanted to let you know that the Alternative Media Community is now being targeted by the largest ad network on the planet to censor bloggers and publishers by cutting their ad revenue based on content they believe as “Not Ad Friendly.”  By cutting the compensation the alternative media blogger and content creator receives, it destroys the incentive to continue putting out the message.

To assist the Alternative Media Community, the Commodity Ad Network was designed to help the bloggers, content creators and publishers by rewarding them with 2-3 times more the ad revenue that they are receiving from the largest ad Network on the planet.

Which is why we are announcing some IMPORTANT UPDATES for the Commodity Ad Network and the CDX token. 

We have made some changes to the investment structure of the CDX token and Commodity Ad Network.  We have decided to remove some elements of the cost structure for the Commodity Ad Network project, thus we have lowered the initial investment amount.   The logic behind this move is this….. Why ask our supporters to give us funds for things that we can finance ourselves once we become independently profitable?  Which should be next year, by the way.  So it really makes no sense to ask for more than what we absolutely need to start up.

This is all explained in our Commodity Ad Network and CDX token update below:

The important changes discussed in the interview, are listed below:

FIRST:  We are announcing a PRE-SALE for early supporters from August 26th to August 31st.  Those supporters who participate in the PRE-SALE will be awarded with a 100% bonus in CDX tokens.  Let’s say that the dollar price of ETH – Ethereum remains $300, then 1 ETH will equal 1,500 CDX. But during the PRE-SALE, 1 ETH will purchase 3,000 CDX!

To find out more about participating in the pre-sale, click on the link” CDX PRE-SALE, August 26th.

When you click on the link, you will see the following information which explains in detail everything you need to know about participating the CDX token pre-sale:

If you click on the “Participants” guide box, the link there will provide you a “step by step” detailed instructions on how to purchase the CDX token during the pre-sale.

SECOND:  The Standard CDX token ICO will be moved to September 9th to September 30th.  While there will be some bonuses provide during the ICO, they won’t be anywhere near the 100% during the PRE-SALE

THIRD:  The funds raised during the pre-sale will go towards software development of the Commodity Ad Network.  Thus, we will be working on the project even as the standard ICO takes place in September

FOURTH:  We have acquired the preliminary support team, which includes Ethereum programmer, Security Engineer, Software developers and Advisors.

FIFTH:  Currently, we are in talks with several exchanges to list the CDX token by the end of September

These are the main topics and updates discussed in the interview with Peter and I above.  I recommend my followers to listen to the interview above because it provides more details of the exciting changes taking place in the Commodity Ad Network.

I would like emphasize this once again.  The largest ad network and their friends in the Mainstream Press are trying to eliminate the Alternative Media by continuing with its policy of providing FAKE NEWS.  Unless we do something about it ourselves, in a year or so, the Alternative Media may have disintegrated to a much lower level.

If you care about the alternative media, please, help it survive by supporting our project. Subscribe to  We have a detailed description in our blog that tells you how to participate in our CDX token pre-sale which starts August 26.  It’s a good cause and a good investment that makes sense as well.

To learn more about the Commodity Ad Network and CDX token, please check out the links below:

Commodity Ad Network

CDX PRE-SALE (August 26th-August 31st)

Step By Step Guide How To Participate in the CDX Pre-sale

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6 Comments on "CDX PRE-SALE COMING: Important Updates On The Commodity Ad Network & CDX Token"

  1. Can the CDX be purchased with ethereum?

    • olegig,

      Yes, I should have made that more clear. I added the Ethereum = ETH to the site. Yes, the CDX token is programmed off the Ethereum blockchain. So, yes, the CDX token is purchased with Ethereum. It is all explained in detail on the link provided.


  2. I hope it will succeed Steve. MSM spews out more nonsense by the day, or they manipulate the facts while undermining ‘others’.

  3. I would love to be able to support you in this project, just about everything I know and understand about the economy, finance and polotics has expanded exponentially since I started visiting sites like yours. I
    I am not comfortable using crypto coin, and having read your guide will definitely not bother. Is there a way for me to support you directly, i.e subsucription or donation?

    • Hi Bobbin,

      The best way to support the Commodity Ad Network project is to spread the message. You could subscribe to our newsletter. You can retweet us, like us on Facebook or Youtube, send our blog posts to friends and family or anyone you feel might be interested in the CDX token. We are going against some very powerful interests with this project, so every bit counts.


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